SSSI QLD News - February 2018

January 31, 2018

Please find below information on what is happening at the Surveying and Spatial Sciences Institute Queensland as of February 2018.


Chair/ROM Reports

Qld Regional Chair -  Roy Somerville

Past Qld Regional Committee Meeting Discussion
On the 23 January the SSSI Qld Regional Committee met.  The main focus from this meeting was to ratify discussions that were held in our Planning Meeting on 4 Dec.  Discussions occurred on Events, Membership, Operational Plan and SSSI Qld Governance structure.

Qld Spatial Information & Cartography Commission (SICC) Chair - Angus Scown

This years focus will be increasing value to current SICC Qld members.  Initially done by a new webinar series and involvement in new ‘town group’ like meetings in South East Qld. 
Past SICC Meeting Discussions
Aiming for 3 or 4 Free Webinars for SSSI members and guests to connect with current Spatial Science Students (Honors/Post Grad). The webinars will be run at lunch time with the intention that SSSI Members invite others in their org to watch in a shared meeting room.
Initial Target is Late Feb for Sunshine Coast University.
SICC is not the right place to provide feedback on Qld Globe as SICC members use Qspatial to download data or use web services.
Next Qld SICC meeting will be held in the middle of Feb. Meetings are held at lunchtime via webinar.

Qld Land Surveying Commission (LSC) Chair - Ewen Sneddon

First meeting for 2018 is being held on Tue, 6 Feb.  Items for discussion are Reinstatement, Mentoring,Q&A section on Website, GNSS surveying, Liaison with SBQ,Communications in Industry, NLSC, ADAC, Digital Data readiness, Surveys on railway land and CPD.

Qld Northern Group Chair - Stephen Jess

The first 2018 town group meeting will be held soon.  Currently Qld Northern Group is working on a draft of the student assistance package criteria which was discussed at our Northern Group Conference in November.

Qld Central Group Chair -  Tom McDonald

At the recent Bundaberg town group it was decided to hold the next Central Group meeting in Brisbane to enable a visit to the Surveying Museum and to coincide with a sporting event that members would want to see.  We are organising a Central Group Seminar for 12 May 2018 to occur before  the Broncos v Eagles & Titans v Storm at Suncorp Stadium.  This will also coincide well with the Brisbane Graduate Workshop being held on the 11 May 2018.

Regional Operations Manager (ROM) Report - Kelly Rischmiler

SSSI Qld / SIBA Office Move
SSSI Qld and SIBA are currently looking at new premises to co-exist within 7 kms of Brisbane CPD.  Ideally with Board / Meeting / Seminar facilities and car parking so we can potentially hold some events for our members at the premises.  If you know of any space available please email Kelly with the details.

SSSI Qld Planning Meeting

On the 4th December SSSI Qld held a planning meeting focused on what we are trying to achieve for 2018 and beyond.  Items for discussion were:

  1. Program of Events
    The main focus was on creating an event calendar that listed key events for 2018 which would be used as the base for each year going forward so our members had a understanding of what events SSSI Qld are likely to have each year.  We would then create additional topical webinars / seminars when needed for our members around this structure.  Please see further details about this under Events Coming Up.

  2. Post-Event requirements discussion
    A discussion occurred on what follow up is required after an Event.  A lot of promotion goes into selling an event to our members but not enough feedback is given after an event on key learning and achievements.  Going forward SSSI will write a short summary of the event listing key outcomes, including any photos, for members to read.  Discussion occurred on including any technical documents / recordings of presentations into a knowledge library for members and a follow up on all non-members attending the event to discuss SSSI membership.

  3. SSSI Communications & Reporting Discussion
    We discussed improving SSSI Communication so our members have more of an understanding of what SSSI is doing on their behalf.  This includes all Committees and Reporting Groups to highlight achievements / goals and include any advocacy they are focused on for SSSI's members benefit.  This includes an improved use of Social Media.  SSSI volunteers have been doing great work behind the scenes but not enough of this great work is being promoted.

