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November 30, 2019



Celebrate World GIS Day - Breakfast with Don Murray

This was a highly informative event, in partnership with 1Spatial, who expanded their support from Conference 2019 to join with SSSI in celebrating World GIS Day!  Thanks to all members and supporters who had this special opportunity to hear from the Co-Founder of Safe Software and creater of FME SmartData as well as SSSI's Mary-Ellen Feeney who doubled-up with her SIBA presentation as well.  If you have a s suggestion for a partnership event please email as the Regional Management Committee are currenly working through dates for a full calendar in the new ahead! 

The intimate group fully fed - and totally informed - ready to work through the concepts on World GIS Day!
Mentoring Graduation Wrap 2019
Congratulations to all NSW ACT mentoring graduates class of 2019 and thank you very much to all the mentees for your time, input and contribution to the program. Thank you to our National Program sponsor C.R. Kennedy who were more than ably represented on the night by Nicole Seymour who presented the certificates and thanks to Michael Chang & the team at Macquarie University for providing the venue to host this celebratory annual occasion.
Expressions of Interest for the 2020 SSSI Young Professional Mentoring Program are currently sought so take the opportunity to be involved now!

Member MOMENTS - 5 Minutes with

Robert Campbell - One of our new RMC members & Vice Chair SICC

1.  Please give us an idea of your professional background:

I joined the Royal Australian Hydrographic Branch in May 1988 as a young Survey Recorder and went on to a career in Spatial Sciences spanning over 30 years including Hydrographic survey, geospatial information management, training and asset management.

  2.  Tell us what is the most enlightening project that you are or have been involved in?

Providing spatial support for the clearance of WWII mines in the Solomon Islands.

  3.  What is the best thing you’ve experienced since becoming involved in the industry?

I have been lucky enough to explore a great deal of Australia's uncharted waters, none of which could be as amazing as surveying Horseshoe Harbour at Mawson Base, Antarctica.

  4.  What are you most looking forward to being a part of in the next six months?

Promoting our industry and encouraging like minded professionals to get involved in sharing their journey.

  5.  Okay, as a local give us your tips for the best coffee and dining out in your area:

If you are ever in Concord West, Three Spoons on Victoria Ave.  Best café in town, friendly staff and the menu is simple but delicious.

  6.  Finally, with SSSI being a national organisation, what is your favourite holiday destination?

Port Douglas, Far North Queensland.


A thank you and well done to all members for completing your CPD record and entrusting SSSI with the carriage of you ongoing professional development. For those audited by BOSSI the stats are in as follows: total of 1,059 registered surveyors audited comprising 928 land and 131 mining; of these 30 land surveyors were de-registered with 24 having their registration reinstated and 6 mining surveyors were de-registered with 4 having their registration reinstated post satisfying the Board of compliance with the relevant requirements.  BOSSI has confirmed, via SMIC - the Surveying and Mapping Industry Council - of which SSSI is a participant member, that the minimum number of total points per annum will remain at 15 BOSSI CPD points whereby land surveyors require 5 CAD points and mining surveyors 5 mining points. SSSI will continue to work with SMIC, BOSSI and the Office of the Surveyor-General to represent members views and provide input from a member perspective to decision-making processes at these highest levels.


Locate20 - REGISTRATIONS Now Open!

To register and find out all the information on Locate20 in Brisbane from April 28th-30th click here .

Summer Reading

Some recent releases may be of interest

Why North is Up - Map Conventions and Where They Came From | By: Mick Ashworth | Published: 16th August 2019 |  ISBN: 9781851245192

Most early maps, before the wide-spread use of the compass, placed east at the top. This is generally thought to be due to the fact that the sun rises in the east. This book tells the story of how widely accepted mapping conventions originated and evolved—from map orientation, projections, typography, and scale, to the use of colour, symbols, ways of representing relief, and the treatment of boundaries and place names.

It charts the fascinating story of how conventions have changed in response to new technologies and ever-changing mapping requirements, how symbols can be a matter of life or death, why universal acceptance of conventions can be difficult to achieve, and how new mapping conventions are developing to meet the needs of modern cartography. Why North is Up offers an accessible and enlightening guide to the sometimes hidden techniques of map-making through the centuries.

Essential reading for any map lover!

The Tasman Map: The Biography of a Map | By Ian Burnet | Published 1st November 2019 |  ISBN: 9780648446651

The Tasman Map delves into the story of the first Dutch voyages to Australia, set against the background of the struggle of the newly formed Dutch Republic to gain its independence from the Kingdom of Spain and the struggle of the Dutch East India Company for trade supremacy in the East Indies against its Portuguese, Spanish and English rivals.

The Tasman Map shows a recognisable outline of the north, west and south coasts of Australia that was not to change for another 125 years until the British explorer James Cook charted the east coast in 1770

It was in 1925 and 1933 that the Mitchell Library in Sydney, Australia, acquired both the Tasman Huydecoper Journal and the Tasman Bonaparte Map. This is the story of how the library managed to acquire these treasures of Dutch exploration and cartography.

If you are in Sydney pop into the State Library and view the floor version. Click here for more information.

Trim, The Cartographer's Cat -The ship's cat who helped Flinders map Australia | By  Matthew Flinders, Gillian Dooley, Philippa Sandall | Published: 15th October,2019   ISBN: 9781472967220

Not many ships' cats have even one memorial statue, let alone six. But Trim does, including one outside Euston Station in London, proudly unveiled by Prince William on the bicentenary of Matthew Flinders's death – 19 July 2014.

Trim was the ship's cat who accompanied Matthew Flinders on his voyages to circumnavigate and map the coastline of Australia from 1801 to 1803. and together they survived a voyage around the world, the circumnavigation of Australia and a shipwreck.

The first part of the book reproduces Flinders' own whimsical tribute to Trim, written while in captivity in the early 1800s. Next part of the book discusses where Flinders was when he wrote his tribute and why, and what his letters and journals from that time tell us about his 'sporting, affectionate and useful feline companion'. Finally, we learn what Trim's views could have been in a fun and fanciful observation on his premature epitaph.

Note that you can also visit the State Library to view Trim's statue along with Flinders: click here for a map!

Competition best spatial ornament

Join in the fun by sharing your best spatial Christmas ornament pics via Facebook - - mystery prize for the ornament with most comments! Try the following links or surprise us with your very own plus remember to share the source.

Office Christmas-New Year closedown

Please note that the SSSI office will be closed from Monday 21 December to Friday 3 January inclusive.  A very happy, safe Christmas, bright new year and joyous holiday season is extended to all members and supporters.

If you have queries regarding your re-registration for professional purposes or concerns regarding your CPD, including on a Commission basis or if you have any feedback for SSSI, have a query or need help, please connect via:  

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