SSSI SICC News - February 2018

January 31, 2018

Please find information on what is happening at the Surveying and Spatial Sciences Institute Spatial Information & Cartography Commission (SICC) as of February 2018.


NATIONAL Chair Report

National SICC Chair -  Kerry Smyth GISP-AP

2018 is off and racing

The new business year is gearing up and events calendars around the SSSI Commissions and Regions are bursting with opportunities to sharpen your competitive edge by gaining the latest knowledge and skills.

Reminder Locate18 April  8-11 in Adelaide, SA is only 9 weeks away.  The SIC plans to create networking opportunities so you can meeting with your SSSI colleagues face to face.

The new national committee of the Spatial Information & Cartography Commission is getting its legs and directing its enthusiasm by each member taking on a portfolio of responsibility. 

Keep an eye and ear out for the SICC Representatives for 2017-19.

Elected representatives are:

  • Hanno Klahn (NSW)

  • Kerry Smyth (WA)

  • Mary Lewitzka (SA)

  • Georgina Cassar (SA)

  • Shaik Mohamed Zaffar Sadiq Mohamed-Ghouse (NSW)

  • Andrew Bashfield (Vic)

Coopted members are:

  • Robert Driessen (Tas)

  • Angus Scown (Qld)

  • Nikolas Kostraby

Vacancies available are:

  • 1 x (Qld)

  • 1 x (Tas)

  • 1 x (Vic)

  • 1 x (WA)

  • 2 x (NT)

  • 2 x (ACT)


  • Adam Sokac has stepped down

  • Nikolas Kostraby has relocated to NSW.

This week I was please to be part of the SSSI Board meeting in Canberra where many key issues were presented and considered to feed a review SSSI’s strategic direction. . More to come on the strategic outcomes soon.

Don’t hesitate to contact me directly with ideas, feedback, offers of support, or prospects to grow and influence.

All communications to


summary of committee meeting 

January Committee meeting:

The SICC committee will follow up on the status of the current GIS-AP applications in progress.  Discussion followed around the need to review the assessment process and promote the benefits of GIS-AP certified professionals to the geospatial industry.

The SICC Committee also discussed the possibility of adding to the program to include cartography as a separately recognised certification.

This is still under consideration.

We are always on the lookout for members to join the GISP-AP Certification Panel. If you would like to be involved, but would like to know more about the responsibilities and expectations of the role, please contact me directly at

The committee discussed the Destination Spatial initiative and its plan to extend to a nationwide approach.  All agreed that it’s ideal to have a single source that provides basic career information and vocational direction.

SICC members will follow up on and get involved with this initiative.

Masterclass News
SICC is aiming to run a masterclass workshop at Locate 18 in conjunction with a visiting URISA member currently on exchange.  The details are being negotiated this week.  Watch for News announcement.

Work continues on reformulating the masterclass framework to provide a range of specialised learning opportunities through new delivery formats.

Event Log
In an effort to share good ideas with all SSSI SICC regional committee members about the details of past seminars, a log of events will be published and shared that summarises details of past SI & C related events. All state committees will be encouraged to add to this log. 

Upcoming SI & C National Committee meeting :
22nd February 2018


Event Highlights

Summer Seminar at C.R. Kennedy Wednesday 31 January 1:30PM - 5:50PM

A great event attended by nearly 100 people with a wide range of presentations and held jointly by SSSI with the Institution of Surveyors Victoria.

After the introduction by Victorian SSSI Chair Thierry Demathieu, the presentations kicked on with Victorian Surveyor-General Craig Sandy discussing Electronic Survey Data lodgement and the link to the Digital Cadastre Modernisation program and related issues.

This was followed a series of interesting presentations on creating and measuring livability in major Australian cities, progress in 3D cadastres, Land Use Victoria updates, one from myself about a new Asset Management and Collection course in the Diploma of Surveying at RMIT, finishing with a fascinating presentation by about a new book on Granville Stapylton, second in charge of the Mitchell overland expedition in 1836.



Member Highlights

Welcome to New & Returning Members

  • Ms Ellen O’Leary (SA)

  • Ms Lila Devkota (Qld)

  • Mr Ryan Wright (Vic)

  • Ms Barbara Lokes (Overseas)

  • Mr Justin Lennon Morgan (Qld)

  • Mr Christopher John Morris (Overseas)

  • Mr Mariam Cormel Seran (Qld)

  • Mr Samuel Jacob Perpich (Qld)

  • Dr Mingzhong Wang (Qld)

  • Dr Yan Liu (Qld)

  • Mr Steven Cameron Pemberton (Vic)

  • Mrs Alaa El-Gendawy (SA)

  • Mr Ben Lachlan Maunder (Qld)

  • Mr Kent Edward Olive (Qld)

  • Ms Ellen O’Leary (SA)

  • Mr Chun Ming Cheung (WA)

  • Mr Abdul Rehman (WA)

  • Mr Cameron James Groenheide (WA)

  • Mr Juen Hein Lui (WA)

  • Mr Ian Mak Glynn (WA)

Events Coming Up 


Twilight Seminar Wednesday 14th February 2018
Twilight seminar on the modernisation of Australia's foundation spatial data systems: GDA2020  Cadastre 2034
Elevation & Depth 2030 These national initiatives will be explained by industry leaders, plus an update on Australian involvement in International Federation of Surveyors (FIG) activities. All welcome including non-members.


15th February 2018 - Spatial technologies in Local Government

A strong theme of current and unmissable topics including: Open Data Mapping for Emergency Management Mapping for the Community.


15th February 2018 - Hydrography – Working with Nature

The Nation is embarking on a never before seen expanded hydrographic survey and geospatial data collection activity.  You need to know about this and what opportunities there could be for you to be part of the action.


GeoSmart Asia & Locate 2018
Locate 2018 in Adelaide, from 9-11 April, 2018.

Early bird prices extended to 28th February.

International (Italy)

The International Conference on Geology and Earth Sciences will be held during May 2-4, 2018 in Rome, Italy. This is the organisation’s most exciting event of the year, gathering all of their Geoscience expertise.  Currently receiving abstracts for presentations.

More information can be viewed at:


Important News 

Future Vision for Elevation and Depth

Members are encouraged to review and provide feedback on the Elevation and Depth 2030 Strategy which sets the direction for consistent nationwide elevation and depth information. ANZLIC will use this strategy to transition the Elevation and Depth theme in the ANZ Foundation Spatial Data Framework (FSDF) to become a more valuable asset.  Consultation stage ends on 30th March.


Invitations Received

Dear Professors,

We publish peer-reviewed academic journals dedicated to the development of innovative science and technology. Now we sincerely invite scholars and researchers to submit papers to the journals or to join in the editorial board/reviewer team.

Joining Us as an Editorial Member or a Reviewer
We would like to invite you to be the editorial member or reviewer of our journals with great sincerity. If you want to know more information of the Benefits and Responsibilities of the editorial member or reviewer, please visit the following link:

Submit Your Research Articles
We have a variety of journals with the editorial team comprising many of the world's leading researchers. If you have burst out some new ideas in your specialized or interested field, you are welcomed to submit your papers to the corresponding Journals to share your ideas with people around the world.

  • International Journal of Astrophysics and Space Science

  • Psychology and Behavioral Sciences

  • International Journal of Science, Technology and Society

  • International Journal of Applied Agricultural Sciences

  • International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Medical Sciences

  • International Journal of Oil, Gas and Coal Engineering

  • American Journal of Applied Mathematics

  • Science Journal of Business and Management



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