  4. Member Engagement
    One of the biggest takeaways from our Planning Meeting was the discussion on Member Engagement.  We discussed: How do we market SSSI?  How do we engage newly joined members?  How do we gain non-members who have attended our events?  How do we keep SSSI Student Members after they have graduated?
    The Northern Group and Central Group have kept Town Groups alive in their areas and it was deemed this was a good way of engaging members and assisting with all of the above questions.  We are therefore working on setting up Town Groups in the Brisbane Regions as a main priority for 2018.
    We are also working on setting up a Membership Committee which will welcome new members to SSSI and invite them to our Town Group Meetings, along with contacting non-member event attendees and inviting them to be Members of SSSI.

All the above items have formed our Operational Plan for 2018 and we hope to have great success this year in achieving these goals, which will in turn lead to more member engagement and satisfaction with SSSI.


Advocacy Issues 

Street Planning and Design Manual

Ross Gubby from IPWEAQ has recently contacted the Chair of SSSI Qld to see if SSSI would be interested in being represented on their Street Planning and Design Manual Steering Committee.

IPWEAQ has in the past published the Queensland streets document, which for many years was used as the guide to design of streets in residentual developments. Subsequently this document was updated by the “complete Streets”document. However there is now concern that Complete Streets does not adequately meet the needs of designers, particularly with respect to its suitability as a development code and design code. There are also concerns that some of its provisions are not evidence based, and that they are inconsistent with Queensland Streets.

Given that members of SSSI are heavily involved in residential developments IPWEAQ thought we may wish to be involved.

To give you some background, please find link to documents including a two page flyer, which gives a quick overview of what IPWEAQ are trying to achieve. 

  1. IPWEAQ Street Design and Planning Manual

  2. Discussion Paper John Derbyshire - Qld Streets and Complete Streets FINAL

  3. EPW December feature

  4. 2363  Flyer  Street Planning  Design Manual_01

Please contact Roy Somerville, SSSI Qld Chair, if you would like to represent SSSI on this important issue.

Qld SICC Advocacy

GISP-AP certification.  Raise with national committee on state of current applicants and work on increasing value to those with the certification. 

Qld LSC Advocacy

Queensland Rail Access to Rail Corridors
Ewen Sneddon (Qld LSC Chair), Roy Somerville (Qld Chair) and Paul Reed, have had a positive meeting with Railway officers regarding surveying on Railway land. They are now waiting on a written response from Queensland Rail.


Member Highlights

Since October 2017 we are proud to say that SSSI Qld have had the following members join/re-join SSSI.

