October 31, 2018 | Young Professionals

Welcome to the November edition of SSSI Young Professionals GeoMessage. This month, we're excited to be introducing new career development webinars, and opportunities to get involved in and attend conferences. 

The National Young Professional Committee has recently welcomed a suite of new members, who bring their unique regional experiences and energy with them. We have been consolidating over the past few months in terms of ideas and initiatives for the near future and will be holding a session towards the end of 2018 / early 2019 to brainstorm ideas and develop a strategic plan for the next 3 years. 

The committee welcomes submissions from the community regarding things that we could do better, feedback on past events, ideas for new events, or anything that might make the YPs better than ever. Please send an email to

The SSSI Young Professionals have been very active over the last month, with a number of great events on a regional scale and a National scale. We are proud to have our Career Development Webinar Series up and running, and also to have just wrapped up our 2018 National Young Professionals Mentoring Program. 

SSSI National Young Professionals Mentoring Program 2018

The SSSI National Young Professionals Mentoring Program 2018 was a four month program where mentors and mentees (often interstate pairs) came together each fortnight to discuss a range of topics relevant to transitioning from University to the workforce. There has been tremendous positive feedback from both mentors and mentees across Australia and internationally about the program, which had over 80 participants, including the following:

“It's been immensely useful for my personal development, in addition to my overall career outlook. I've found my life more purposeful than ever. [My mentor] has been a great mentor.”

This program was excellent and defining and fine tuning skills I already had as well as introducing me to more that will be extremely relevant for a career in spatial sciences. It has been very valuable getting to know my mentor, establishing a network and gaining insights firsthand of what it’s like to be well established in the spatial sciences industry. It was very interesting and useful. I discovered a lot of interesting things for my career and it helped my networking a lot.”

“It has been a great learning experience being part of this program. I never expected to gain this much knowledge of working in my field through this. Thanks to my mentor, I feel like I'm ready, as a soon-to-be graduate, to find work in my field and know what I can expect and what is expected of me.”

“The program has been really good at giving me an insight into different aspects of the workplace and areas that I can personally work on to help improve my chances of succeeding in my professional life into the future. I feel like my expectations for what to expect when entering the workplace are now more realistic and I will be more comfortable going into interviews now. “

“The mentoring program was quite comprehensive and engaging. It covered issues related to work and life. In addition, the mentoring was very interactive so that the mentee got many beneficial feedback.”

If you would like to find out about our 2019 SSSI National Young Professionals Mentoring Program, please submit an expression of interest here ( and we will get in touch with you with more details early next year. 

Young Professionals Career Development Webinar Series

“Build your influence” by Mark Hodgson, 26th September.

Mark gave a brilliant presentation about moving beyond being technically proficient, by building your reputation and influence. Mark gave some great pointers for building your confidence, and changing your mindset. He gave a background on why in today’s day and age, it’s not only what you know but who you know, and further explained that we all have a personal brand and influence people around us whether we know it or not, whether we think about it consciously or not. His excellent presentation gave a swathe of tips and tricks for thinking about who you want to notice you and what messages you want to send out to your networks. His insightful talk explained clearly and succinctly why thinking about how you have influence on the world around you can be vital to boosting your career.

To find out more about Mark Hodgson and Influence, visit his website: 

Young Professionals Career Development Webinar Series

“Leveraging your networks and building your personal brand” by Julia Palmer, 24th October.

Julia improved our understanding of the three stages to building profitable business relationships.

She explained how to have charismatic conversations, uncovered the difference between simple and strategic networks, and gave some great pointers on how to get make yourself visible and increase your influence.

To find out more about Julia Palmer, visit her website:

Young Professionals Career Development Webinar Series

“Building on your strengths” by Kim Seeling Smith

28 November 2018

On average, do you tend to work on improving your weaknesses, or building on your strengths? Kim Seeling Smith from Ignite Global asks you to think about this question. She is an expert in HR and has consulted across 32 Industries in 8 different countries and is a recognised leader in hiring, motivating and retaining top talent.

In this webinar, we will look at what a strength is, and how focusing on improving your strengths can help you to be more engaged at work, more productive in your teams, and more fulfilled. We'll do this by looking at the three dimensions of strengths: Performance (how well you perform when using these strengths), Energy (how energised you are by using these strengths), and Use (how often you use these strengths).

Much more than something you are good at or capable of doing well, a strength also gives you energy when you perform it. Being motivated and enjoying your activities is what leads to engaged and productive individuals, teams, and organisations.

Register now at:

Young Professionals Career Development Webinar Series

“Embracing Diversity” by Karen Joyce and Stuart Phinn

13 December 2018

This webinar explores the concept of  “diversity” as an essential part of highly effective, productive and successful workplaces, and provide directions for how early and mid-career professionals can implement actions to ensure diversity is recognised, valued and built in your workplace, and accepted as a key part of professional practice and successful business. We will consider:

  • What is diversity and what is equity?

  • Why do we need to recognise and act to build and maintain diversity?

  • What is the value of diversity to a business, government, NGO or research organisation?

  • How can you assess diversity, recognise the need for change and act to enable positive changes for diversity?

Register now at:

OZRI2018 Australian Esri User Conference, Nov 2018

Esri is undoubtedly a Goliath in the geospatial world and their conference this year will be in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney! 

Go check it out at:

FOSS4G SotM Oceania, Nov 20-23

The FOSS4G and OpenStreetMap communities of Australia, New Zealand, and the Pacific Islands are gathering for 4 incredible days of exploring open source geospatial tech & open data. A great chance to learn about all the latest in open source geospatial development. Check it out at:

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