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March 31, 2019 | Young Professionals

Welcome to the April 2019 edition of SSSI Young Professionals GeoMessage.

The 2019 National Young Professionals Mentoring Program is seeking Expressions of Interest from mentors and mentees across Australia and internationally - so jump in and submit yours today! You can do so here:

The committee is always open to feedback and submissions from the community regarding things that we could do better, feedback on past events, ideas for new events, or anything that might make the YPs better than ever. Please send an email to


SSSI National Career Development Webinar Series - April

Strategic Networking: How to

12-1pm AEDT on Thursday 18 April 2019

Sharron Ferrier from Persuasive Presentations


‘People buy from people whom they like, know and trust.’

Competition is everywhere – people are spoilt for choice and in this high tech world people are deciding with their gut as well as their mind. We want to do business with people we know and trust. Networking is vital for you to be able to build the relationships for people to want to do business this you.


What will the webinar cover?

  • Why networking works
  • The importance of EQ in networking
  • The 3 different networking levels
  • How to be a strategic networker


You will learn how to:

  • Create favourable first impressions

  • Approach groups

  • Develop your own ‘10 second grab’

  • Follow up potential clients


Register your interest now at:


Sharon’s background is in sales and marketing and along the way has studied business administration, marketing, management, journalism as well as more eclectic skills including comedy, improvisation and the art of persuasion.


As an award winning speaker and salesperson Sharon uses her skills to help people become

persuasive and influential speakers. She works with individuals and organisations from a

diverse range of industries across Australia and overseas. She coaches senior people ranging from CEO’s and entrepreneurs, to Professors and PhD’s helping them to be engaging and persuasive presenters and enabling them to win pitches, tenders, fellowships and grants. Sharon delivers keynotes, coaching and workshops on:

  • Stand up Speak up & Persuade

  • Escaping PowerPoint purgatory

  • Staple it to their heads

  • Persuasion and Influence

  • Strategic Networking

  • Mastering Meetings

She was recently presented with the 2015 Global Training and Development Leadership award in Mumbai, India.


A great YP-relevant program at Locate19 from 8-10 April!

Locate19 is upon us!


If you’re still looking to register, join up now for $695 for SSSI Young Professional and student members, or $390 for full time students. We have a letter available for you to take to your employer to seek assistance for the costs of attending Locate19 - download it here:


If you’ll be joining us, please stop by the SSSI stall and say hello, and make sure to swing by the Young Professionals Symposium on Wednesday 10 April from 8.30am - 12.20pm for some exciting and engaging content. The Symposium will provide open with a space for young professionals to hear from industry leaders about why it’s important to engage young professionals and to share their own experiences of how they’re making an impact in the industry. It will lead to the creation of a White Paper on the discussions from this session, as the voice of students and young professionals in the industry, to lead into Young Professionals initiatives at Locate20.


SSSI National Young Professionals Mentoring Program 2019 - seeking Expressions of Interest!

Last year, the 2018 Mentoring Program went off with a bang - mentors and mentees from all over Australia (and a few overseas!) reported that they found so much value from being involved. In 2019, the SSSI Young Professionals are back, and the 2019 National Young Professionals Mentoring Program is seeking Expressions of Interest from mentors and mentees across Australia and internationally! The 2019 program will run from July to October and involve fortnightly meetings for mentors and mentees, face to face or by distance (over the phone or using Skype, Zoom, etc).


This year’s program will extend the opportunity for mentees to be in their final year of study OR recently graduated and working as a young professional in the field. We welcome mentors from all ages and walks of life who are familiar with the spatial and surveying industry and would like to inspire and pass on their experiences to the people who will shape the future of our industry.


Please submit your EOI now at: If you don’t receive a confirmation email, please send a quick email to to make sure that your EOI has come through.


Mentoring and coaching and valuable experiences - if you know anyone in your networks or friends/family, please pass on the details of this program for them to consider.


SEASC2019 Young Professional Poster Competition Open! “My story: How I came to be here”

Clarity on career pathways in our industry can be clear as mud at the best of times, and for many young people thinking about their future, as well as many of us who are already working in the industry, it’s not always apparent what options are available to us. To add to this, our industry is diverse in the depth and breadth of experiences and backgrounds that each one of us has - but this is not immediately apparent and can take quite a lot of digging beneath the surface to uncover.


To make inroads to changing this, we are extremely excited to announce the SEASC2019 Young Professionals Poster Competition! We encourage you to apply, and tell your friends, neighbours, family and pets to apply as well!

How did you end up in the spatial/surveying industry? To highlight the depth and breadth of people in our industry, we would love to hear about your personal journey to where you are right now. What steps have you taken to get here? What have been your biggest inspirations and motivators? What do you love about your job? From timelines of your studies and career to photos of your childhood and family, maps of your travels, and experiences in the context of entering the spatial profession, we’re interested in hearing what your journey is, no matter where you are.

Entries close on Friday 9 August 2019, 11:59PM ACST.


To stay up to date with SEASC2019 for speaker and program updates, subscribe to the newsletter at To register, check out


Looking for a way to explain to your friends and family, particularly children, what you do or what the industry is about? Check out this cute e-book:


Just in case you missed it, check out our “getting to know you” section from our last GeoMessage where you can learn more about some of our influential members:

Look out for it in this month’s issue!


Warm regards,

Roshni Sharma

Chair, Young Professionals | Surveying & Spatial Sciences Institute (SSSI)
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