NSW Region News - October 2020

October 27, 2020

Regional UPDATE

Hi All,

Welcome to the month of long weekends, daylight saving changes, Halloween preparations and the start of the ‘end of calendar year’ rush for projects, procurement, budgets and so much more. If you would like to contribute an update to our monthly Geomessage for NSW from your institution or region, please send to chair.nsw@sssi.org.au

Please enjoy this review of our collaborations and activities, sign up for the annual conference and update yourself on some of the great things happening with our education partners!

2020 SSSI NSW & WA Conference


SSSI NSW & WA regions are this year holding a joint annual regional conference as an Online Seminar on Monday 30 November 2020 from 12noon - 5.00pm AEST (Sydney time). The theme is geospatial data and applications for climate change and disaster management (CCDM).  Sessions will concentrate on Government, Emergency Management, Digital Innovation and Surveying, with a focus on case studies, technologies and interactive engagement. Conference Sessions will be interspersed with Interactive Networking Sessions in ‘Virtual Break Out’ rooms and Student Lightning Talks –  3 Minute theses. 

Click here to register

The event is being held as part of a broader five day conference series on Climate Change and Disaster Management: Technology and Resilience in a Troubled World (30 November - 4 December 2020). Join for other days such as Tutorial Tuesday or see academic research on related subjects Wednesday through Friday.

If you are interested in participating and have missed the Call for Abstracts please email: chair.nsw@sssi.org.au  be you a student, a Surveying presenter, have a Geospatial case study, or would like to to sponsor us! Deep thanks to 1Spatial that has already come on board to support us.

BOSSI - NSW Government Board of Surveying and Spatial Information

BOSSI Discussion Paper – Supervision of Candidate Surveyors

There is some confusion within the profession between the roles and responsibilities of a registered surveyor providing immediate / general supervision as required by the Regulation and supervision of a candidate surveyor in preparation for the Board examinations. For this reason, to help provide clarity and separate the roles / responsibilities, BOSSI is proposing to introduce the term ‘mentoring surveyor’ for the supervision of a candidate surveyor in preparation for the Board examinations.

The Board has developed a discussion paper to provide contact and explore the proposal. This discussion paper includes specific targeted questions to facilitate feedback. It is preferred that responses be provided to the questions although detailed submissions will be accepted.

Please submit your feedback to bossi@customerservice.nsw.gov.au by close of business Friday 30 October 2020.

Further BOSSI updates are available here

SMIC  - Survey and Mapping Industry Council of NSW 

A Network of Networks

SMIC  (Survey and Mapping Industry Council of NSW) is recognised as an independent peak body comprised of delegates from a diverse range of NSW surveying and geospatial information industry organisations, representing professional, business, government and educational interests and is particularly focussed on the standards of education for people wishing to participate in the surveying and geospatial information industry.

SSSI NSW and SMIC have had an ongoing relationship that was fostered back in SMIC’s inception in 1987 and  SSSI NSW continues to renew its membership in SMIC. The membership enables SSSI to add value to our networks by providing guidance and resources to our members to as well as to contribute to SMIC by way of guidance in the growth and development of the surveying and geospatial industry from a  professional perspective.  Go to the SMIC website to find out more or contact Robert Campbell (robcampbell70@gmail.com - SMIC, NSW SSSI Representative).

Other Industry News for NSW

Transport for NSW have published an update as part of their Open Data & Innovation Newsletter. Read about it here

New datasets include:

  • Traffic Light Locations
  • Pop Up Cycleways
  • Historical GTFS and GTFS real-time (Ferries)
  • Opal Patronage / Travel Insights
  • NSW Boat Registrations and Licences
  • Real-time regional bus data
  • GTFS-R Service Alerts API
  • Opal Tap on Tap Off Release 2.

NSW Spatial Services have released historic vertical imagery for Sydney from 1940s to 2000s, via their online spatial portal. View the imagery here

NSW Land Registry Services 
NSW LRS and the Office of the Registrar General have worked with Electronic Lodgement Network Operator, PEXA, to increase electronic dealings available to customers. Read about it here

NSW Smart Sensing Network: Smart sensing to better understand our water resources and to build a drought resilient NSW & ACT. For example, Sensors can be developed and deployed to measure the flow in the Darling River and monitor both the quality and the quantity of water to prevent future fish kill events. Read about it here


TAFE NSW National Environment Centre 

Jemena and Zinfra donate GPS to local TAFE

Recently in New South Wales, Jemena and Zinfra’s GIS and Gas Field team donated a state of the art Trimble survey grade GPS unit to the staff and students of Thurgoona TAFE. 

TAFE NSW National Environment Centre is a specialist training centre in civil construction, natural resource management, spatial information (GIS), water operations, environmentally related studies and sustainable agriculture. The Thurgoona centre is used to provide theory and practical work for students. The donation allows students to gain a better understanding of how real-time high accuracy GPS can help with situational awareness with their current studies and future careers and is accurate to 10cm. 

As the largest gas distributor in New South Wales, Jemena and Zinfra are proud to give back to local communities. They deliver natural gas for hot water, heating, cooking and more to over 1.4 million customers each year. To learn more click here

University of NSW Prac updates

With industry support from Linke and Linke Surveyors

Pracs are back on at UNSW with three large pracs already complete for second year students. Final year students are doing a large project in cooperation with the UNSW Water Research Lab at the Thirlmere Lakes National Park. They are establishing a densified vertical control network to monitor the changing lake levels and ground water height in this delicate region. They hope to also fly all five lakes with UAVs and Airborne Lidar with great support from James Linke from Linke and Linke Surveyors. It’s an exciting and challenging project.

The University of Western Sydney

Heating in Western Sydney, drones, VR & AR

Geospatial technologies have been widely used at UWS over many years in teaching, research, engagement and asset management. UWS recently acquired drone-based mapping systems that are being extensively used for teaching and learning and collaborative research with industry partners. Dr Sebastian Pfautsch has been using the system along with arrays of local heat censors to map heating in Western Sydney in close collaboration with local councils. 

Teaching and learning at the university have been conducted remotely during COVID-19 restrictions. Associate Professor Awais Piracha has developed new and novel ways of delivering teaching and learning in geospatial analysis online. Dr Cameron McAuliffe developed clever combinations of mapping applications and virtual and augmented reality to deliver highly engaging field trips that have been hugely popular with the students.

The University of Sydney

Smart farming practices

The University of Sydney is cultivating smart farming practices with the $12 million dollar International Centre of Crop and Digital Farming. The new endeavour, to be based at the university’s facility near Narrabri in central-west NSW, is aimed at giving a big boost to digital agriculture, heat tolerant crops and robotic farming.  Read about it here

The University of Sydney & Macquarie University

CubeSats, UAVs and Their Applications

The ARC Training Centre CUAVA (USyd, UNSW and Macquarie) is working with industry partners, including ArborCarbon, Hyvista and DST, to train the next generation of experts in space and Earth observation science.  The centre aims to develop new instruments and technology to solve crucial problems and develop a world-class Australian industry in CubeSats, UAVs and related products.  This month PhD students in collaboration with industry partners are involved in the capture of ultra-high resolution multi-spectral data for remote detection of whales over Jervis Bay. For further information click here



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