SSSI EMSC News - May 2020

April 30, 2020

SSSI & AIMS Webinar: Traversing underground, error propagation and surveying strategies

Join us for this upcoming SSSI EMSC Webinar! 

Date:  Wednesday, 20th May, 2020
Time:  2:00pm - 3:00pm AEST
CPD:  See text below for CPD point allocations
Cost:  $30 SSSI/AIMS Members | $45 non members


Traversing underground using wall stations is a relatively simple procedure in mine surveying. However, because of short sight lines and restrictive geometry of such surveys, procedures and considerations must be considered in order to minimise the potential to introduce and propagate large errors into the survey results. These considerations can be quite numerous, including where to position the setup, how to perform the resection, the number of resection stations and forward stations to employ, how many shots to be taken at each setup, whether a force centring traverse should be performed (where possible), and what should be included in the adjustment or check of the final coordinates. These factors can have a much larger impact underground compared to similar above ground surveys, and while there are a lot of experience and practices in place, there is no common standard or source for what is ‘best practice’ in industry.

This webinar, our speaker Dr Andrew Jarosz will focus on exploring some of the experiences and knowledge available, and collaborating with our own experiences with such surveying practices. It will cover some of the different configurations and procedures used, and investigate their effects on the propagation of errors through the survey and how they might be mitigated. This will include theoretical and simulated data sets, as well as practical surveys and experiences where available. The goal is to conclude with a discussion on personal experiences, and what procedures or testing you would like to see in order to draw conclusions on what is ‘best practice’ in the field.

CPD Point Allocation

The Western Australian LSLB will allocate 1 Cadastral Education point for attending this webinar.

AIMS CPD Panel have assessed this webinar for NSW registered surveyors under the NSW BOSSI CPD Determination:
AIMS CPD Event Code: AIMS-20-52 
AIMS CPD Point Allocation (for NSW BOSSI CPD points): 1 Mine Surveying point 

About our speaker

Dr Andrew Jarosz
Dr Andrew Jarosz was a Senior Lecturer then Associate Professor, Western Australian School of Mines (Curtin University), Kalgoorlie, Western Australia (1996-2013) and former President of the International Society for Mine Surveying (2013-2016). His research interests are in mine surveying with special emphasis on unconventional surveying technologies; utilisation of GIS in mining; development of an inspection system for shafts and ore passes (VOIS); utilisation of InSAR technology for monitoring of ground movements, subsidence engineering.

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