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March 31, 2019
Chair's Report - Paul Reed

This month I have spoken with TAFE leaders about our outreach program in Logan to see how they can work with the Schools in providing Cert training. I continue to be involved on the Destination Spatial Queensland Committee as we look to seek further support in the way of funding to be able to reach out to young people at Careers events. I have also provided a brief review  of the skills shortages report (see my full review below).

Survey Alerts

The most recent Surveying Alert 33 issued by the Department (DNRME) contains an important message regarding changes to submitting survey plans. We would like all of our Land Surveying Commission members to read this alert and carry out a check of their survey plans submitted. Within the alert message is a link to a list of all the plans the Department have recorded into CISP. All surveyors/firms should cross reference this list against their own internal records to ensure that the DNRME system is complete and correct. If you have concerns that any of your survey plans are not showing up on the list provided, please resubmit them. Similarly if you are not receiving the new auto-reply email notifications after plans are submitted, please resubmit these plans and contact DNRME.

We recommend subscribing to the Departments surveying alerts and updates. If you wish to read or subscribe to the Surveying Alerts, you can do so from this link.

SEASC 2019

The South East Asia Survey Congress is taking place in Darwin in August and I strongly encourage you to consider attending.  The program is looking fantastic and you will have the chance to network with surveyors from across the world. They have also extended their deadline for submission of abstracts to 30 April, so please read the full story from one of the key organisers and our local SSSI Board member, Lee Hellen.  

The Surveyors' Trust is also kindly offering four young professionals the chance to attend free of charge!  Make sure you check out their competition here.


Finally, I want to thank Megan Dillon, a dedicated SSSI Member and Mackay Town Group Convenor for setting up a surveying display in the Mackay Gordon White Library to recognise Global Surveyors' Day on Thursday 21 March.  The more we can educate the community on the work surveyors have, and continue to do, the better chance we have of attracting young people to the profession in the future.

As always, if you have any queries, concerns or suggestions on SSSI Queensland or a surveying or spatial science matter you need assistance with, you are most welcome to contact me on

Skills Shortage Study

BIS Oxford Economics were commissioned by Consulting Surveyors National to undertake a study and provide a report forecasting the surveying and geospatial skills that will be required to meet future demands in the property and construction sectors across Australia. This report was backed by SSSI and was released last week.

The report recognises the current and on-going significant shortage of skills across our industry however the work done by “A Life without Limits” brand has begun to have a real impact on this shortage with increase numbers of younger people entering the profession.

The report was based on 117 survey responses across Australia with only 15% coming from Queensland. It would have been good to see a stronger response from Queensland.

The report makes it clear that our efforts need to continue and the industry must work together to bridge the skills gap. As part of its key findings the report states in the executive summary “that surveying and spatial scientists will be in a capacity deficit position at the national level for the next five years to FY2023.”

The chart below shows the forecast Workforce Gap for Total Surveyors across Australia.

One observation is that the shortage will continue until around the mid 2020’s however there is and will be a growing surplus of surveying and spatial science technicians. We note that the study shows a greater shortage in the numbers of spatial scientists.

Secondly, the shortfall in the workforce gap is forecast to be greatest in Queensland between 2021 and 2026. Queensland is followed closely by Victoria and then NSW. NSW however is forecast to have a surplus in 2026.

Our final observation is the finding that young surveying professionals (aged 15-29) earn 30% higher than their peers in other professions. This coupled with the fact that in 2014 the McCrindle research found Surveying to be the most underrated degree provides a strong argument for encouraging students into the industry.

Click here to see the full report.

Early Career Funds

The Central and Northern Groups are very pleased to annouce that applications are now open of the FY 2019-20 round of bursaries for students who reside in Central and Northern Queensland. 

If you (or a colleague!) are currently studying or have recently graduated surveying and spatial sciences, you can apply for financial assistance to help with costs such as flights and accommodation to attend lectures/residential schools or attend SSSI conferences.

Previous recipients found the assistance really helpful: "The bursary program was a great initiative which helped me on my study pathway." , "Making the practicals more achievable financially has made it easier to reach the point in my studies that I can apply to be a surveying associate.", "Thanks to SSSI for the funds, greatly appreciated!".

For more information and to apply, please visit our webpage.

Events in March
Mackay Town Group - 21 March

Fourteen surveyors  gathered in Mackay to celebrate Global Surveyors Day.  Mackay local Lynette Dupuy joined the gathering to share stories about her grandfather, Bernard C. Dupuy, who completed many surveys in the Mackay region in the early 20th century.  Lynette brought along some of Bernard’s survey plans and other historical documents detailing his work and life.  The attendees pored over the old plans and were interested to see some of the logistics involved in early surveying, like receipts for horse feed and train tickets between towns and a diagram of a motorised bicycle Bernard built to travel to his jobs.  The Mackay Town Group is grateful Lynette took time from her day to come to our Global Surveyors Day celebration and they enjoyed her anecdotes immensely.


Bundaberg Town Group - 28 March

A number of Bundaberg professionals got together to discuss local issues, including the retirement of respected local surveyors Ian Honor and Graham Nelson, the 2019 Central Group Conference, destruction of local survey marks and easements/Qld Globe concerns.

Events Coming Up 

Cadastral Reinstatement Workshop
Souths Leagues Club, Brisbane | Friday 5 April 2019 | 1pm - 5pm
More information and to register

NSW Cadastral Seminar
We are considering holding a seminar at the Gold Coast for those Queensland members who are also registered in NSW and need a few more of those valuable CPD points before 30 June.  If you are interested, let us know!  Email Katie on 

South East Asia Survey Congress 2019
Darwin Convention Centre | 15 -18  August 2019 
More information and to register

To view recordings of our past webinars, less than 1 year old, click here.

To view FREE recordings of our SSSI ECPD archive (Members Only area) click here. 



SSSI Qld Representatives

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Queensland Regional Chair

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Queensland SICC Chair

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Queensland LSC Chair

Graham Jensen                  
Qld Northern Group Chair

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Qld Central Group Chair

Michael Topp & Marvin Lei               
Qld Young Professionals Co-Chairs

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Queensland Regional Operations Manager    


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