QLD Region News – November 2022

November 3, 2022



Welcome to the members who have recently joined SSSI

  • David Rouelett, LSC, Member
  • Bevan Macdonald, EMSC, Member
  • Christian Fellinger, SICC, Member
  • Chad Mohr, EMSC, Member
  • Cameron MacGregory, SICC, Member
  • Helle-Mai Rudnik, SICC, Member
  • Johannes Matika, EMSC, Member
  • Javier Leon, RSPC, Member
  • Michael Forbes, SICC, Member
  • Rodney Cooper, SICC, Member
  • Chaitanya Dandu, SICC, Associate Member
  • Liam Au-Yeung, EMSC, Associate Member
  • Martin Brady, SICC, Other Professional
  • Alexander Brunton, LSC, Student
  • Osea Waqainabete, LSC, Student
  • Clayton Silverlock, LSC, Student
  • Benjamin Anfruns, RSPC, Student
  • Sai Aneesh Matta, RSPC, Student
  • Cayleb Fidge, SICC, Student
  • Lee-Anne Worrall, SICC, Student
  • Parnell Faiers, LSC, Student
  • Eleanor Chandler-Temple, RSPC, Student
  • Brendan Howard, LSC, Student
  • Renee Maedland, LSC, Student
  • Judd  Van Den Brenk, SICC, Student
  • Thomas Kavanagh, SICC, Student
  • Jane  Porfiri, SICC, Student
  • Rebekah Latter, SICC, Student
  • Scott Mills, EMSC Student
  • Kadan Ford LSC, Student
  • Samuel Jones, LSC, Student
  • Harikesh, RSPC, Student
  • Sajo Suja Jose, SICC, Student
  • Xinhui Ma, SICC, Student
  • Naomi Forrest, RSPC, Student​

2022 queensland regional conference

It was great to see the surveying and spatial community out in force for the 2022 Queensland Regional Conference held on the 14 October 2022 at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre. This event was a SELL OUT! 

Here are a selection of photos from the day.