NSW Region News - November 2021

February 15, 2021

Regional UPDATE

Hi All, welcome to 2021, the Annual NSW SSSI Seminar wrap and the start to a pretty interesting year. Read on below for events organised or being planned.  If you would like to contribute an update to our monthly Geomessage for NSW from your institution or region, please send to chair.nsw@sssi.org.au

2020 SSSI NSW & WA Conference – It’s a Wrap!

SSSI NSW & WA regions held a joint annual regional conference as an Online Seminar on Monday 30 November 2020  as part of a week long conference series on Climate Change and Disaster Management with the annual Geospatial Information for Disaster Management (Gi4DM, ISPRS) and Urban Resilience Asia Pacific 2 (URAP2) Conferences. If you missed the event feel free to register to access the e-CPD recording:

With over 120 registrations (15 from overseas and 14 from states other than NSW & WA) and a program full of keynote speakers, the discussions online and in social media afterwards gave an insight into the research and preparedness being undertaken by government, academia and the private sector for the likes of bushfires, flooding, cyclones, pandemics and hail storms, as well as climate action plans.

We heard from Geoscience Australia, NSW Spatial Services, WA Science & Innovation Hub, University of NSW, University of Tasmania, SSSI Disaster Management & Recovery Special Interest Group, Landgate, NearMap, Aerometrex, Regional Resilience & Integrated Catchment Management for Waikato Region (New Zealand), NSW Public Works Advisory, Geospatial Intelligence Centre, CLIMsystems, FIG Commission 7: Cadastre and Land Management, Surveying company ICD Asia Pacific,  Curtin University & University of NSW students.

The four sessions explored in the event included Government & Digital Innovation, Emergency & Disaster Management, Emergency preparedness & Resilience, as well as Surveying Insights. Special features of the event included the pre-conference networking event (LOCUS), 3 minute lightning talks from student research projects from Curtin University (WA) and the University of NSW (LOCUS), as well Tutorial Tuesday with an FME  data management workshop from Platinum sponsor 1Spatial (soon to be a Locate’21 Online event!).

Brief summaries of the presenters and sessions were provided on LinkedIn, some highlighted below:

  • Dr Liz Dallimore, Chris Pettit and Wayne Patterson showed how design thinking, data planning and digital ecosystem development will enable technical innovation in the modeling and impacts of climate change in the government and research sectors.
  • Jane Sexton shared the fabulous news that Geoscience Australia were launching an Online Scenario Selector Tool for Tropical Cyclones the next day (1 December) and one for earthquakes in 2021
  • Lesley Arnold introduced the SSSI Disaster Management and Recovery Special Interest Group in the emergency management session. Lesley spoke of using our relationships with Government agencies, industry peak bodies and NGOs, to organise our industry professionals as volunteers to help not just response but develop data preparedness for disasters.
  • Rick Liefting presented on Waikato (NZ) regional resilience development including the Coastal Inundation Tool and the soon to be released Online Hazards Portal which will make hazard information easier to use.
    The insurance industry has been able to become very proactive with imagery, artificial intelligence and a client-oriented market environment.
  • Francisco Urbina provided insights and examples very relevant to people's experience of disaster management and recovery.
  • Imagine not just creating 3D Event models to manage crowds, support incidents, emergency access and support planning... but to manage crowd movement! Or in this age of COVID manage social distancing. Shaun Epe gave a fantastic overview of the different areas of preparedness the NSW Government goes to make events safe, model outcomes, as well as the tools activated to manage emergencies and share information. Look forward to a deep dive webinar sometime in 2021!
  • Peter Urich from CLIMsystems contributed an insight into decades of climate modelling and simulation and spoke to quantifying climate risks for infrastructure, assets and activities.
  • M'Shenda Turner gave several examples of NearMap imagery applications including Hailstorm damage to roofs and automatic detection of damaged properties.
  • Samuel Holt gave a technical presentation and case study of the fuel load tool Aerometrex has developed and is ready to put to use to support preparedness and response to the forthcoming fire season. 
  • Brittany Dahl presented a thought provoking approach to her case study of the work Geoplex have been taking in preparation of the Australian Fire Data Rating System and the important steps and learnings through the process.
  • Murray Dolling gave an oversight of the Western Australian Government future of Land Titling.
  • Daniel Paez spoke on the role of surveyors and spatial professionals at the intersection of preparedness, prevention, mitigation, recovery and response for COVID19.  Everything from outbreaks, isolation, to contact tracing, vaccination logistics comes back to our data and modelling and how these can be used in planning. He presented an FIG Survey underway to assess the impact of COVID on our industry and help support collaborations to keep people working, position business well to support this human disaster. Participation welcome here
  • Peter Howie shared how surveyors are able to provide hope, support and guidance to those trying to reconnect to their properties, understand the impact of damage and loss and help them start to build the next steps to the future. By sharing the history of the cadastre, individual subdivisions, showing people their survey marks, teaching them to recover and preserve these POSI and helping them regain a hands-on experience of their properties was a salvation for many over the summer bushfires, with applications across many instances of disaster management and emergency management. Peter will present a follow up in our Global Surveyors webinar on 23 March!

Sincere thanks to our platinum sponsors 1Spatial and NearMap for their support and participation in the event; double gold sponsor Locus who sponsored our pre-conference networking event and excellent student lightning talks, and Aerometrex and Pozi!

SSSI Education and Student Focus

LOCUS sponsored our Networking Event and the Student talks at the SSSI NSW & WA Annual Conference for 2020. The quality of the student presentations was absolutely astounding.

