UNSW Canberra Space and CNES partnership to study breakthrough remote-sensing satellite

May 8, 2018

UNSW Canberra Space and CNES have a signed a Letter of Intent for a partnership to study a breakthrough remote-sensing satellite that will be capable of monitoring the health of the coral reefs near Australia and in the South Pacific.

The joint study is expected to pave the way for developing disruptive space technologies such as hyperspectral remote sensing, onboard processing, artificial intelligence and formation-flying technologies.

These technologies can support applications such as monitoring fresh and marine water quality and precision agricultural practices.

Professor Russell Boyce, Director of UNSW Canberra Space, said France and Australia had a strong legacy of space cooperation over 35 years and this project would see that relationship continue. This is the first project to come to fruition after two years of working with CNES toward the development of joint space missions.

“Our facility at UNSW Canberra enables spacecraft design engineers and scientists to rapidly design and determine the technical and economic viability of proposed space missions,” Professor Boyce said. “Our capability includes hyperspectral remote sensing and the onboard processing needed to turn measurements into useful information with real-world application.”

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