SSSI QLD News - December 2018

November 30, 2018

Please find below information on what is happening at the Surveying and Spatial Sciences Institute Queensland as of December 2018.


Chair / ROM Report

Qld Regional Chair -  Paul Reed

SSSI Qld Regional Committee Planning Meeting

On Friday 23 November the SSSI Qld Regional Committee met for our annual Planning Meeting.  This meeting was held to discuss events, iniatives and advocacy for SSSI Qld for the next 18 months and to review the past 12 months and highlight our achievements.  SSSI Qld also focused on elements of the SSSI Strategic Plan which required imput from the Committee.   

We trust our SSSI Qld Members have found 2018 to be a successful year. You just need to look at our membership increase, including gaining more Student Members, our past event highlights and our increase in communications including promotion of our advocacy to showcase this.

We hope to achieve more of the same for 2019!

Qld Regional Operations Manager -  Kelly Rischmiller

SSSI Qld Office Closure over Holiday Period

The SSSI Qld Office will be closed from Mon, 17 Dec and reopen on Mon, 7 Jan.  For any urgent queries over this time please direct them to the SSSI National Office on 02 6282 2282.  SSSI Qld wish all our members a safe and happy holiday season.

Katie Le Miere Resignation

On behalf of SSSI Qld I am saddened to advise that Katie Le Miere has tendered her resignation and as of December no longer works at SSSI.  Katie was a great asset to SSSI Qld and to SSSI overall and she will be missed. A new Administration & Events Officer will be appointed in early 2019.


advocacy highlights

EOI Initiatives to support 3D QLD

Mandy Compton, our SSSI Qld Land Surveying Commission Chair, has recently approached SSSI Qld Land Surveying Members on offering their support to 3D QLD.  To read the email click here.



SSSI Qld Young Professionals Mentoring Graduation & Christmas Party

On Thursday, 6 December SSSI Qld celebrated our SSSI Qld Young Professionals who have graduated from the SSSI National Mentoring Program. Thank you to the Mentees and Mentors who took part.  SSSI Qld would also like to thank our fabulous SSSI National Young Professional Chair, Roshni Sharma, whose drive and initiative got this program started.  We were lucky enough to have Roshni at the event on Thursday night to hand out the Certificates and give an inspirational presentation on why mentoring is so important for our industry.  Mentees and Mentors commented on how much they enjoyed the program and would definitely recommend it to other's to take part.

To view Roshni's Presentation click here.

SSSI Qld would encourage our Members to be involved as a a Mentor or Mentee for next year.  For more information please see:

  • Information on the SSSI Young Professional Mentoring Program please click here.

  • If you are interested in participating in the 2019 SSSI Young Professional Mentoring Program as a Mentee or Mentor please click here.

SSSI Qld Fellows & SIBA|GITA Lifetime Achievement Award Dinner​

On Friday 30 November 2018, at Parliament House Brisbane, SSSI Qld was proud to confer Honorary Fellow SSSI to Mr. Ewen Sneddon & Fellow SSSI to Mr. Ray Tabulo. These indviduals have made a significant contribution to the Institute and to the surveying and spatial science profession over many years.

SIBA|GITA also bestowed their inaugural Lifetime Member Award to Mr. Paul Midson, an individual who has dedicated his time and effort to the advancement of the industry.

During the evening we held a special presentation to honour the career and achievements of the Late Geoffrey Wright who was an Honorary Fellow of SSSI.  Geoffrey's wife Jacqui and daughter Peta were in attendance to hear the special regard SSSI members have for Geoffrey and his legacy.

Thank you to Hon. Mr Linus Power for co-presenting the Certificates and to Hon. John Mickel for hosting the event. 

Dr Zaffa Sadiq Mohamed-Ghouse - SSSI President, Paul Reed - SSSI Qld Chair, Ray Tabulo - SSSI Fellow, Jacqui Wright, Peta Morawiec, Ewen Sneddon - SSSI Honorary Fellow and Peter Olah - SSSI CEO.

Hon. Linus Power, Paul Midson - SIBA|GITA Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient and Deanna Hutchinson - SIBA|GITA CEO

Hon. John Mickel and Paul Reed

To view all the photos from the evening click here.


SSSI Qld Northern Group Conference

Success of the Northern Group Conference
The SSSI Qld Northern Group Conference was held at the Rydges Hotel, Townsville on 8 to 9 November and was well attended by members and non-members.

Presentations highlights included:

  • The Port of Townsville - its business, its past and its future direction presented by Kim Gebers General Manager Infrastructure, Port of Townsville

  • Short introduction to errors  presnted by Dale Atkinson Director, Atkinson Surveys

  • Evaluation of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) data accuracy in urban environments for the surveying profession  presented by Leigh Tingle Vision Surveys

  • Encroachments and legislation regarding retaining walls presented by Alistair Byrom Principal Surveyor, Veris

  • Promoting Women in Surveying presented by Mandy Compton Cadastral Surveyor, All Points Surveys

  • The Surveyor as an Environmental Manager – Newnes Kaolin mine and quarry presented by Tony Proust President, NSW Institution of Surveyors

  • Network RTK precise positioning – Cadastral applications presented by Graham Jensen Principal Surveyor, Far North District, Department of Transport and Main Roads

  • How web mapping works - a history of web maps to gain a broader understanding of how web maps work and have changed over time presented by Angus Scown Chief Technology Officer, UrbisPro

  • Drivers causing change in software solutions for surveyors presented by Ross McAtamney Listech

  •  A highlight of the conference was the dinner speaker, Cherrie Motti, from The Australian Institute of Marine Science (AIMS) who explained the potential use of Giant Triton sea snails in combating the crown of thorn starfish.  

These were just a few of the informative presentations delivered at the conference which was thoroughly enjoyed by all.

