SSSI NSW & ACT News – May 2020

April 30, 2020

Regional UPDATE

Your regional committee continues to be hard at work during these current times and thanks all members for your support of webinars and keeping in contact with your ideas. If there is any further way that we can be of assistance to you or would like to get involved please get in touch.

There are many events currently programmed, where you can register here, as well as in the pipeline and note that you can access eCPD 'on demand' by clicking here

It’s time to celebrate at home or in the office with SSSI & SIBA|GITA as we host the annual Asia-Pacific Spatial Excellence Awards (APSEA) ceremony, announcing the oceanic winners from our 2019 season of regional awards. Join online on Thursday 28 May 2020 at 4.30pm AEST (Sydney time).   Good luck to all our 2019 regional winners!

Free to attend. Register online at:


HEI Joint Webinar - Environmental Applications of Spatial Technologies

It was fantastic to partner with the Hunter Environmental Institute to deliver this webinar with thanks to HEI's Chair Roshni Sharma for driving this new initiative!

Each of our preeminent speakers, Amy Steiger from Cardno, Charity Mundava from WaterNSW and Associate Professor In-Young Yeo from the University of Newcastle) addressed us on their topic of expertise around the theme.

If you missed the live webinar it is available via eCPD click here

Upcoming Events

Audits, Amendments & Boundary Disputes Webinar

Wednesday 3 June | 4.30pm | Registration here

SSSI is pleased to present this webinar with David Job member of BOSSI, as the nominee of the Public Service and the Chief Examiner for the BOSSI candidate exams.

This webinar, not to be missed, as it will be shown live only, will cover the Audit and Amendment processes with examples as well as a recent case study of a Boundary Determination.

Join us for this cadstral twilight webinar.

More information and register here

BOSSI Update Webinar

Friday 5 June | 4.30pm | Registration here

CPD and Ethics

Join us for updates from the Board of Surveying and Spatial Information as Chris Moy provides an overview of the changing landscape of CPD requirements and Dr Lloyd Pilgrim delivers a new BOSSI presentation on Ethics and how it is applicable to all of us throughout our applicant, registration process, studies and into our professional careers.

More information and register here

Secrets of the Plan Webinar

Wednesday 10 June | 4.30pm | Registration here

Portion and Parish Plans

For surveyors performing rural surveys in NSW, Portion and Parish plans are a valuable piece of the puzzle that contribute to a Surveyors understanding of the jigsaw of evidence they must us to redefine old boundaries.  Learn the secrets of the plan during this webinar, secrets that include the meaning behind the coloured annotation’s found on portion plans and various notations and wordings. 

Presenter Jason Steger will share his knowledge on various aspects of plan presentation, history and meaning behind information portrayed including use of symbols and abbreviations to convey the intention of the registered surveyor during boundary definition and title diagram creation. The webinar will include a presentation and a facilitated interactive element enabling surveyors to contribute their experience.  The webinar should be of particular interest to BOSSI candidates.

This event is currently being assessed for BOSSI CPD points - the assessment will be advised as soon as possible on the SSSI website.

More information and register here

Looking for more webinars and CPD opportunities?: click here for new live webinars.


Congratulations to Amy Stieger, who recently received the Australian Association of Unmanned Systems NextGen Acheivement Award  

This Award reconigses young individuals (under 35 yo) that demonstrate elite capablity and leadership in their field within the unmanned systems sector.

Amy has a great love for all things drone and attended the World Drones Conference in Australia last year.  Here is what she had to say about the experience which clearly shows how worthy she is to receive the NextGen Award!

Amy, you attended the World of Drones Congress, in Brisbane, was it all flying drones?

Not at all, there was a wide range of technology include robotics, underwater remotely operated vehicles, unmanned air traffic management, drone deliveries, drones that can fly for days beyond visual line of sight, and even discussion on drones in space! It was really eye opening to the industry being so much more than just a drone as you might think of them.

What would you say was the highlight of the event?

It was so great to be able to network with people across the industry, including some awesome international women in STEM like Carys Kaiser, Gemma Alcock (Skybound Rescuer), Sarah Moran (Girl Geek Academy) and Catherine Ball who organised the conference.

In your view do you need to technically understand all things drone to apply them in a geospatial context?

Coming from a surveying, remote sensing or spatial background certainly helps to understand the technical aspects required on how to capture the right information so that you can get a good product at the end. To some extent that’s probably more important than knowing about the drone technology. I’m always learning new things about the aviation world and currently working on my night flying capability.

How can drones and drone technology be better utilised in surveying and spatial science?

Drones have moved into being mainstream, we should be using them on so many more of our projects.  It’s interesting to see how our Cardno surveyors in Victoria are using them differently to our surveyors in New Zealand and again differently to our NSW surveyors. There are so many applications to explore. The challenge is always what to do with such large datasets that are captured. It’s certainly a case of ‘big data’. I flew a 17 minute thermal flight the other night and captured 21 GB of data and a LiDAR sensor can pick up 1.4 million survey points per second.

Finally, do you have a favourite drone, or drone technology tip to share?

I started flying fixed wing drones but have moved onto multi-rotors and they’re my preferred drone of choice, but I saw some great fixed wing VTOLs (vertical take off and landing) at the conference and that could well be my new favourite if I got a chance to fly one.

The thing I’m learning with photogrammetry is: the more photos the better. If you think you’ve got enough photos, take a few more J

Speaking of photos here's one of Amy, at left, with colleagues Liz Fulton and Austen Pepper, in the Cardno office with their haul of APSEAs from NSW ACT Conference 2019!

If you would like to see the presentation ceremony for the APSEAs from all the 2019 winners regster here .

Like to know more about drones?

eCPD webinar with Amy click here
eCPD webinar featuring The Drone Lawyer click here


SSSI Mentoring Program 2020 

2020 SSSI YP Mentoring Program applications close on Monday 18 May.

SSSI is continuing its industry-leading Mentoring Program in 2020 - entirely online! With many disruptions to the ways in which we all live and work, sharing our knowledge and experiences about our profession across generations is more important now than ever. The program will run from June to November, with where mentors and mentees meet to discuss given topics on a fortnightly basis, exploring a range of facets from career goal setting, leadership and emotional intelligence, networking, and more. Mentors and mentees can be expected to make approximately an eight-hour time commitment over the length of the program for meetings and preparation for meetings.

The program runs in two streams (a) undergraduate, for current students or recent graduates and (b) graduates, for young professionals who are in the workforce and are looking to step up their careers.

The feedback from previous participants has been so positive - we strongly encourage you to consider participating in this fantastic program.

  • Mentee - click here to apply
  • Mentor - click here to apply


Hydrography commission INPUT SOUGHT

Each year on June 21st hydrographers from around the world celebrate ‘World Hydrography Day’. Established by the International Hydrographic Organization (IHO) it is a day to celebrate and publicise the importance of hydrography and to share the work of hydrographers in the community.

Unfortunately due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) we are unable to celebrate this event in person, and instead the Hydrography Commission are looking at hosting a virtual conference around this year's theme “Hydrography – enabling autonomous technologies". . If anyone has any suggestions for content, or would like to coordinate a webinar, please contact Jennifer Brindle (


If you have queries regarding your re-registration for professional purposes or concerns regarding your CPD, including on a Commission basis or if you have any feedback for SSSI, have a query or need help, please connect via: 

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