SSSI EMSC News - December 2019

November 30, 2019

A key component of the SSSI Strategic Roadmap is Certification. Certification essentially recognises that a person has demonstrated that he or she has the necessary knowledge and experience to competently work in their area of expertise. Over the next 12 months SSSI will be increasing awareness and value of certification and its necessity to ensure we have a qualified and capable profession. 

The Engineering & Mining Surveying Commission (EMSC) is leading the way by undertaking a full review of the Engineering Surveying Profession (Australasia Pacific) (ESP-AP) Certification. ESP-AP is the specialist certification in Engineering Surveying that is recognised by SSSI. Over the past 12 months, only 10 new ESP-AP certifications were achieved by members. The numbers achieving ESP-AP certification have steadily declined over the years.

It is time to reverse this decline. The EMSC is proposing to do this by undertaking a two-stage process: 

Phase 1 – Review of ESP-AP certification application form and process
In this initial phase, the EMSC Committee will review the existing ESP-AP application form and process. The EMSC is concerned that the existing application form may be perceived as cumbersome and may preclude people from undertaking the application process. The Commission Committee will consult with ESP-AP Panel members and those who have recently completed the certification process to identify areas that need clarification or be simplified.

Phase 2a – Championing the increased uptake of ESP-AP to industry
This will be a marketing push to champion the uptake of ESP-AP certification within industry. There is a clear need to articulate the value to industry of achieving ESP-AP certification.

Phase 2b – Championing the introduction of ESP-AP certified professionals within Government specifications
A case must be presented to State and Federal Government - why it is in their best interests to include hiring ESP-AP certified professionals within Government specifications and to identify the right people within Government to advocate to and facilitate change to specifications. 

The EMSC welcomes feedback from anyone who has either completed or commenced the ESP-AP certification process or would like to be part of this project.

Andrew Edwards
Engineering and Mining Surveying Commission


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