SSSI QLD News - October 2018

September 30, 2018

Please find below information on what is happening at the Surveying and Spatial Sciences Institute Queensland as of October 2018.


Chair / ROM Report

Qld Regional Chair -  Roy Somerville

SSSI Queensland Regional Committee Elections

On the 16 October 2018 the SSSI Queensland Regional Committee will be meeting to ratify our newly elected committee.  The SSSI Queensland Regional Committee has been very active and I wish to formally thank those members that have lead us over the last 2 years, namely: Paul Reed - Vice Chair, Angus Scown - SICC Rep, Mark Hickey, Owen Cantrill - Hydro Rep, Dale Atkinson - YP Rep, Sudarshan Karki, Stephen Jess - Northern Region Chair, Peter Swan - Treasurer, Noel Davidson - EMSC Rep, Peter Kinne - RSPC Rep, Tom McDonald - Central Region Chair, Ewen Sneddon - LSC Rep and Lee Hellen - National Director.

At this meeting I will be stepping down as the SSSI Queensland Chair.  It has been an honour being the Chair of SSSI Queensland for the last two years.  During my time as Chair, SSSI Qld has been successful in building on our membership growth and communication.  We have started to showcase more of what SSSI QLD (our member volunteers and staff) do on behalf of its members in events and advocacy.  By highlighting what we are trying to do and what we have achieved we gain respect amongst our Professional Industry which in turn has driven our membership growth.

To view the SSSI Queensland 2017/18 Highlights which was showcased in the Annual Report please click here.

SSSI Queensland Land Surveying Commission Committee Chair

As part of SSSI Queensland's Election year we also elect a new SSSI Queensland Land Surveying Commission Committee Chair.  I am pleased to advise that at their recent meeting held on 2 October 2018, Mandy Compton was voted in as our new SSSI Qld LSC Chair.  This is a significant achievement for SSSI Qld, as Mandy is the first woman member of SSSI Qld to take on this role.  To learn more about Mandy please click here.

I would like to personally thank the past SSSI Qld LSC Chair, Ewen Sneddon, for his two years of stellar service.  

SSSI Queensland Fellows Dinner & Nominations

On Friday, 30 November 2018, SSSI Queensland will be holding a Fellows Dinner at Parliament House. The dinner is to celebrate the contributions that the Fellows of our organisation have made to our industry as well as the induction of new members as Fellows of the Surveying & Spatial Sciences Institute.  Further details on the dinner will be announced soon.

Information on SSSI Qld Honorary Fellows & Fellows
The SSSI may confer, from time to time, on individual members of SSSI the title of “Fellow”or “Honorary Fellow” of the Institute. These titles are conferred to individuals that have made a significant contribution to the Institute or to the Profession and are only approved following a rigorous nomination and election process.

A Fellow shall have rendered notable service to the profession through one or more of the following:

  • Promotion of surveying and spatial sciences and the status of surveyor or spatial scientists (or one or more of the commissions and its members),

  • Notable activities that enhances the public perception of spatial scientists, or one or more of the commissions.

Do you know someone whose efforts should be recognised by SSSI? Can you please advise Kelly or myself, so we can instigate the process to include these people in an award ceremony as part of the planned Fellows Dinner?  We look forward to your urgent advice by email.

Here is a list of our current SSSI Qld Fellows, Honorary Fellows and Fellows - Retired:


  1. Armando Apan 

  2. Robert Bischof 

  3. John McCarthy

  4. Ian McKeague 

  5. Alistair Byrom 

  6. Adella Edwards 

  7. Leslie Fehlhaber 

  8. David Kirchner 

  9. Nick Lawrence 

  10. Michael Lodewyk 

  11. Kevin McDougall 

  12. Peter Murphy

  13. Robert Pentecost 

  14. Stuart Phinn 

  15. Phillip Pozzi 

  16. Russell Priebbenow 

  17. Bruce Serisier 

  18. Shane Simmons 

  19. Peter Sippel 

  20. Ewen Sneddon 

  21. Chris Swane 

  22. Graham Ward 

Honorary Fellow

  1. Ken Granger              

  2. Matt Higgins

  3. Leslie Isdale  

  4. Kevin Landy   

  5. Rob Melloy  

  6. Garry Smith    

  7. Peter Swan     

Fellow - Retired

  1. John Cook 

  2. Jack de Lange 

  3. John Goodwin 

  4. John Hayes 

  5. John Maschke             

  6. Paul McClelland         

  7. Alan Regan   

  8. David Sinclair

  9. Hein Van Der Heide   

The Geospatial Information Competion - please promote to your children

SSSI encourages our Members to promote this outstanding initiative, see:

Presented by the SSSI and Destination Spatial Queensland, this competition emphasises the importance of geospatial science in an increasingly complex and exciting world at our high schools.

PARENTS - please let your children and your children's school know about this competition and encourage entry.

ALL - if you would like to mentor school groups in the competition or showcase the spatial industry to your local school, please contact competition organisers via

For further information please click here.

Qld Regional Operations Manager -  Kelly Rischmiller

Our Regional Conferences for 2018

SSSI Qld encourage those who live in the Central Region of Queensland and those who live in the Northern Region of Queensland to attend our upcoming Regional Conferences. 

By attending our Conferences you are supporting the development and enhancement of the regional professional network.

