SSSI QLD News - March 2018

February 28, 2018

Please find below information on what is happening at the Surveying and Spatial Sciences Institute Queensland as of March 2018.


Chair/ROM Reports

Qld Regional Chair -  Roy Somerville

The SSSI Qld Regional Committee met on the 20 February.  Main items of discussion during the meeting were:

  1. SSSI Discussion Forum
  2. Potential changes to Queensland's clearing laws and the impact upon land owners
  3. Street Planning and Design Manul
  4. Geospatial Style Guide for DSQ


Qld Spatial Information & Cartography Commission (SICC) Chair - Angus Scown

SICC Qld has it first free lunchtime webinar coming in late march. The topic is "Economic Evaluation of Prescribed Fire as a Bushfire Risk Mitigation Tool in Southeast Queensland".It's the first in our series of connecting members with University research.

If you are interested in GISP-AP (certification) reach out to Angus Scown as the the national committee is doing a review.

Qld Land Surveying Commission (LSC) Chair - Ewen Sneddon

Our second Meeting for 2018 was held on 6 March 2018.  Main items for discussion were:

  1. Certification
  2. Report from meeting with Registrar of Titles
  3. Land Clearing
  4. Letter from DNRME re Lot sizes for Applied easements
  5. Lease Surveys particularly Master sketch plans
  6. DNRME Survey Focus Group and Digital data readiness

Various members of the LSC Committee are also working on the following LSC events for 2018:

  1. Reinstatement workshop - Expressions of interest being sort
  2. GNSS calculation and PU seminar. Suppliers demonstrate how to use their computer software to reduce sets of both static and RTK observations - Currently being organised
  3. Easement webinar - Set down for 6th June
  4. ADAC seminar - once IPWEAQ and SE Council Surveyors and Designers have finalized coding
  5. Land Clearing Webinar 

SSSI NSW in conjunction with SSSI Qld have organised a Cadastral Webinar on the 28th March 2018 - NSW/ACT CONFERENCE – CADASTRAL HIGHLIGHTS.  It is currently being assessed for NSW Cadastral points, however we are aiming for 1.5 NSW Cadastral CPD points to be on offer.  For further details click here.

Qld Northern Group Chair - Stephen Jess

The first 2018 town group meeting will be held soon.  Currently Qld Northern Group is working on a draft of the student assistance package criteria which was discussed at our Northern Group Conference in November.

Qld Central Group Chair -  Tom McDonald

.The 2018 Central Group Seminar is taking place at the Hotel Jen Brisbane on Saturday 12 May. This year, it is being held in Brisbane to give members of the Central region an opportunity to network with colleagues in Brisbane and also attend the double-header NRL match on the Saturday evening.
The Organising Committee is working on a relevant and informative program for the Seminar which will be shared closer to the event. We do hope you can join us. Please click here for further information.

Qld Young Professionals Chair - Dale Atkinson

YPs are up and running again and we’d love SSSI members to encourage Young Staff to Join.
At the meeting we determined methods to encourage membership and how young people can get more out of SSSI. Concrete proposals are better university engagement, especially GIS courses, Active Town Groups with the occasional meeting focused on issues facing young professionals, and we discussed other possible events.
YPs will be represented at the upcoming Central Group meeting in May with at least 2 presenters from the YP group.
Streamlining student membership passed through the National YP meeting. This allows students to join free without some of the impediments that were holding them back. Part of this proposal was how we can continually engage with these students to make sure they become full members upon graduation. 
We have also engaged with our University contacts across Qld to promote the SSSI FREE Student Membership.  Please see the SSSI FREE Student Membership Flyer for further information.

Regional Operations Manager (ROM) Report - Kelly Rischmiler

Member Engagement / Focus Group Meetings
One of the items I touched on in our last message was Member Engagement and setting up of Town/Focus Groups in certain areas of Qld to give members a change to meet up in an informal setting to enable networking and discussion on all topics relating to Surveying & Spatial Sciences.  SSSI Qld have now analysed our member data and have been able to group our members into Focus Groups based on their Local Government Area.  The first Focus Group setup, based on this data, is being held on the 15 March - SSSI Qld Logan/Redland/Scenic Rim Focus Group Meeting.
I would also like to promote the regular MackayTown/Focus Group meetings which are usually held on the first Wednesday of the month.  However, their March meeting is going to be a special meeting on 21 March for Global Surveyors Day - SSSI Qld "Global Surveyors Day" Mackay Focus Group Meeting
More Focus Groups Meetings are being setup for April and details will be announced in direct emails and on our website.