  1. Mr Levi Schulkins - Member - Engineering & Mining Surveying and Land Surveying

  2. Leut Benjamin Stevenson - Member - Hydrography and Land Surveying

  3. Lila Devkota - Member Re-admission - Spatial Information & Cartography and Remote Sensing & Photogrammetry

  4. Mr Sergio Burello - Member Re-admission - Land Surveying and Engineering & Mining Surveying

  5. Mr Samuel Perpich - Part-Time Student - Land Surveying and Spatial Information & Cartography

  6. Mr Mariam Seran - Student - Spatial Information & Cartography and Hydrography

  7. Mr Edward Retimana - Member Re-admission - Engineering & Mining Surveying

  8. Mr Christopher Welsh - Member Re-admission - Land Surveying

  9. Mr Eric Hansen - Member Re-admission - Land Surveying

  10. Miss Jacinta McArdle - Member Re-admission - Engineering & Mining Surveying

  11. Mr Scott Major - Member - Engineering & Mining Surveying and Land Surveying

  12. Mr Ben Madden-Holmes - Member Re-admission - Land Surveying

  13. Dr Zahra Gharineiat - Member - Remote Sensing and Photogrammetry and Hydrography

  14. Mr Andrew Jensen - Member Re-admission - Land Surveying

  15. Dr Yan Liu - Member Re-admission - Spatial Information & Cartography

  16. Dr Mingzhong Wang - Member - Spatial Information & Cartography and Remote Sensing & Photogrammetry

  17. Mr Brian Forrester - Member Re-admission - Land Surveying

  18. Mr Mark Hickey - Member Re-admission - Land Surveying and Engineering & Mining Surveying

  19. Mr Marian Plucinski - Member - Engineering & Mining Surveying

  20. Mr Kent Olive - Student - Spatial Information & Cartography and Remote Sensing & Photogrammetry

  21. Mr Ben Maunder - Student - Spatial Information & Cartography and Remote Sensing & Photogrammetry

  22. Mr Michael Hewson - Member Re-admission - Remote Sensing & Photogrammetry

  23. Ms Jenny  Arnesson - Member - Engineering & Mining Surveying

  24. Mr Robin Anderson - Member Re-admission - Land Surveying

  25. Mr Warren Muchna - Member - Engineering & Mining Surveying and Land Surveying

  26. Mr Kim Rose - Member -  Land Surveying and Engineering & Mining Surveying

  27. Mr William Kirk - Member - Engineering & Mining Surveying

  28. Mr Ian McKeague - Member - Spatial Information & Cartography

  29. Cameron Mills - Member Re-admission - Engineering & Mining Surveying

  30. Kenneth Pile - Member Re-admission - Land Surveying

  31. Gareck Packer - Member Re-admission - Spatial Information & Cartography

  32. John Morrow - Member Re-admission - Spatial Information & Cartography

  33. Ms Janine Josey - Part-time Student - Remote Sensing & Photogrammetry and Spatial Information & Cartography

  34. Mr Nathan Burgstaller - Part-time Student - Engineering & Mining Surveying and Land Survey

We welcome our new members and hope to continue on this great momentum in the months to come.


Events Coming Up 


TONIGHT - Wed 7 - Brisbane Geospatial Network
Brisbane Geospatial Network Event

Thu 22 - Why Blockchain?- the first in a series of knowledge conversations - SIBA/GITA - Brisbane - FREE
Why Blockchain?
tbc - YP Social Event


tbc - SSSI Fellows Dinner - Parliament House, Brisbane
Tue 20 - Xtreme Weather Australia Conference - Brisbane
Xtreme Weather Australia Conference 


2018 SSSI Queensland Events Calendar
*Please note events / dates are subject to change and will be confirmed closer to each event.
Bill Kitson - With Great Zeal: The History of the Hydrographic Survey of the Queensland Coastline, 1861-1880
Feb/Mar tbc | Webinar
Lunchinar – Qld Globe
Wednesday 21 Mar | Webinar
Lunchinar - Community Management
Thursday 3 May | Webinar
Graduate Workshop Roadshow
Friday 11 May | Brisbane
Tuesday 15 May | Bundaberg
Wednesday 16 May | Rockhampton
Thursday 17 May | Mackay
Wednesday 23 May | Townsville
Thursday 24 May | Cairns
Central Group Seminar
Saturday 12 May | Brisbane
Qld Surveying & Spatial Conference & Qld Spatial Excellence Awards
Thursday 23 – Friday 24 August | Brisbane
Central Group Conference
Thursday 18 – Friday 19 October | Bundaberg
Northern Group Conference
Thursday 15 – Friday 16 October | Townsville


Important News 

Surveyors Board Queensland - New Board Members

Potential changes to Queensland’s land clearing laws and the impact upon land owners





SSSI Qld Representatives

Roy Somerville                      
Queensland Regional Chair

Angus Scown                    
Queensland SICC Chair

Ewen Sneddon                    
Queensland LSC Chair

Stephen Jess                  
Qld Northern Group Chair

Tom McDonald                  
Qld Central Group Chair

Kelly Rischmiller   
Queensland Regional Operations Manager    

Katie Le Miere
Queensland Administration & Events Officer


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