July 31, 2018 | Young Professionals

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  1. We want your opinion on Young Professional identity

  2. Launch of the SSSI National Young Professionals Career Development Webinar Series

  3. SSSI National Young Professionals Mentoring Program Inception Events

We want your opinion on Young Professional identity

The Spatial Industry has seen much change in technology, legislation, strategy, education and workforce demographics. The SSSI has also seen change with a rewriting of the Constitution in 2016, and a new CPD policy in 2017, and a stylish new website. Every so often, organisations reach a point where it becomes time to look back and find their bearings. 

The YPs are conducting some research to help answer some questions pertinent to our future strategy. We would like to know from all members young and old, who do you think we are, and what is our purpose? When does someone stop being a young professional, and what are the factors that tie into this besides age and years of experience in the industry?

Within their lifetime, the average Australian will have had 17 different jobs, and 5 career changes. There is an increasing chance that older people will be joining the industry with the same level of spatial experience as a younger person. Should the definition of a YP be changed to encompass the needs of all those new to the spatial profession?

Please send your response to:

Launch of the SSSI National Young Professionals Career Development Webinar Series

Many students and young professionals are looking for ways to understand how they can advance their careers not only technically, but in terms of soft skills and attitude. The SSSI National Young Professionals are, in response, launching a monthly webinar series focussing on career development skills and ways to help people to learn more about those intangible skills that can lead to career success. We're looking at topics such as public speaking, influence, life-work balance, embracing diversity, innovation, adapting to change, career planning and developing meaningful goals, giving and receiving constructive feedback, developing leadership skills, building networks, and the like. 

The first in this Career Development Webinar Series will be held on Wednesday 22 August from 12.30pm – 1.30pm AEST and will be available nationally. The webinar is will be presented by Tony Miller and is entitled ‘It’s no secret, public speaking and evaluation are the key to YOUR success’.

Tony Miller is a passionate, motivated and positive individual who has recently in local, state and federal government. Since retiring, Tony is now pursuing speaking with a cause via Toastmasters speakers bureau. This includes joining his local Bowls club where he nominated for the committee to assist in enhancing their communication, as well as through community and industry connections where Tony is an advocate for the benefits of public speaking and how it builds confidence and adds value to your career as a communicator and presenter.

To register for the event, please click here:

SSSI National Young Professionals Mentoring Program Inception Events

To launch the program, inception events were held in each participating region, with an excellent turnout of program participants and local professionals, academics and students from various institutions. These events were a great chance to welcome everyone into the program, to provide local networking opportunities, and to showcase the talent in the young professionals of the surveying and spatial industry all over Australia. The YPs would like to thank everyone for being involved, and also a big thanks to the event sponsors, especially the Office of Surveyor General Victoria, and UNSW GRID and School of Civil and Environmental Engineering!

Now into the third of eight topics covered in the program, feedback from participants has been overwhelmingly positive, including:

“It was good talking with my mentor. Thanks, for such an opportunity”
“The topic of this fortnight is very helpful to the continuing professional development of my future career.”
“So far I’ve really enjoyed the program and the organisation has been great”
“the program has not ended yet but I feel like I have learnt more than enough. thanks for organising this.”
“The meeting went very well! I feel we connected very well and quickly, and I was able to ask the questions that I had planned before the meeting. The conversation was easy to maintain and was very constructive.”
“I am extremely glad to have a mentor who is open to me, focused, respecting, knowledgeable.


SSSI WA was proud to launch the 2019 WA Mentoring Program at our office welcome party held on the 26th July, 2019. It was a very wet and wild evening, so we were very happy to welcome around 30 members and guests to hear more about the Mentoring Program and also take a tour of the new office space.

YP Chair, Roshni Sharma who is based in Sydney joined the event via video conference and further discussed the YP mentoring program and its benefits to mentors and mentees. 2018 YP Mentoring Program mentor, Nicholas Flett then shared his experience of being part of the program - both a rewarding and valuable experience. We were also fortunate to have a number of mentors and mentees in the audience. 

Special thanks to CR Kennedy who are the National Sponsors of the 2019 YP Mentoring Program.

Photos from the launch of the YP Mentoring Program in Perth


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