Professor Mark Shortis, FSSSI

April 1, 2021

Professor Shortis has helped shape the current generation of photogrammetry, spatial and surveying experts, making an outstanding contribution to research and teaching, and to the profession.

Mark is a world leading researcher in high precision multi-station close-range photogrammetry. He has conducted collaborative research with NASA and with universities in Australia, Pakistan and Germany.

Mark has taught spatial and surveying degrees across the world, as well as holding various senior academic leadership positions. He has always been an innovative and passionate teacher and is well respected by students and peers alike.

Prof Shortis has also been a strong supporter of the profession - he was a founding member of SSI, a past ISV president, has chaired the APRSS and commissions in ISPRS and FIG. In short, Prof Shortis' contributions have greatly shaped the landscape of the surveying and spatial professions in Victoria and internationally.