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January 30, 2019

Please find information on what is happening at the Surveying and Spatial Sciences Institute Spatial Information & Cartography Commission (SICC) as of February 2019.


NATIONAL Chair Report

National SICC Chair -  Kerry Smyth GISP-AP


Looking forward to our face to face networking at Locate19 in Melbourne. Spatial Information & Cartography Commission has kicked off its round of monthly meetings with a lively agenda.  Significant topics were:

  • Representation on the National Committee
  • Certification Review
  • FOSS4G & SotM new entity formation
  • Geomessage content
  • Position Magazine content
  • International Cartographic Association (ICA) Conference 2023 Bid
  • Social Media Cartography Campaign Proposal (Map of the Month)
  • General meeting at Locate19

If you have any issues you want to bring to the National Agenda please contact

Kerry Smyth



summary of committee meeting 

The following people have joined our last two committee meetings with a view to see how we operate and formally join the committee.    Raelene Forbes from New South Wales and Nick Middleton from Western Australia.  It’s been great to have their valuable contributions so far. 

As part of the GISP-AP review, the Certification Panel Policy and Procedures document was circulated for members to review and comment. 

Before the certification can be promoted, further work is required to ensure that it continues to be internationally recognised.  Changes have occurred to the way URISA assess their applicants which may have an impact on its alignment with Australia’s professional certification process.

SSSI will pursue this matter with URISA.

It’s encouraging that 2018 saw 10 more applications submitted compared to 2017.

Our chair Kerry Smyth talked about SSSI’s involvement in the FOSS4G conference held in Melbourne and the future relationship with this conference going forward.

After considering whether to assist in a bid for Perth to host the 2023 International Cartographic Conference, further discussion between SSSI and the International Cartographic Association has proposed to make a bid for the next ICA conference after 2023.

A meeting open to all SICC members will be arranged to take place at the Locate 19 conference. This will provide opportunity to meet other SIC Commission members face to face, contribute ideas for improvement, get updates on the Commission’s activity and hear from the SSSI-URISA’s exchange alumni delegate. More information to come about this.

Ideas were shared around the ways that the committee can communicate with its members through media channels and social media.  We are deciding on the types of articles and promotions to do including professional profiles and examples of good cartography. We definitely plan to promote recently certified professionals.

Raelene informed the committee that a new SSSI national committee will be formed for Women in Spatial. We look forward to seeing more about this great initiative.



member Highlights

SICC welcomes the following new members have joined the SICC during September and October.

Welcome to the following members:

  1. Nikolaas Kostraby (NSW)
  2. Dacey Zelman-Fahm (Overseas)
  3. Liqiong Song (Vic)
  4. Charity Mundava (NSW)
  5. Leanne Hodge (SA)
  6. Neville Montgomerie (Qld)
  7. Linda Skoog (WA)
  8. James Keating (WA)
  9. Manuel Lukas (Vic)
  10. Wesley Koros (Overseas)
  11. Marie Truelove (Vic)
  12. Rohan Etherington (Qld)


New Student Members

  1. Xavier Prescott (Vic)
  2. Caitlin Tapp (Overseas)
  3. Stephanie Horwood (SA)
  4. Dwayne Esparon (NSW)
  5. Alexei Tiong (SA)
  6. Ke Dong (Overseas)
  7. Mengxinye Luo (Overseas)
  8. Emma Beckett (WA)
  9. Eryan Chen (NSW)
  10. Kuan-Wen Chen (Vic)
  11. Ningran Xu (Vic)
  12. Gordana Arnaut (Vic)
  13. Xavier Allison (Vic)
  14. Fiona McConachie (Vic)
  15. Andrew Hunter-Christy (WA)


Certified Professionals

Since March 2018, 7 professionals have been awarded with GISP-AP certification as well as one renewal. More applications are currently being assessed too.

Here is a list of the certified professionals from the last year.

  1. Ross Friend
  2. Natalie Scott
  3. Veronika Frank
  4. Jonah Sullivan
  5. Reza Kalbasi
  6. Greg Swan
  7. David Kelly
  8. Rachel Lerm (re-newal)


Feature profile – David Kelly GISP-AP


David Kelly (GISP-AP) has worked in the spatial industry for 10 years and is a senior consultant in Spatial & Information Services at Jacobs. He works in multi-disciplinary teams, providing data and information management, analytics and project management, across a range of sectors at local to national scales. In particular, David has worked extensively in the asset management and natural resource management domains, including modelling risk of asset failure and analysis of vegetation cover over time.

David is passionate about delivering insight and actionable knowledge derived from rigorous data driven and evidence-based analysis, to assist organisations in facing their challenges.


EVENT Highlights

APSEA Award Winners

Victoria held their industry awards on 5th December.

Click here to view the winners in each category.

A big congratulations to all the award recipients across the regions and best of luck in the national level awards.

Presentation skills – Adelaide

Stepping forward to present at an industry event can be a real challenge to some. In Adelaide, a half day workshop on presentation skills was organised through a partnership of Women in Spatial with the Women in Geospatial Science Professional Network to equip more people, (particularly women) to step up and volunteer to present. We all left with a wealth of tips and tricks and hopefully this will result in a more representative mix of gender as speakers at our events. Another “Step Up!” presentation skills workshop is planned for 2019.


Events Coming Up 


SSSI SICC related events over the next few weeks:






SSSU GIS Breakfast Seminar at Jacobs



2018 Asia-Pacific Spatial Excellence Awards VIC



Incorporating Mentoring and Coaching into your life for Career Success – Webinar (Young Professionals)



SSSI WA AIMS WA Technology Day



SSSI SA GIS in Local Government Seminar



#BalanceforBetter – Women in Spatial – Off and Racing!


International Womens’ Day, Friday 8th March

International Womens’ Day is often celebrated by the regions.  South Australia will be booking a table at the Adelaide International Womens’ Day Breakfast supporting UN Women National Committee (NC) Australia. The Adelaide breakfast is the largest event celebrating IWD in Australia.

Other Association Events :

ICC 2019 Tokyo  - Tokyo, Japan, from 15 to 20 July 2019

SSSI is an Affiliate Member of the International Cartographic Association

 ICC Important Dates:

  • Call for exhibits for the International Cartographic Exhibition (ICE)  -  National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation Tokyo Closes 6 March 2019
  • Call for entries for the Barbara Bartz Petchenik Children’s World Map Competition Closes 1 May 2019 (
    ICA Commission for Cartography & Children and (
  • Call for nominations for the General Assembly  principal delegate and a deputy delegate before 31 May 2019.
  • Call for proposals to the General Assembly by 15 February 2019.
  • For updates please watch the ICC 2019 website



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