SSSI NSW News - June 2021

June 14, 2021



Hi All,

Happy Winter! As the crisp mornings, frost and evening chills set in I am happy to report we have had a series of successful face-to-face events and will be planning several more in the latter half of the year. Added to this we are running a webinar series on the APSEA NSW 2020 project winners as well as a Technical webinar series – FME data automation, MapBox, Leaflet, QGIS and more. We are preparing for our mid-October Annual Seminar so watch out for the EOIs for Abstracts and the details of the event to be announced shortly.

Mary-Ellen Feeney


llawarra - SSSI NSW Twilight Talks 

The Illawarra Twilight Talk was held on the evening of the 29th April. A F2F event with a full house at the Illawarra Brewery. Presenters from industry, State & Federal Government discussed topics varying from the impacts of technology on our industry to emergency response and offshore data capture. There was engaging open discussion and conversation as we relished the chance to spend time with our peers and catch up. Thanks to our sponsor MapData Services and our speakers Ian Jackson (Australian Hydrographic Office), Melissa Daley (NSW State Emergency Service), Amy Kennedy (MapData Services) and Brett Madsen (Industry Locationologist).

Newcastle - NSW Spatial Digital Twin and 3D digital data

On Monday 3 May SSSI participated in the Hunter Innovation Festival in Newcastle at the University of Newcastle NUspace. The event was a face-to-face seminar and networking opportunity, attendance was free thanks to our sponsorship from Aerometrex and the contribution of our great speakers – Wayne Paterson (DCS Spatial Services), Shane Conserdyne (City of Newcastle), Richard Lemon (Jacobs), Julia Spark (Aerometrex), Ian Harper (Geodata). The event showcased innovation and digital transformation in our communities and drew from the NSW Spatial Digital Twin, the City of Newcastle 3D Information Model and the applications of survey, spatial and remote sensing technologies in the urban and regional environments from engineering and design, through asset management, coastal cliff monitoring and virtual tourism.