South East Asian Surveying Congress (SEASC 2019 Darwin)   

April 25, 2018


The South East Asia Survey Congress (SEASC 2019) will be held in Darwin from
15-18 August 2019 at the Darwin Convention Centre. The theme of the conference is: 

Collaboration, Communication and Capacity Building in the 21st Century

It is anticipated that over 350 surveyors across the Asia Pacific region will attend this international congress, including surveyors from across SE Asia, The Pacific, Australia and New Zealand. The conference will focus on how the surveying industry remains relevant to the needs of society through working collaboratively to meet the future technical, social and environmental challenges in digitally connected surroundings.

This is the first time since Fremantle in 1999, that Australia has hosted a joint international congress with the ASEAN Flag Surveying nations. SEASC 2019 DARWIN is a fantastic opportunity for all Surveyors in the Asia Pacific region to demonstrate leadership in their field and share knowledge in one the fastest growing regions of the world.

The Congress is open to all professionals across various disciplines and will strive to have the Territorian spirit of unity and active participation in a friendly and casual atmosphere. The expected registration cost for the 3-4 day Congress will be less than $1000 AU. A major trade exhibit is planned for the event, which will attract the latest in surveying technology from the region and the world.

Surveying and Spatial Sciences Institute (SSSI) is now looking to members of all surveying industry and professional associations from across the region to join with them to organise an outstanding trade exhibit, technical and social program for delegates and visitors for this unique opportunity for surveyors in our region.

If your organisation would like to be a part of this opportunity, please contact Robert Sarib of the SSSI Land Surveying Commission via email.

SSSI has appointed Agentur Pty Ltd ,Professional Conferences & Events as the official PCO for SEASC2019. 


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