We welcome your early registration and would appreciate you promoting the conferences to any colleagues/friends that maybe interested. Details and links below:

Central Group Conference

Thursday 18 – Friday 19 October | Rockhampton Leagues Club
Information and registration

Northern Group Conference

Thursday 8 – Friday 9 November | Rydges Townsville
Information and registration

SSSI Queensland Office Move

SSSI Queensland are pleased to announce that we will be officially moved into our new office on Monday, 8 October 2018. This office will be shared with the Spatial Industries Business Association (SIBA), as we continue to foster our good working relationship with their team.

The new space is located at Milton, centrally located for ease of access for members, with parking and public transport options all close by.

The new office has a large Boardroom for meetings, which we are planning to offer for hire (at nominal rates) for members of both organisations, as well as a complimentary “hot desk” space for members who need to use an office near the City.  More information on both of these features will be provided in the future.

Details for the new office are:

Office / Postal Address:   Unit 3/18 Kilroe St, Milton, QLD 4066

Operational from:             Monday, 8 October 2018

Closer to Christmas we will be hosting an official opening function which will be announced to our members later in the year.


advocacy highlights

To review correspondence received and sent please click on links below:


Easements Webinar

On the 11 September 2018, Roy Somerville, our SSSI Qld Chair, presented live a webinar on Easements to 20 attendees.

The important thing about easements is to be aware of them and know the terms of any which affect properties which you or your clients are dealing with. In Roy's presentation he explored some of the common forms of easement and the role and responsibilities of the land surveyor.

This webinar is now available to view as a Recording and is showcasesd on SSSI's ECPD -

GNSS Workshop

On Friday 21 September SSSI Qld held a Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) Workshop in Cairns.  This event had over 30 attendees and was proudly sponsored by CR Kennedy & Mangoes Mapping.

This event was aimed for all users of GNSS and provided a good basis for students, associates and graduates to consolidate and refresh their understanding of the more experienced users of GNSS.

The workshop covered a number of topics:

  • different GNSS applications and accuracies

  • establishing datums, AUSPOS and the upcoming coordinate Datum shift to 2020

  • errors, distribution of, and their impact on client needs

  • GNSS, explaining the geoid, ellipsoid, ground distances, projection distances, including using GNSS for AHD

  • GDA94 - GDA2020, when to use it, connections to datum on SPs, etc.

  • use of GNSS in large scale cadastral projects with special reference to the management of scale factors

  • the impact of technology on basic survey principles.

We would like to thank our speakers which included:

- Matt Higgins, Manager Geodesy and Positioning, Department of Natural Resources, Mines and Energy (DNRME)

- Dr Glenn Campbell, Surveying and Spatial Science Discipline Leader, University of Southern Queensland (USQ)

- Graham Jensen, Principal Surveyor Far North District, Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR)

- Greg Friske, Principal Surveyor South Coast Region, Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR) 


Member Highlights

SSSI Qld would like to welcome our new members for this Financial Year:


  1. Mr Ian McKellar - HC, EMSC – Member

  2. Ms Jessica Annan – SICC, LSC – Student

  3. Mr Ben Cook, LSC, EMSC – Student

  4. Mr Ben Bryant, LSC, EMSC, HC – Student

  5. Mr Ian Crawford, LSC, EMSC – Student

  6. Mr Luke Cimpa, LSC, EMSC – Student

  7. Mr Michael Venaglia, LSC, EMSC - Student

  8. Mr Raymond Hannah, EMSC – Student

  9. Mr Daniel Voysey, LSC, EMSC – Student

  10. Mr Joshua Egan, LSC – Student

  11. Mr Mitchell Kerr, HC – Member


  1. Mr Fraser Webb, LSC, EMSC – Student

  2. Mr David Brown, EMSC – Affiliate

  3. Mr Mark Grayson, LSC – Student

  4. Mr Alfonso Coronel, SICC, RSPC – Student

  5. Ms Pallawi Sapkota, LSC, RSPC – Student


  1. Miss Brianna Heeley, SICC, RSPC - Student

  2. Mr Paul Vujcich, LSC, EMSC – Student

  3. Mr Luke Johnson, LSC, RSPC – Student

  4. Mr Thomas du Toit, LSC – Student

  5. Mr Stephen McTegg, LSC - Student

We have many new members who are still being processed and will announce them in the coming months.


Events Coming Up 



To view recordings of our past webinars click here.


SIBA|GITA QLD Knowledge Conversation: Showcasing: Ground Truth- Winner of the People
Tuesday 9 October | Brisbane
Information and registration

Central Group Conference

Thursday 18 – Friday 19 October | Rockhampton Leagues Club
Information and registration

CR Kennedy | Leica Geosystems Australia Roadshow - Brisbane
Wednesday 24 October | St Lucia
Information and registration


Mother Nature Needs Her Daughters
Tuesday 6 November 7:30 to 9pm | Bardon | Register

Northern Group Conference

Thursday 8 – Friday 9 November | Rydges Townsville
Information and registration

Young Professional Mentorinig Program Graduation Evening
Thursday 29 November - details coming soon

Fellows Dinner
Friday 30 November - details coming soon





SSSI Qld Representatives

Roy Somerville                      
Queensland Regional Chair

Angus Scown                    
Queensland SICC Chair

Mandy Compton                  
Queensland LSC Chair

Stephen Jess                  
Qld Northern Group Chair

Tom McDonald                  
Qld Central Group Chair

Dale Atkinson                
Qld Young Professionals Chair

Kelly Rischmiller   
Queensland Regional Operations Manager    

Katie Le Miere
Queensland Administration & Events Officer


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