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November 2018

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  1. What's New in Events - NSW Annual Conference 2018
  2. Member Spotlight - 5 Minutes with.......... Charity Mundava
  3. Latest Industry Update from Jacobs
  4. News - Keeping track of your CPD & State Champion Needed

WHAT's new in eventS?

NSW Regional Conference will be held in Wollongong from November 14th to 16th which includes the Fire Mapping workshop, Aerometrex Does World GIS Day at the Welcome Reception, APSEAs Dinner celebrating the works and acheivements of the amazing people who make up our industry and a minimum 10 CPD-packed 1.5 days!

Earlybird registrations close November 8th though don't wait that long - register now! 

Like to find out more details including programme and how to stay at the stunning Novotel Wollongong Northbeach? Click Here!

A special thanks to our sponsors without whom Conference would not be possible:

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MEMBER SPOTLIGHT - 5 Min. with Charity Mundava

Please give us an idea of your professional background.

I am an early-career professional currently working in the water resources industry as a spatial scientist ensuring catchment health and water quality. My main interests are in spatial and natural sciences. I hold postgraduate degrees from Wageningen University (The Netherlands) and Curtin University (Perth).

Tell us what is the STEM programme that you're involved in?

The STEM program that I am involved is an initiative from Science & Technology Australia (STA) and aims to establish an enduring impact by connecting STEM professionals with Federal decision makers. STA advocates for evidence-based, science-informed policy creation - and the STEM Ambassador Program will help achieve this.

What is the best thing you’ve experienced since becoming an inaugural STEM ambassador?

The most exciting aspect has been learning about policy and getting a grasp on effective science communication. Another highlight so far is meeting Ms Julie Owens the Federal Member for Parramatta (pictured below) and developing a working relationship. This gives me a practical chance to see science engagement between scientists and policymakers.

Figure 1: Charity with the Federal Member for Parramatta electorate Ms Julie Owens

What are you most looking forward to being a part of in the next six months?

Bridging the gap between relationships of scientists and policy makers is challenging, complex and requires tact and skill. It has always seemed as if science pushes its own agenda and policy makers on the hand other push their own, as a result both sides are wary of each other. I believe in collaborative engagement, therefore, I look forward to increase policy makers-science collaboration in a way that has direct positive impact in communities, industry and within government.

Okay, as a local give us your tips for the best coffee and dining out in your area.

The best coffee in Parramatta is at the Darcy St Project which is a social enterprise that brings the community together via good coffee(Link) and for dining out Temasek (Malaysian cuisine), the Holy Basil Thai right on the Parramatta river and Parramatta’s yummiest playground at Alex and Co.

Finally, with SSSI being a national organisation, what is your favourite holiday destination?

Nothing beats The Kimberley in the heart of outback North Western Australia with its spectacular gorges, vast wilderness not forgetting the ancient cave systems and miles of coastline. It is about three times the size of England or just slightly smaller than California according to WikiJ. Do not miss out a drive on The Gibb River Road!

If you would like to add any final words/comments please feel at liberty to do so.

As a parting shot, we all have a part to play in evidence-based policy making, together we can champion the cause in bridging the gap between scientific research outcomes and their application in a real-world context.

Note that Charity will be a speaker at NSW Conference 2018!

Latest industry update

What do Survey Laser Scanning and the Sydney Harbour Bridge have in Common?
Jacobs have recently worked with NSW Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) to complete High Precision TLS Survey & 3D CADD Modelling of the Sydney Harbour Bridge.
Completed in 1932, the Sydney Harbour Bridge dominates the Sydney city landscape. It is one of Australia’s iconic heritage landmarks and is admired by locals and visitors alike. RMS is currently responsible for maintaining the bridge and protecting the steel structure from corrosion. Jacobs Spatial team was brought in to help RMS improve current maintenance practices.
“The team provided laser scanning and precision modelling services to support the design and installation of rails along the eastern and western sides of the bridge arch for two independent Arch Maintenance Units to travel along,” said Jacobs Global Geospatial Technology Leader, Mary-Ellen Feeney. “The maintenance units will increase efficiency and provide significant safety benefits to RMS when undertaking painting and other routine maintenance activities on the bridge.”
Due to the unique location, continual movement of the bridge, safety considerations and the high degree of relative accuracy required, the project involved developing and testing a unique survey methodology, using bespoke equipment and multiple laser scanners operating concurrently.
The team used Terrestrial Laser Scanning (TLS) technology, a ground-based light radar technique, to create a high-precision, three-dimensional Computer-Aided Design and Drafting (CADD) model of the bridge structure. Over 10 nights, the scanners precisely located more than 41,000 rivets, brackets, hatches, portals, stairs, hand rails and services, to create a detailed digital model. The data captured was then processed, modelled to meet RMS specifications and used in the design and installation of the two rails.
Come and hear more about this fascinating project, some of the challenges of working on the upper arch of the Harbour Bridge, at night and hear some of the project anecdotes as Richard Lemon presents the project at the NSW SSSI Conference in Wollongong on 15th November!
Thanks to Mary-Ellen Feeney from Jacobs!


Members are reminded to keep your CPD record up-to-date and ensure that you have signed-in or activated the registration at all events you attend or participate in across the industry.  This is especially vital for those intending to claim CPD for BOSSI as clear and unequivocal evidence of attendance is compulsory.

For those requiring assistance with BOSSI audits or in need of a CPD check please connect via: . 

Are you the next State Champion?

Surveying & Spatial Science Institute and Destination Spatial Queensland have launched a National Geospatial Information Competition for students from grade 7 to 10. 

NSW is looking for someone to champion this annual competition which emphasises the importance of geospatial science in an increasingly complex and exciting world.

Teachers and students will be supplied with supporting materials to ensure effective engagement with their classroom subjects.

You can view the competition website via:

If you are interested please email: with Geospatial Champion EOI as the subject line.



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