September 30, 2018 | Young Professionals

Welcome to the October edition of SSSI Young Professionals GeoMessage. This month, we're excited to be introducing new career development webinars, and opportunities to get involved in and attend conferences. 

Young Professionals Career Development Webinar Series - 'Leveraging your network - making great first impressions and building your personal brand'

Wednesday 24 October 1230pm - 130pm AEST  

Whether it's becoming more charismatic at cocktail parties, meeting clients you've worked for previously and continuing to make a good impression or building your networks at a conference or event, knowing how to consciously leverage your networks is a powerful skill in today's world. This session will focus on personal branding and how to promote yourself within your network (both existing and potential), as having the confidence to connect with people when first meeting them is vital for your personal and professional success. The next step is managing those relationships to ensure they are sustained and mutually beneficial.

In this webinar, experienced and renowned speaker Julia Palmer will help you to better understand:

  • Learn the three stages to building profitable business relationships
  • Become comfortable and even charismatic when starting and leaving conversations
  • Know the difference between building a simple or strategic network
  • Manage visibility and reap the rewards of influential networking

To register, click here:

To see some of Julia's work and get ideas about how to use your networks to advance your career, check out some of her latest block posts here and here

Young Professionals Career Development Webinar Series - 'Building on your strengths'

Wednesday 28 November 2018 12.30pm - 1.30pm AEST

On average, do you tend to work on improving your weaknesses, or building on your strengths? Kim Seeling Smith from Ignite Global asks you to think about this question. She is an expert in HR and has consulted across 32 Industries in 8 different countries and is a recognised leader in hiring, motivating and retaining top talent. 

In this webinar, we will look at what a strength is, and how focusing on improving your strengths can help you to be more engaged at work, more productive in your teams, and more fulfilled. We'll do this by looking at the three dimensions of strengths:

  • Performance (how well you perform when using these strengths)

  • Energy (how energised you are by using these strengths)

  • Use (how often you use these strengths).

Much more than something you are good at or capable of doing well, a strength also gives you energy when you perform it. Being motivated and enjoying your activities is what leads to engaged and productive individuals, teams, and organisations. 

The registration page for this webinar is coming soon, so watch this space!

Of interest as well may be this book from Ignite Global, '101 Ways to Enhance Your Career', available from Amazon here.

Young Professionals Career Development Webinar Series - 'Embracing diversity for improved productivity, workplace-health, well-being, etc…not quotas'

Thursday 13 December 2018 11.00am - 12.00pm AEST  

Diversity is an up and coming 'buzz word' in many workplaces today, but how can young professionals dive deep into what it really means to enhance their careers and the culture of their workplaces positively? 

Dr Karen Joyce and Professor Stuart Phinn will discuss how we can look at “diversity” as an essential part of highly effective, productive and successful workplaces, and provide directions for how early and mid-career professionals can implement actions to ensure diversity is recognised, valued and built in your workplace, and accepted as a key part of professional practice and successful business.

They will address the questions of:

What are diversity and equity?

Why do we need to recognise and act to build and maintain diversity?

What is the value of diversity to a business, government, NGO or research organisation?

How can you assess diversity, recognise the need for change and act to enable positive changes for diversity?

To register, please click here: Embracing Diversity

SEASC2019 - what would you like to see for YPs?

The South East Asia Survey Conference 2019 will be returning to Australia after almost 20 years, and is set to run at the Darwin Convention Centre from 15-18 August 2019. There will be a strong Young Professionals presence, with activities to support career development. If you're passionate about the industry, no matter where you're geographically located, we'd love to have you involved in the young professional's group who are supporting the design and implementation of the conference program. Please get in touch at to get involved, whether you have half an hour a month to spare or an hour a week to spare. As long as you have some ideas, we'd love to hear from you!

Reminder - Multi-GNSS Asia conference 

This exciting free conference, which will have a Young Professional and Student Forum on Tuesday 23 October and Dinner at Melbourne Gaol on Wednesday 24 October, has a fantastic, cutting-edge program relevant nationally and internationally. Speak to your employer now about this opportunity for both technical and soft skill development, as well as some great networking opportunities! Get in quick, as there are only 200 places available. 

Warm regards,

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