Due to COVID restrictions last year many students had to submit 3 minute theses (video) at the end of their research projects and Curtin University and UNSW kindly put forward three students each to present at the conference - Vincent Tran, Andersen Zhang, Jasmine Ross, Brady Rengger, Reagan Cope & Ryan Saunders even presented live! The students presented techniques such as Virtual Reality, Historical Mapping, Photogrammetric Modelling, Deformation Modelling, Augmented Reality and GIS portals.

Engagement with our education partners is very important to SSSI and this is a feature of our events we look forward to continuing in 2021. I hope other institutions feel free to reach out to share the talent of the next generation with the spatial and surveying industries. Huge thanks Petra Helmholz and Craig Roberts for being ambassadors of this collaboration! Donny Darmawan thank you for hosting our Registration Networking.

Donny Darmawan and Austen Pepper of the NSW Regional Management Committee have both undertaken to organise student presentation events again this year. We are interested in promoting involvement across mang institutions. To augment this we will again run a biannual Education Sector meeting with as many tertiary institutions in NSW as we can involve, and we will continue to support the amazing SSSI Mentoring program lead by Roshni Sharma (Deputy Chair NSW RMC) IN 2021.

NSW Kick start to 2021 – Forthcoming Events

4 March 2021 – International Women’s Day 2021 – Women in Surveying Seminar Online 3-5pm AEST

To celebrate 2021 International Women’s Day (8 March), SSSI is pleased to present this webinar showcasing some of the female leaders in our surveying profession and providing role models for what is possible for women in surveying to the next generation of our industry.  This seminar provides the perfect opportunity to show some of the talent and opportunities that are being realised by women in the surveying profession:

  • Narelle Underwood | Surveyor-General NSW
  • Dione Billick | Surveyor-General WA
  • Kellie Dean | Principal Surveyor and Business Unit Manager, Spiire (Vic)
  • Jemma Picco | Principal Surveyor, Qld Department of Resources
  • Inga Playle | Spatial Informational Specialist at Hydro Tasmania
  • Amanda Khoury | Registered Surveyor and Chair Young Surveyors NSW
  • Venessa O’Connell  | Group Survey Manager, Port Authority of NSW
  • Denise McKenzie | Director Benchmark Initiative, Geovation, Ordnance Survey (UK)

Register now

23 March 2021 - NSW SSSI Global Surveyors’ Day Cadastral Seminar Online 3-5pm AEST

The path to Global Surveyors’ Day began back in ancient Egypt when society first used surveying techniques to divide land. Throughout history, surveyors have remained the pioneers of discovery shaping our world to its current existence by exploring the unknown on earth and in space. Fast forward to 2013 when the signing of the Budapest declaration created a common worldwide celebration for those leaders, past and present. We are proud to proclaim Global Surveyors’ Day as a way to globally recognize the ground-breakers, pioneers, individuals and the industry that has shaped our history and continues to be the foundation of our communities.

As such SSSI in NSW will celebrate Global Surveyor’s Day 2021 with an Online Cadastral Seminar bringing together discussions of the preservation of survey infrastructure and three cadastral presentations from the NSW Bushfire Recovery to urban and rural case studies. Speakers will include Thomas Grinter, Deputy Surveyor General, Peter Howie from ICD Asia Pacific, Registered Surveyors John Minehan and Justin Kell with Urban and Rural cadastral case studies.

Register now 

Industry News for NSW

Transport for NSW trials machine learning to detect crash blackspots - puts Azure to work using geospatial and telematics data. Read more

NSW Spatial Services

Digital Survey Plans - On Monday 30 November 2020, the Hon. Victor Dominello, Minister for Customer Service, launched the delivery plan for transitioning from paper to digital survey plans in NSW.  A move to intelligent digital survey plans will support a more efficient, accurate and accessible land title system. The delivery plan sets out the key actions necessary to implement this reform. Some important deliverables in the next 12 months are:

  • December 2020: Develop roadmap to a fully digital subdivision approval process in NSW
  • July 2021: Surveyors will be able to create survey plan workspaces in the NSW Land Registry Services (LRS) portal and pre-fill titling documents online
  • End of 2021: Move to 100% online lodgement along with new NSW LRS portal tools that make it easier for surveyors to lodge digital survey plans

Read more and download the delivery plan

New e-Planning service powered by government data

The NSW Government has announced a new ePlanning service, delivered by NSW technology start-up Giraffe, that allows users to display and analyse the many layers of data that contribute to the infrastructure future of NSW.Giraffe has built a powerful planning platform that leverages live digital data services from both Spatial Services and the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment. This service demonstrates the ability for organisations to assemble rich data from our NSW Spatial Digital Twin, the Spatial Collaboration Portal, as well as their own data into models and develop innovative tools. Read more and access the viewer: https://lnkd.in/g93bRnZ

NSW Point and Service Point use Geoscape API technology to leverage better customer services

Spatial Services provide whole-of-government address management to other NSW Government departments and agencies through products  NSW Point – a real-time address validation service  and Service Point – an anonymised transaction reporting service. Read more

BOSSI - NSW Government Board of Surveying and Spatial Information

BOSSI LandXML survey coming out soon

The NSW Government and NSW LRS, with the support of participating authorised Information Brokers, have recently commenced supplying a LandXML file to users, if available, whenever the corresponding Deposited Plan is ordered (these files may have either been supplied by the surveyor as part of the DP lodgement or alternatively back-captured by DCSSpatial Services).

Although some Land XML files have been available directly from NSW LRS upon request for some time, the process has been cumbersome and not widely used. Now that LandXML files are more easily accessible, BOSSI would like to understand how these files are being used by surveyors and if any issues are being encountered.

This survey contains a series of questions that have been developed to help BOSSI to develop guidance for industry on best practice use of LandXML files. The questionnaire is open to all Surveyors and geospatial professionals who are using LandXML data, and will be available on the BOSSI website and via the upcoming BOSSI communique - watch this space!


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