SSSI EMSC News - April 2020

March 31, 2020

The Engineering Mining and Surveying Commission is currently undertaking a project to increase the uptake of ESP-AP certification within the profession. There are a number of phases within this project: 

Phase 1 – Review of ESP-AP certification application form and process
In this initial phase, the EMSC Committee will review the existing ESP-AP application form and process. The EMSC is concerned that the existing application form may be perceived as cumbersome and may preclude people from undertaking the application process. 

Phase 2a – Championing the increased uptake of ESP-AP to industry
This will be a marketing push to champion the uptake of ESP-AP certification within industry. There is a clear need to articulate the value to industry of achieving ESP-AP certification.

Phase 2b – Championing the introduction of ESP-AP certified professionals within Government specifications
A case must be presented to State and Federal Government - why it is in their best interests to include hiring ESP-AP certified professionals within Government specifications and to identify the right people within Government to advocate to and facilitate change to specifications. 

The EMSC is pleased to announce Phase 1 of the project has been completed and in coming weeks, the updated ESP-AP procedures manual and application form will be uploaded to the SSSI website. Also, stay tuned for details on our upcoming How to become ESP-AP certified Webinar. 

Our next step is to encourage engineering and mining surveyors to complete the application and get certified! If you are interested in gaining ESP-AP certification and would like further information on how to do this, please contact Johanna Gastevich via email for further information.  

Andrew Edwards
Engineering and Mining Surveying Commission


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