Apart from the informative presentations, the main benefit from attending the Conference was the networking and many participants commented that their highlight of the conference was meeting some really great people.

Following the conference, the SSSI Qld Northern Group Committee met for their AGM and we are pleased to advise that Graham Jensen has now been elected the new Northern Group Chair for 2019.

The event ran with a small profit, which will be put towards our future operations and functions for members benefit in the SSSI Qld Northern Group Region.

To view all photos click here.


Member Highlights

SSSI Qld would like to welcome our new members for 2018.

James Papadopoulos – EMSC, LSC - Member
Benjamin Stevenson – HC, LSC – Member
Jarryd Hoffman – LSC - Affiliate

Stephen Mackenzie – LSC - Affiliate
Rohan McCulkin – LSC, EMSC - Affiliate
Jakhon Madaminov – SICC, RSPC - Student
Andrew Gabbott – HC - Member
Alexander Shanahan – RSPC, SICC - Member
Dejan Urosevic – EMSC, RSPC - Associate
Wade Pavey – EMSC, SICC - Affiliate
Ben Dawes - LSC, RSPC - Member 
Anthony Mercer – EMSC, LSC - Associate
Matthew Gore – LSC - Student

Ying Bein Gan – SICC, RSPC - Student
Stephanie Woodger – SICC, RSPC - Member
Angus Warfield-McAlpine – RSPC, HC - Student
Rajeshreebhye Mahadea Nemdharry – RSPC, SICC - Student
Avik Nandy – SICC, RSPC - Student
Martyn Eliott – SICC - Student

Sara Barnett – HC - Member
George Mylne – EMSC, LSC- Member
Timothy Burnett – LSC - Part Time Student
Christopher Lawrence – EMSC, LSC - Member
David Mitchell – SICC, RSPC - Student
Esther Erhahon – SICC, LSC – Student
Samuel Fowler – EMSC, LSC - Member
Peter Close – EMSC - Member

Olesia Fedorova – EMSC, SICC - Student
Lee Evans – LSC, EMSC - Student
Andrew Ludlow – LSC - Student
Benjamin Blackburn – LSC, EMSC - Student
Madison Powell – SICC - Student
Shaun Martin – LSC, EMSC - Student
John Bettson – LSC, SICC - Student
Andres Marino Silva – SICC, LSC - Student
Yiran Li – SICC, RSPC - Student
Nick Cox – LSC, EMSC - Student
Kim Penglase – SICC, RSPC - Student
Jeffrey March – EMSC, RSPC - Student
Scott Johnson – LSC - First Year Graduate
Jake Linnett – EMSC, LSC - Student
Trent Mathews – LSC, SICC - Student
Steven Green – LSC, SICC - Student
Bishal Basel – SICC - Student

Rohan Etherington – SICC, RSPC - First Year Graduate
Christopher Billington – EMSC, LSC - Member
David O'Connor – EMSC, LSC - Associate
Geoffrey Lawes – HC, SICC - Member
Dean Harmston – LSC, SICC - Student
Rafe Penington – HC, LSC - Member

Ian McKellar – HC, EMSC - Member
Jessica Annan – SICC, LSC - Student
Benjamin Cook – LSC, EMSC - Student
Benjamin Bryant – LSC, EMSC - Student
Ian Crawford – LSC, EMSC - Student
Luke Cimpa – LSC, EMSC - Student
Michael Venaglia – LSC, EMSC - Student
Robert Josifoski – RSPC, SICC - Student
Raymond Hannah – EMSC - Student
Daniel Voysey – LSC, EMSC - Student
Joshua Egan – LSC - Student
Fletcher Magill – EMSC, SICC - Part Time Student
Paul Savage – HC - Member
Shaun Poing-Destre - HC - Member
Mitchell Kerr – HC - Member

Fraser Webb – LSC, EMSC - Student
David Brown – EMSC - Affiliate
Mark Grayson- LSC - Student
Paul Cracroft-Wilson – EMSC, LSC - Member
Toby Furber- LSC, EMSC - Student
Alfonso Coronel - SICC, RSPC - Student
Pallawi Sapkota – LSC, RSPC - Student

Duane de Nysschen – EMSC, RSPC - Member
Brianna Heeley – SICC, RSPC - Student
Paul Vujcich – LSC, EMSC - Student
Luke Johnson – LSC, RSPC - Student
Michael Greenslade - LSC, EMSC - Member
Thomas du Toit – LSC – Student
Stephen McTegg – LSC - Student

Lewis Sweet – LSC - Student
Rowan Langford – LSC, EMSC - Student
Changa Tshering - RSCP, SICC - International Member

Scott Champion - LSC, EMSC - Member
Brett James – EMSC, LSC - Associate


Events Coming Up 



To view recordings of our past webinars, less than 1 year old, click here.

To view FREE recordings of our SSSI ECPD archive (Members Only area) click here.SSSI have recently added the following recordings to the SSSI ECPD Archive. 

  1. 2018-09-06 SSSI Strategic Roadmap Webinar

  2. 2017-11-30 SSSI QLD_ Control Surveys using GNSS Webinar - Part 2

  3. 2017-11-29 National YP Webinar_ The implications and implementation of GDA2020

  4. 2017-11-23 SSSI QLD_ Control Surveys using GNSS Webinar



Job Seekers

To view current job seekers click here.


To view currents jobs click here.

November News








SSSI Qld Representatives

Paul Reed                    
Queensland Regional Chair

Angus Scown                    
Queensland SICC Chair

Mandy Compton                  
Queensland LSC Chair

Stephen Jess                  
Qld Northern Group Chair

Tom McDonald                  
Qld Central Group Chair

Dale Atkinson                
Qld Young Professionals Chair

Kelly Rischmiller   
Queensland Regional Operations Manager    


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