Queensland Surveying & Spatial Conference 2018 - SAVE the DATE
SSSI Qld recently held our first QSSC Committee Meeting to discuss the 2018 Queensland Surveying & Spatial Conference being held on 23-24 August in Brisbane.  A general theme for the Conference was discussed along with various session topics that would coincide well with the theme.  A formal Call for Abstracts will be sent out soon, in the meantime I am pleased to advise the theme for this year's Conference is
"Spatial Innovation for Future Generations"

Earth Observation Industry Mission to Australia
On Monday 5 March 2018 I attended the Brisbane part of the Earth Observation Industry Mission to Australia being hosted by the CRCSI and the European Association of Remote Sensing Companies (EARSC).  The other two events being held in Canberra and Sydney this week. The week has been organised to bring Earth Observation specialists from the European Union and Australia together with the aim of teaming them up to bid for Horizon2020 funding.
There is over €6 million in Horizon2020 funding available for Australian-European collaborations, and the hope is that this week will provide the impetus for our two regions to build partnerships and successful bids.
Attendees have the opportunity to participate in networking events, briefings and introductions to remote sensing companies, investors and customers and discover more about Copernicus and Horizon2020 EU-AU partnership opportunities.
For further information please view:
Earth Observation Industry Mission to Australia Program
Horizon 2020 video - General overview - European Commission
Horizon 2020: The EU's biggest research and innovation ... - YouTube


Advocacy Issues 


Property Services Advice

SSSI Qld were recently approached from Grant Thornton Australia on behalf of the Queensland Department of Employment, Small Business and Training, to provide feedback on matters relating to training and skills from the Property Services sector.  Grant Thornton Australia have been asked to gather feedback from industry stakeholders on Government training subsidy programs and policy settings; including whether they are seen as effective and/or suitable. The feedback provided will be used by Government to inform decisions on new programs or changes to existing programs in the VET area. 
SSSI Qld look forward to the results of this survey and will share once known.

Qld SICC Advocacy

GISP-AP certification.  Raise with national committee on state of current applicants and work on increasing value to those with the certification. 

Qld LSC Advocacy

Queensland Rail Access to Rail Corridors
Ewen Sneddon (Qld LSC Chair), Roy Somerville (Qld Chair) and Paul Reed, have had a positive meeting with Railway officers regarding surveying on Railway land. They are now waiting on a written response from Queensland Rail.


Member Highlights

SSSI Qld are proud to have the following members join/re-join SSSI for February 2018. 

  1. Mr Wade Iden Pavey - Member - Engineering & Mining Surveying and Land Surveying    
  2. Dr Kaveh Deilami - Member - Remote Sensing & Photogrammetry and Spatial Information & Cartography    
  3. Mr Jarryd Hoffman - Member - Land Surveying    
  4. Mr Stephen John Mackenzie - Member - Land Surveying    
  5. Mr Alexander Shanahan - Member - Remote Sensing & Photogrammetry and Spatial Information and Cartography    
  6. Mr Levi Willis Schulkins - Member - Engineering & Mining Surveying and Land Surveying
  7. Leut Benjamin Stevenson - Member - Hydrography and Land Surveying
  8. Lila Devkota - Member Re-admission - Spatial Information & Cartography and Remote Sensing & Photogrammetry
  9. Mr Sergio Gerardo Burello - Member Re-admission - Land Surveying and Engineering & Mining Surveying
  10. Mr James Thomas Banner - Member - Engineering & Mining Surveying

We welcome our new members and hope to continue on this great momentum in the months to come.


Events Coming Up 



Thu 8 - SSSI Qld International Women's Day Breakfast - click here

Thu 15 - SSSI Qld Logan/Redland/Scenic Rim Focus Group Meeting - click here

Tue 20 - Xtreme Weather Australia Conference - Brisbane - click here

Wed 21 - SSSI Qld "Global Surveyors Day" Mackay Focus Group Meeting - click here

Wed 28 - SSSI Webinar: NSW/ACT Conference – Cadastral Highlights - click here

tbc - SSSI Qld SICC Webinar: Economic Evaluation of Prescribed Fire as a Bushfire Risk Mitigation Tool in Southeast Queensland


9 - 11 - Locate 18 & GeoSmart Asia 18 - Adelaide - click here

Mon 16 - SSSI SICC Deploying Mobile GIS Solutions Workshop - Brisbane - details tbc

tbc - SSSI Fellows Dinner - Parliament House, Brisbane


Important News 









SSSI Qld Representatives

Roy Somerville                      
Queensland Regional Chair

Angus Scown                    
Queensland SICC Chair

Ewen Sneddon                    
Queensland LSC Chair

Stephen Jess                  
Qld Northern Group Chair

Tom McDonald                  
Qld Central Group Chair

Dale Atkinson                
Qld Young Professionals Chair

Kelly Rischmiller   
Queensland Regional Operations Manager    

Katie Le Miere
Queensland Administration & Events Officer


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