Queensland Region News – September 2020

September 16, 2020

Qld Land Surveying Commission Webinar Series

The Queensland Land Surveying Commission Committee is pleased to offer a series of webinars with the primary purpose of assisting surveyors seeking renewal and registration requirements with the Surveyors' Board of Queensland. The list of topics has been identified in cooperation with the Board to address areas of the competency framework that often possess greater challenge applicants and surveyors demonstrating competency.

Who will benefit from attending these webinars:

  • Graduates seeking progression to Surveyor Registration with SBQ.
  • Registered surveyors progressing to Cadastral Endorsement with SBQ.
  • Registered Surveyors who wish to refresh skills and competency in common problem areas for Registered Surveyors.
  • Registered Surveyors to support a CER for registration Renewal.

There are two series running concurrently, with one webinar per month from each: the Cadastral Endorsement Competency Framework Series and Registered Surveyor Competency Framework Series.

Cadastral Endorsement Competency Framework Series

  • Tips for Reinstating existing Boundaries and Marking | Ewen Sneddon | Click here to access the recording
  • Searching for documentary evidence and search for physical evidence | Dale Atkinson, Atkinson Surveys | Click here to access the recording  
  • Legislation: An insight for surveyors | Alistair Byrom, Veris | Click here to access the recording  
  • Preparing and managing a basic development application | Stephen Motti, Brazier Motti | Tuesday 20 October | Register here
  • Design Lots and Layouts for cadastral surveyors | Damian Reardon, Bennett + Bennett | Tuesday 10 November | Registration opens soon 

Registered Surveyor Competency Framework Series

  • How to use and maintain GNSS surveying instruments | Dale Atkinson, Atkinson Surveys | Click here to access the recording
  • How to Establish, measure and adjust horizontal and vertical survey control using GNSS | Graham Jensen, DTMR | Click here to access the recording
  • Survey and calculate volumes and quantities | Lee Hellen, Land Solution Australia | Tuesday 27 October | Registration opens soon
  • How to geodetic reference systems including GDA 2020 using GNSS | Speaker and date to be confirmed
Other SSSI Webinars

There are heaps of other great webinars on offer from SSSI, covering a broad range of topics and speakers - click here to check them out!

To purchase recordings of our past webinars, less than 12 months old, click here.

Destination Spatial Queensland Update

Destination Spatial is a collaboration between the Queensland Government, industry associations such as SSSI and private enterprise to help promote surveying & spatial sciences throughout schools and universities across Queensland. 

We encourage our Queensland members to support their efforts  - please click here to read their current newsletter.


Please see below for a recent update from DNRME on addding GDA2020 Data to Queensland Globe.

What is the issue?

Queensland Globe is a web mapping application based on web services with data displayed on WGS84 datum using the Web Mercator projection.  It is not currently possible to use Coordinate Reference System metadata (e.g. EPSG codes) to distinguish whether WGS 84 Web Mercator values are based on GDA94 or on GDA2020.  This issue is described in detail in the ICSM paper entitled "GMIWG Advisory on WGS 84 and Web Mapping".  

How is this handled in Queensland Globe?

Until the longer term solution described in the ICSM paper can be implemented, Queensland Globe will continue to display data using GDA94 based WGS84 Web Mercator. For all Departmental data displayed in Queensland Globe the software is able to read metadata to identify whether the source data is in GDA94 or GDA2020 and convert to GDA94 based WGS84 Web Mercator on-the-fly. Similarly, when using the Add My Data feature, it is necessary to supply metadata specifying whether it is GDA94 or GDA2020 data.

The Add My Data feature in the Globe supports the import of simple GPX, KML, KMZ, SHP or CSV files. However, it should be noted that only SHP files allow the specification of the datum. That is done by including a PRJ file in the Zip file submitted using Add My Data.

For all other data formats, the datum will be assumed to be in GDA94. Therefore, if you have GDA2020 data in one of those other formats you will first need to transform the data back to GDA94 before importing it into Queensland Globe.

The following illustrate how various files types will be plotted relative to other data sets in Queensland Globe:

  • GDA94 SHP file with PRJ file ~ plots CORRECTLY;
  • GDA94 SHP file without PRJ file ~ plots CORRECTLY (without PRJ defaults to WGS84 based on GDA94);
  • GDA2020 SHP file with PRJ file ~ plots CORRECTLY (PRJ allows transform to WGS84 based on GDA94);
  • GDA2020 SHP file without PRJ file ~ plots INCORRECTLY (defaults to WGS84 based on GDA94);
  • File other than SHP format with GDA94 data ~ plots CORRECTLY;
  • File other than SHP format with GDA2020 data ~ plots INCORRECTLY (defaults to WGS84 based on GDA94).
What about other Web Mapping?

It should be noted that many other existing web mapping in Australia are likely to also be using WGS84 Web Mercator based on GDA94 and users should clarify with the provider how best to handle GDA2020 data in those applications.

Where can you get more information?

The DNRME website has information on the adoption of GDA2020 in Queensland and includes links to documents on GDA2020 impact assessment, technical background and transformation processes and software.  


Nominations are now open for the 2020 Asia-Pacific Spacial Excellence Awards (APSEA)  for Queensland. 

The Spatial Excellence Awards celebrate the achievements of top spatial information enterprises and individuals and showcase the finest projects and most significant performance of professionals that the Western Australia Surveying and Spatial Industry have to offer.

Projects and individuals attaining recognition at this premier event are deemed to be truly outstanding achievers and pre-eminent in their field.

Individual award categories include:

  • Professional of the Year
  • Young Professional of the Year
  • Education Development Award
  • Postgraduate Student Award
  • Undergraduate Student Award

Industry Award Categories include:

  • Award for Spatial Enablement
  • Award for Innovation and Commercialisation
  • Award for Technical Excellence
  • Award for People and Community
  • Award for Environment and Sustainability

Nominations close Friday, 23rd October, 2020. Click here for further information on how to nominate. 


If you have any suggestions for webinars you would like to see, or any other matters or ideas you would like us to consider, don't hesitate to contact us on chair.qld@sssi.org.au.       

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