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April 8, 2021
Geospatial Information System Professional (Asia Pacific) (GISP-AP) -  What does the future look like?

The Spatial Information and Cartographic  Commission  (SICC) has been looking at the current state of GISP-AP and the benefits such an accreditation provides to the spatial community.   

There has been a lot of work done with the Urban and Regional Information Systems Association (URISA) over the past few years to leverage of the work they have done with GISP accreditation. 

URISA strategic goals are to protect, promote and grow the spatial profession throughout all stages of a geospatial professional career.  SICC has a close working relationship with the organisation and are working with them to leverage from their systems and processes.

Our current team of accreditors are doing an outstanding job at processing our current GISP-AP applications.  I would like to acknowledge the work of Brendan and other panel members.  We are always looking for new panel members and would appreciate any GISP-AP professionals that could assist.

GISP-AP Certification

Geospatial Information expertise is acknowledged under the internationally-recognised Geographic Information Systems Professional (Asia Pacific) (GISP-AP) Certification. Endorsement under this Certification informs the general public and other professionals that your skills and expertise in spatial information and cartography are recognised at SSSI's highest level. 

The GISP-AP Certification process requires a professional to initially demonstrate that an advanced level of expertise has been achieved, including: 

  • successful completion of particular formal tertiary education in a particular spatial science discipline
  • achievement of further relevant professional experience
  • contributions to the profession. 

Additionally a GISP-AP is a certified Geographic Information Systems Professional who has been assessed as meeting the minimum standards for ethical conduct and professional practice, as defined by the program.

SSSI Members and non-members are eligible to apply for GISP-AP Certification.

Certificate holders are required to re-certify every five years in order to maintain certification.


There has been a lot of good work being done by the SICC to review and progress a national framework and policy to provide a pathway to be recognised as a spatial professional.

A working group has been established to look at the certification in its current form and make recommendations on what the model may look like moving forward.   It is envisaged that the group will collaborate closely with the wider spatial community to develop and promote the GISP-AP as the centre of excellence for GIS Professionals and recognised widely within the business community.

The working group will meet on a bi monthly basis and report back to the SICC on its progress.

 Is it worth getting certified?

As spatial professionals, certification provides opportunities to promote your skills to a potential or current employer through the recognition of your professional experience assessed by a national body.

A GISP-AP at the end of your signature block may be the competitive advantage you need when applying for a job or a promotion or the catalyst to start up a conversation with other like-minded professionals.

Could I have rephrased the question to “why haven’t you invested in getting a GISP-AP certification already?”


There are a number of challenges the commission and working group face in our endeavour to promote and improve GISP-AP these include:

There is a lack of recognition by government and private sectors of the importance of  GISP-AP, how do we change that mind set?

GIS professionals can be found in many organisations and often don’t see themselves as GIS people, instead they label themselves as a specialist in their chosen field and as such don’t see the value of the certification.

The current GISP-AP accreditation process takes time as we have only a limited number of assessors on the panel.

Closing Statement

What does the future of GISP-AP look like?  The answer is not  straight forward and will possibly generate more questions than answers.

What I can assure you all of is that there is a passionate team of spatial professionals that are working hard to provide a bright future in this space and look forward to sharing some outcomes with you towards the end of 2021.

Robert Campbell
Chair, Spatial Information and Cartography Commission


We are pleased to welcome the following new and renewed members who joined SSSI from February 2021 - March 2021.  

  • Krystal Dacey, ACT
  • Amanda Peredi, NSW
  • Badal Pokharel, NSW
  • Jack Hanigan, NSW
  • Priyantha Pallegama, NSW
  • Simon Hill, NSW
  • Shreya Paturi, OS
  • Subodh Dhakal, OS
  • Janine Josey, QLD
  • Jill Singleton, QLD
  • Jonathan Tozer, QLD
  • Alexei Tiong, SA
  • Brendan Newell, SA
  • Benjamin Rushton, TAS
  • Cheng Hong, TAS
  • Jason Bedelph, TAS
  • Krishna Lamsal, TAS
  • Phil Wild, TAS
  • Stuart Carey, TAS
  • Robert Andronaco, VIC
  • Simon Laird, VIC
  • Brigitte Kovar, WA
  • Robert Andriambololonaharisoamalala    WA


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Robert Campbell
Spatial Information & Cartography Commission

Su Ling Meimaris
Commissions & Special Interest Groups Manager

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