SSSI Strategic Roadmap Webinars

August 9, 2018

SSSI are holding two webinars on the SSSI Strategic Roadmap to showcase the direction of SSSI to 2021.

Please join in, ask questions and get involved – together we will make SSSI one of Australia’s best membership organisations.

Details of Webinars:

  • No 1 - Tuesday 4 September, 12 to 1pm AEST - to register click here

  • No 2 - Thursday 6 September, 5 to 6:30pm AEST - to register click here


These webinars, presented by Peter Olah, SSSI CEO and Gaby van Wyk, SSSI President, will showcase SSSI's new Strategic Roadmap and the SSSI Strategic Projects Plan 2018-19 which, together, encompasses the biggest change program in SSSI history. 

It’s an ambitious plan. By 2021, it will position SSSI as one of the best professional membership organisations in Australia. The Strategic Roadmap is online at: 

Ambitious, forward-looking, but just another document until it leads to results. This is why the SSSI leadership has since put significant effort towards finalising our Strategic Projects Plan 2018-19. This is the document which takes the big picture and defines how we start to make it real. 

It’s where we start building SSSI’s future, but also where our challenges become evident. 

For further information please see:

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