Upcoming Remote Sensing & Photogrammetry Events

November 12, 2018

Pacific GIS and Remote Sensing Council (PGRSC) User Conference 2018

Transforming Pacific Resources and Infrastructure Management Using GIS&RS

26th - 30th November 2018 | USP Japan ICT Auditorium

  • Day 1: Organisations and Data
  • Day 2 and 3: Forestry and Land Use, Disaster Applications, Software and Cloud Computing, Marine Applications, GNSS and Geodetic Issues, Geospatial Education and Training.



SIBA|GITA Asia Pacific Spatial Excellence Awards

Presented at the closing cocktail event for Pacific GIS and Remote Sensing Council (PGRSC) User Conference 2018

Thursday 29th November 2018 | USP Japan ICT Auditorium



Locate 19

The Locate Conference (Locate19) will explore how geospatial science is underpinning the rapid changes we are experiencing now in the fourth industrial revolution. From advanced data capture techniques, positioning, data analytics, artificial intelligence to strategy and policy, Locate 19 will explore how surveying and spatial science is a core enabling technology of the digital age.  

8-10 April 2019 | Melbourne Convention Centre




30 April - 2 May 2019 | International Convention Centre (ICC) Sydney



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