SSSI SICC News - December 2017

November 30, 2017

Cheers from your new editorial team

We are SICC.... No, we aren’t full of street slang, rather we are the members that make up the National Spatial Information & Cartography Commission.  Over the coming issues we will showcase bio’s for the individuals that make up the committee to help you better understand who we are and what we are hoping to achieve as a group in 2018.

The SICC committee is composed of representatives from all 8 regions in Australia, and relies on ongoing input from our members to provide the best possible services where they are needed.  Whilst the commission's vision and strategy is planned at the institute level, most events occur locally and member input is always welcome.

The Spatial Information and Cartography Commission welcomes any feedback, queries or suggestions, whether to do with applying for certification, upcoming events or the promotion and encouragement of the spatial industry.

Message from the National Chair - Kerry Smyth GISP-AP                           

The new national committee of the SI&C Commission had its inaurgral meeting on 19 October to elected national office bearers.  SSSI President Gabriel Van Wyk officiated over the ballot and declared the successful candidates to be Kerry Smyth Chair, and Zaffar Mohamed Ghouse Vice Chair.  We are looking forward to the challenges ahead and acknowledge the significant effort and leadership by outgoing Chair Hanno Khlan.

I am pleased to announce our SICC Representatives for 2017-19.

Elected representatives are:

  1. Hanno Klahn (NSW)

  2. Kerry Smyth (WA)

  3. Adam Sokac (Qld)

  4. Mary Lewitzka (SA)

  5. Georgina Cassar (SA)

  6. Shaik Mohamed Zaffar Sadiq Mohamed-Ghouse (NSW)

  7. Andrew Bashfield (Vic)

Coopted members are:

  1. Robert Driessen (Tas)

  2. Nikolas Kostraby (WA)

  3. Angus Scown (Qld)

Vacancies available are:

  1. 1 x (Tas)

  2. 1 x (Vic)

  3. 2 x (NT)

  4. 2 x (ACT)

The Spatial Information & Cartography Commission is keen to be effective for our members and will run portfolios to focus team effort, including Communication, Certification, Education and Outreach.  This will allow SICC to directly influence the new advisory and standing committees that SSSI has formed.  If you are interested in shaping future direction, we have heaps of opportunity, make a start now.  The new year promises to rejuvenate our networks, so enjoy the holiday season ready for lift-off in 2018.  Merry Christmas and happy new year to you and your family.

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SSSI President Gaby van Wyk recently travelled to USA as the URISA exchange delegate.  He has much to report including changes in GISP-AP certification, there will be a review of the MoU regarding international certification in the coming months.  Keep your eyes and ears peeled.  Hanno Klahn will be leading the Certification portfolio.


The SSSI Education & Career Development Committee is considering a “National Geospatial School Student Competition” to commence in Queensland and be rolled out in other regions.  The future direction of Destination Spatial is also being discussed.  The SICC sees these as vital activities for influence.  Andrew Bashfield will be leading the Education portfolio.


SICC has a keen focus on reformulating our masterclass framework to create unique offerings in a range of formats.  We are open to ideas on content targeting identified skills and knowledge gaps.  SICC is aiming to run masterclass workshops at Locate 18.  Anyone willing to lead webinar and video production for online training would be greatly appreciated.  This is an area where members services can be greatly improved.


ANU gifted rare map collection by Dr Clive Kessler
ANU College of Asia & the Pacific has been gifted six rare Southeast Asian maps by Dr Clive Kessler, emeritus professor of sociology and anthropology at the University of NSW.  The maps are on display in Coombs Extension building and include a rare 17th century map of Southeast Asia by the Venetian cartographer, Vincenzo Coronelli.

Defence Geospatial Intelligence (DGI) 2018 January 22-24 London
DGI Europe claims to be the best attended and biggest GEOINT event in Europe that welcomes over 600 senior geospatial and imagery experts from NATO nations, partner nations and industry.  It is said that Australian Geospatial-Intelligence Organisation and New Zealand Defence Forces have been attending DGI in London in past few years.

SSSI has been approached regarding this upcoming event to ascertain if their focus is of interest to our members.  The theme Building Partnerships that Shape the Future of Geospatial Intelligence has these priorities:

  1. to affordably and reliably identify where the threats can come from next through the use of a variety of unclassified sources of data to make better decisions faster 

  2. to affordably and quickly automate analysis of geospatial data without taking a human out of the loop

  3. to work closely together as a group of like-minded nations in order to pull our resources to identify regional threats faster

Full details of agenda and speakers available at

If you have any comment about SSSI involvement please contact

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