SICC News - May 2022

May 29, 2022

welcome to new members

A special welcome to the SIC members who have recently joined SSSI.

  • Eric Sharpham, NSW
  • Vaughn Golding, QLD
  • Hassan Akram, QLD
  • Teenon Liamsuwan, QLD
  • Robert Keane, SA
  • Jasper Wong, SA
  • Gauravsingh Cheekhooree, SA
  • Myles Burt, SA
  • Sophie Haswell, SA
  • Freya Barr, SA
  • Adetutu Awolola, SA
  • Shaun Thurstans, TAS
  • Samantha Blades, VIC
  • Robert Fitzgerald, VIC
  • Mohamed Zahlan Abdul Muthalif, VIC
  • Georgia Hillgrove, VIC
  • Mohammad Javad Shahidinejad, VIC
  • Chihiro Matsumoto, VIC
  • Jacqueline Mallinson, VIC
  • Muppidi Sahaja, NSW
  • John Craig, OS
  • Clair Davey, QLD
  • Michael Young, SA
  • Jacques Demange, TAS
  • Mohammad Kazemi Beydokhti, VIC
  • Ashane Gunasinghe, VIC
  • Ryan Turner, VIC
  • Jesus Escalante, WA
  • Carla Fortuna, WA
  • Emily Allen, WA
  • Aloysius Grealy, QLD
  • Adriano Diluzio, SA
  • Wai Kit Lau, WA


siCC working groups

The SICC would like to extend an invitation to all SSSI members to participate in one of the Working Groups. 

  • WG 1.0 Professional Certification: To progress a national framework and policy to provide a pathway for professional recognition. Chair: Robert Campbell 
  • WG 2.0 Education, Training and Competency Best Practice: To progress national and regional understanding and policy of Education, Training and Competency Best Practice including Mutual Recognition of Registration, Certification and CPD. Chair: Angus Scown
  • WG 3.0 Professional Recognition:  To progress national and regional recognition of spatial professionals in their respective fields. Chair: Nicholas Flett

If you would like more information about the working groups or would like to participate on one (or more) of them, contact Su Ling Meimaris


Click on each initative and find out how to apply!