RSPC News - March 2023

March 3, 2023



Welcome to the members who have recently joined SSSI

  • Alexandra Perry, QLD, Member
  • Benjamin Allard, QLD, Other Professional
  • Bradley Redding, WA, Member
  • Clyde Medina, WA, Member
  • Katie Brien, NSW, Member
  • Kevin Keegan, ACT, Member
  • Liam Morgan, QLD, 1st Year Graduate
  • Matthew Kayes, WA, 2nd Year Graduate
  • Qianqian Zhang, OS, International Member
  • Tristan Dowler, NSW, Other Professional
  • Abhasha Joshi, NSW, Student
  • Ashwarya Tyagi, NSW, Student
  • Ivan Glasby, NSW, Student
  • Abu Huraira, OS, International Student
  • Avinash Kumar Ranjan, OS, International Student
  • Pasan Bandara, OS, International Student
  • Rajendran Shobha Ajin, OS, International Student
  • Vishmi Dahanayaka, OS, Student
  • Vidyasagar Bellary, SA, Student
  • Aakash Chhabra, VIC, Student
  • Bipul Neupane, VIC, Student
  • Patrick Morrison, WA, Student

RSPC National committee appoints a new chair

Congratulations to Dr Jagannath Aryal who was recently elected as National Chair of SSSI's Remote Sensing and Photogrammetry Commission (RSPC).

Jagannath is a proud survey engineer who specialises in remote sensing and spatial information with a focus on intelligent approaches. He has worked in Europe, Nepal and New Zealand and is currently a Senior Lecturer at University of Melbourne. Jagannath brings a wealth of experience and is qualified to expertly lead our RSPC.

We would like to acknowledge and thank retiring RSPC Chair A/Prof Petra Helmholz for her leadership and commitment towards growing our remote sensing and photogrammetry member base over the past four year. Petra has also been instrumental in championing numerous webinar series which showcased remote sensing and photogrammetry at work. Petra, we appreciate your service and look forward to your ongoing support of the RSPC and SSSI. Thank you.


SSSI to host 2024 Mid-Term Symposium of ISPRS Commission IV - spatial information science

At the recent International Society of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (ISPRS) Congress held in Nice, the Surveying & Spatial Sciences Institute (SSSI) together with the Italian Society of Photogrammetry and Topography secured the bid to host the ISPRS Technical Commission IV - Spatial Information Science.

This means that the 2024 Mid-Term Symposium of ISPRS Commission IV will take place in Australia (date and venue are to be confirmed). Congratulations to Professor Sisi Zlatanova who presented the successful bid. It was also during the ISPRS Congress that Sisi was conferred, ISPRS Fellow.



SSSI is committed to delivering a lively and robust CPD program. SSSI is proud of its National Webinar Series. Showcasing national and international speakers discussing relevant topics of interest to the spatial and surveying professions. 

To see a list of all upcoming Webinars click here

Don't forget to check out what is on offer via our eCPD.

RSPC Resource Page

We have a dedicated RSPC Body of Knowledge online. This webpage is a data repository and collaborative workspace for members and the broader industry providing links to:
  • Publication, journals, conference proceedings and conference reports by members
  • Online courses
  • Free data, software and libraries

Please have a look here.

If you have items to add to the page, please get in touch with us:



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