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February 28, 2019


NATIONAL Chair Report

National SICC Chair -  Kerry Smyth GISP-AP

I am really looking forward to our network meetings at Locate 19 Melbourne in April 2018.  Once again, the Spatial Information and Cartography Commission is hosting the URISA exchange delegate, this year Teresa Townsend (past president).  SICC is planning to convene several gatherings at Locate.

If you have any issues you want to bring to the National Agenda please contact me - Kerry Smyth

Also, a big welcome to the Commission’s new executive officer Katie Le Miere who is located in the Queensland office

Spatial Information & Cartography Commission Networking at Locate19

The Locate Conference is always a great opportunity for Face to Face meetings and workshops.  This year in Melbourne we intend to hold a collaboration workshop for members ideas; URISA-SSSI Exchange Alumni Delegates meet and greet and a social media brainstorming forum for maps.

Wednesday 10 April 2019
There will be an open door meeting of the Spatial Information & Cartography Commission at the Locate19 Conference. We really want to reach-out to our membership so I encourage you to drop in and meet with the committee, hear what we are doing on your behalf, give suggestions and offer your support.  You will also hear from our URISA Exchange Delegate.   If you are not a member and just want to get a feel for the group, come along, you are most welcome.

Monday 8th April 2019
URISA–SSSI Exchange Alumni Delegates Lunchtime meet and greet within Workshop.

Welcome to Teresa Townsend

Teresa Townsend, AICP, is the Immediate Past President of URISA, an SSSI affiliate organization in the US, serving in various leadership roles with the organization over the past decade. Teresa is a founding partner and Chief Executive Officer of Planning Communities, an urban planning and environmental socially-responsible firm, and has been a leader in integrating geospatial sciences in community, transportation and environmental planning for more than 25 years. As a seasoned urban and environmental professional planner, she is known for her deep passion for creativity and love of data to understand social and environmental complexities. Foundational to her core beliefs in social and environmental responsibility, her work spans and is integrated across disciplines into key focus areas of community visioning, climate action plans, urban function and design, land use planning, smart cities, zero-emission vehicle (ZEV) infrastructure, urban greening to achieving equitable sustainable futures.

Teresa’ s passionate approach and ability to strategize creatively around complex challenges and create action-oriented plans offers extensive insight, tools and resources and training opportunities that engage communities, organizations and individuals in envisioning their futures and taking steps now to build towards those outcomes.



summary of committee meeting 

The GISP-AP review is still continuing, with the Panel Policy and Procedures document currently being revised.

A lunchtime SICC meeting has been scheduled at Locate 2019 in Melbourne (on the Wednesday) open to all SICC members. This will provide an opportunity to meet other SIC Commission members, contribute ideas for improvement, get updates on the Commission’s activity and hear from the SSSI-URISA’s exchange alumni delegate. More information to come about this.

Most of the February meeting of SICC focussed on communications.  There was discussion around the effectiveness of the current newsletter methods and suggestions for changes such as sending content by direct email in addition to the standard GeoMessage emails.

The committee have been working on a proposal for two social media campaigns.  These were submitted to the board in late February for consideration. 

After considering whether to assist in a bid for Perth to host the 2023 International Cartographic Conference, further discussion between SSSI and the International Cartographic Association has proposed to make a bid for the next ICA conference after 2023.



member Highlights

Geo-Spatial Scientist awarded Fellowship     

The Vera Thiess Fellowship for Women is awarded to women from developing countries to gain valuable experience and network with the International River Foundation and its partners. Its goal is to advance womens participation in water and river management.

One of two winners from 2018 is natural and geo-spatial scientist - and SSSI Member - Charity Mundava from Zimbabwe. She is passionate about the sustainable management of our planet. She works with WaterNSW as a spatial scientist in the water industry providing advice for projects relating to water quality and catchment management. Previous to this role, Charity worked for Curtin University, Perth with the Photogrammetry unit and also the Remote Sensing Laboratory at the University of Zurich, Switzerland. Over the years, Charity has been the recipient of various awards, including research scholarships, travel grants, student citation awards and industry scholarships for her excellence in the field of spatial sciences.  SICC congratulates Charity on this achievement.

New Members

SICC welcomes the following new members have joined the SICC during February.

  • Andrew Hunter-Christy (WA)
  • Mobushir Khan (Vic)
  • Sujay Choski (SA)
  • Adam Mattinson (Vic)
  • Cory Williams (WA)
  • Julie Whiting (NT)
  • Askey Lakmal (overseas)
  • Iain Scott (Vic)
  • Jamie Murphy (NSW)
  • ​Hanne Newman (NSW) - Student


EVENT Highlights

GIS in Local Government – SA Region

A very successful half day seminar was organised by SSSI held at the City of Marion on Friday 22nd February. Presentations from 5 Councils included recent projects, a GIS software implementation, a GIS service review, and a comparison between GIS in metro vs rural councils.  Feedback from the delegates has been full of praise. Thanks to the sponsors, Pitney Bowes, ESRI Australia, Aerometrex and Tonkin.

Breakfast seminar at Jacobs

On the 11 February Victoria started a series of breakfast sessions looking at how GIS is increasingly interacting with reality models. It was great to see a strong interest from both spatial and survey members. With presentations from Ben Vordermaier and Brett Sheehan (Jacobs) followed by Anna Murray from Bentley discussing capture methods, software and trends in the broader industry that impact the capture and creation of reality models. Future sessions will dive deeper into dealing with and using reality models. Thanks to Jacobs for sponsoring this session.

#BalanceforBetter – Women in Spatial Event (NSW)

Women in Spatial ran a fantastic event at Bankstown Paceway on February 22. The event was well attended, and included an engaging presentation by Mary-Ellen Feeney on Homeward Bound and women's leadership in STEMM; a panel discussion and workshop on gender equity in the spatial industry with Wanda Skerrett (Open Spatial), Rohan Bakker (SMEC) and Charity Mundava (WaterNSW), hosted by Raelene Forbes. The top three issues coming out of the event were equity of pay, flexible work options for both women and men, and the lack of female role models, along with some tangible and achievable ways in which the Women in Spatial program can progress gender equity. The night culminated in a lovely dinner, a little champagne and a bit of racing and the chance to network with other women across our industry. Huge thanks to Snowy Hydro, Aerometrex, Digital Globe and Cardno for their sponsorship of the event.



Events Coming Up 

SSSI SICC related events 



SSSI VIC – YP State Library Map Room Tour



Locate 19 Conference - Melbourne

Other Events

GeoRabble Brisbane
Have you been to a GeoRabble event ?  The format includes four presenters which entertain you with their spatial adventures. GeoRabble Brisbane is on 19 March in South Brisbane.  Refreshments provided courtesy of Aerometrex.  Register here.

ICC 2019 Tokyo  - Tokyo, Japan, from 15 to 20 July 2019 
SSSI is an Affiliate Member of the International Cartographic Association. Important dates:
​- Call for entries for the Barbara Bartz Petchenik Children’s World Map Competition Closes 1 May 2019 ( (ICA Commission for Cartography & Children and
- Call for nominations for the General Assembly  principal delegate and a deputy delegate before 31 May 2019.



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