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August 31, 2019 | Young Professionals
Chair Report – Roshni Sharma

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Upcoming Events
Webinar Series: Upgrades to the AGRS

Presented by Nicholas Brown (Geoscience Australia) and ICSM

The SSSI Young Professionals & ICSM are continuing our four-part lunchtime webinar series on upgrades to the Australian Geospatial Reference System (AGRS): the collection of datums, reference frames, models, infrastructure and standards needed for accurate 4D positioning.

Part 2: Monday 9 September - Geocentric Datum of Australia 2020
Part 3: Monday 21 October - Australian Terrestrial Reference Frame
Part 4: Thursday 28 November - Height: Ellipsoid, geoid, Australian Height Datum and Australian Vertical Working Surface

Click here for more information and to register – free of charge for all!

Part 1: Upgrading the Australian Geospatial Reference System was a great success!  If you missed it, head to our E-CPD page to register to view the recording.

Georabble Darwin

Thursday 12 September | 5.00 - 7.00pm | The Deck Bar

GeoRabble Darwin is the inaugural Georabble in the Northern Territory and will be an exciting space to meet fellow geo-folk! Register for free here

Event Highlights
South East Asia Survey Congress (SEASC)

The Young Professionals Day at SEASC2019 was extremely well received, with many more participants than we expected from all ages and all over the world. There were exciting opening keynotes from Donmarl Camua (Founding Member, FIG YSN Asia & the Pacific, The Philippines), Meizyanne Hicks (Director-Geospatial Information Division, Lands and Survey Department – Fiji; Vice Chair – Pacific Geospatial Surveying Council) and Roshni Sharma (Chair, SSSI Young Professionals, Australia). The icebreaker session was a great in-depth exploration of the what, how and why of the importance of YPs in our industry globally and in Australia, and a lot of fun was had with pasta and marshmallows at the leadership experiment ‘pasta tower of doom’. This was followed by a fun and insightful session with the Ultimate Networking Test and Big Picture Discussions about the Industry.

Amy Hetherington’s Career Development Workshop, ‘Delivering you the capability boost you’ve always wanted’ was a total hit with people learning skills that they didn’t realise they needed, and the Capacity Building Workshop (part two of the pasta towers of doom) by SSSI's President Zaffar Sadiq Mohamed-Ghouse delivered very important insights about the way we set our career goals and work towards them. The special address by Narelle Underwood, NSW Surveyor General & Director Survey Operations NSW, was grounded, insightful and shared a huge number of important points about the importance of diversity in our industry, the changes that are coming and how we can respond to them well, and shared her inspiring journey.

The key takeaways from the day were:

  1. Our YPs are the future of our industry, but also the now - young at heart professionals need to start succession planning with the YPs in mind to help continue their legacies, and most importantly need to start giving YPs opportunities to develop their skills and experience with this in mind.
  2. The culture of surveying urgently needs to adapt to embrace change, or another industry will fill the niche that rapid technological advances and AI creates - we will be left behind. Career pathway visibility and embracing soft skills is vital and urgent at all levels of the workforce.
  3. Career pathway visibility is an immense gap that we can relatively easily address. It is needed to get more people to stay in our industry, not only to get more people into our industry, both urgent matters globally.
  4. YPs are urgently seeking leadership over management, and demographically have different needs. As an industry, businesses need to adapt to embrace this - flexible work, diversity and inclusion, career pathway visibility, mentoring and coaching, etc.


Member Highlights
SSSI National Young Professionals Committee Spotlight – Nicholas Brown

This month we are highlighting our SSSI National Young Professional ACT Representative, Nicholas Brown. Nick is the Director of National Geodesy at Geoscience Australia, Chair of the Permanent Committee on Geodesy and Australian Representative on FIG Commission 5, and was the National Young Professional of the Year in 2018 at the Asia-Pacific Spatial Excellence Awards.

He is responsible for the development and refinement of the national coordinate reference frame, absolute gravimetry program, InSAR program and national geodesy products including geoid models. Nicholas has a Bachelor of Applied Science in Geomatics from RMIT and a Masters in Geophysics (Space Geodesy) from ANU.

“I like being involved in the YP group because it makes me still feel young. I am closer to mid-career than young, but I love the energy and ideas the SSSI YPs have. SSSI YPs bring so much to the industry. We have a vibrant group who are building bridges between the different disciplines in SSSI. I encourage anyone who is young, or young at heart to get involved in one or more of the many initiatives the SSSI YPs are organising.”

Other News
Interested in Digital Twins?

Have a look at the Victorian Government's recently launched first Digital Twin project for Fishermans Bend with the Victorian Minister for Planning Hon. Richard Wynne MP. In three months, they have 1,000 datasets, 60 collaborators, their first high resolution 3D feature object model for the whole precinct, old historic images bought back to life as new 3D data models, their first machine learning tree dataset for the precinct and early experimentation with BIM, augmented and virtual reality. Fishermans Bend is Australia's largest urban renewal precinct. The Digital Twin platform is already offering government and precinct stakeholders unprecedented capability to protect and enhance Melbourne's unique liveability in the face of rapid population growth and change.  It's early days for the project and there's much more to come...digitised cadastral property parcels, below ground infrastructure, live data streams and more BIM coming up in the next few sprints.  Check it out here and watch more at on YouTube 

Interested in the intersection between spatial and health?

Have a look at this amazing collaboration between QUT, Cancer Council Queensland & FrontierSI to produce the world-first interactive digital Australian Cancer Atlas.

Thinking more and more about work-life balance?

Check out this interesting article on time versus energy balance here.

Don’t know what boundary spanning is?

Learn more today here!

Looking for something new to listen to while commuting or working out?

What is the future of work? And what will it take to thrive in an age of burnout, anxiety, and distraction? Subscribe, download, enjoy, review, and stay tuned for Season 2! 👉🏽

Interested in how modern GIS can help keep our power network resilient?

Read more here.

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