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June 30, 2019



  • SEASC 2019

  • Land Registry News
  • DELWP Updates
  • Infrastructure Victoria Updates

SEASC 2019


Career Pathways Competition – open to students, professionals, executives and the retired!

Information about career pathways in our industry can be clear as mud at the best of times, and for many young people thinking about their future, as well as many of us who are already working in the industry, it’s not always apparent what options are available to us.

To add to this, our industry is diverse in the depth and breadth of experiences and backgrounds that each one of us has – but this is not immediately apparent and can take quite a lot of digging beneath the surface to uncover.

To make inroads to changing this, we are extremely excited to announce the SEASC2019 Career Pathways Competition! We encourage you to apply, especially if you are a young-at-heart professional who would like to inspire students and young professionals to enter, stay in and improve our industry.

The Career Pathways Competition is open to people of all ages and in all countries. No matter if you are a primary school student or high school student inspired by a parent in the industry, an undergraduate or postgraduate student, someone who has entered the industry after working in another industry, someone who has been working in the industry for a short or a long time, or someone who is retired after a lifetime in the industry – we want to hear from you!


How did you end up in the spatial/surveying industry? To highlight the depth and breadth of people in our industry, we would love to hear about your personal journey to where you are right now. What steps have you taken to get here? What have been your biggest inspirations and motivators? What do you love about your job? From timelines of your studies and career to photos of your childhood and family, maps of your travels, and experiences in the context of entering the spatial profession, we’re interested in hearing what your journey is, no matter where you are.

How hard would it be for you to record a 3-minute video sharing your story? Or to create a digital poster or story map sharing where you’ve come from and where you hope to go? 

Entries close on Friday 9 August 2019, 11:59 PM ACST.

Land Registry News

Removal of warnings on provisional folios after 15 years:

The Transfer of Land Act 1958 (TLA) was amended by the Land Legislation Amendment Act 2017 to include new section 26Y. This section provides that a provisional folio created from a conversion of general law land becomes an ordinary folio (unless an ordinary folio has been created already) 15 years after the creation of the provisional folio.

Section 26Y has the effect that any warnings on a provisional folio (“Warning as to Title”, Warning as to Dimensions” and “Warning as to subsisting interests”) are removed. 

The Registrar proposes to remove warnings from provisional folios when the period of 15 years has elapsed since the folio’s creation. This process may take some time, and as a result, a warning may continue to appear on the now ordinary folio or diagram source, but any such warning will no longer have any effect.

Warnings will continue to remain on the diagram source (plan) except for provisional folios created after May 2019, where no warning will be put on the plan. Where no warnings appear on a folio, any warning on a plan should be considered as obsolete.

Effect of section 26Y on Applications for deletion of warning relating to title dimensions (section 26P):

Section 26Y affects applications under section 26P of the TLA (Application for deletion of warning relating to title dimensions), as a folio showing a warning as to dimensions may no longer be subject to the warning. 

A section 26P application affecting a folio where the period of 15 years has elapsed will not be accepted for lodgement nor processed regardless of whether the folio or diagram source still shows a warning as to dimensions. The checklist supporting the preparation of section 26P applications (available on the DELWP website) will be updated.

Lodging parties preparing an application under section 26P must undertake a folio search to determine if a period of 15 years has elapsed since the creation of the provisional folio. 

Any existing applications under section 26P of the TLA (including applications which have been created in SPEAR but not yet lodged) where the 15-year period has elapsed will need to be altered to an appropriate alternate boundary amendment application (e.g. sections 60, 99, 103, or 15 of the TLA) before they can proceed.

DELWP Updates
Planning Enquiries Change

The Planning Group within the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning is changing its customer enquiries service, which means a new phone number and email address for general planning enquiries. From Monday 20 May 2019, please direct general planning enquiries to: 136 186 or The contact centre is available from 8 am to 6 pm Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays).

Recent Planning Scheme Amendments

Amendment GC 128 Approved 30 May 2019. Makes administrative, format and technical changes to the Cardinia, Casey, Greater Geelong, Hobsons Bay, Melton, Moonee Valley, Nillumbik, Port of Melbourne, Port Phillip and Yarra planning schemes to support the publishing of these planning schemes from the Amendment Tracking System (ATS).

Latrobe Planning Scheme Amendment  C116.  Approved 30 May 2019. Updates local provisions which are inconsistent with The Victoria Planning Provisions as a result of Amendment VC142, VC148, and VC156; and the Ministerial Direction – Form and Content of Planning Schemes.

Amendment GC129, Approved 27 June 2019. Makes administrative, format and technical changes to the Banyule, Frankston, Hume, Kingston, Manningham, Maribyrnong, Mitchell, Surf Coast and Whittlesea planning schemes to support the publishing of these planning schemes from the Amendment Tracking System (ATS).

Whitehorse Planning Scheme Amendment C223 Approved, 28 June 2019. Extends the expiry date of Schedule 9 to the Significant Landscape Overlay for another twelve months until 30 June 2020.

Proposed Amendment

Monash Planning Scheme Amendment C148. Submissions close Friday 2 August. Seeks to update the public open space contribution rates for all subdivisions, by requiring that all subdivision provides a public open space contribution at a rate of 10%.

  • Introduces a new Local Planning Policy – Clause 22.15: Public Open Space Contributions Policy that sets out the guidance for the process on when, where and how a public open space contribution will be required, including whether in the form of cash in lieu, land or a combination of both.

  • Replaces Clause 21.10 in the Municipal Strategic Statement with a new Clause 21.10.

The following panel hearing dates have been set for this amendment: 

  • Directions hearing: 24 September 2019  

  • Panel hearing: 22 October 2019

Infrastructure Victoria Updates

Michel Masson CEO of Infrastructure Victoria has provided the following updates:-

Advice on infrastructure to support Victoria's waste industry

The State Government has asked Infrastructure Victoria to provide advice on the infrastructure required to support changes to the waste industry in Victoria.

Recent changes in the waste industry mean there are impacts for how Victoria sorts and exports waste. The advice will cover the infrastructure required, and the role of government, to support the re-processing and use of recycled materials, the waste to energy sector and resource recovery of organic waste. An interim report will be delivered to government in October this year and the final advice in April 2020.

Infrastructure Victoria's response to the transport network pricing community panel

In March, Infrastructure Victoria convened a community panel to consider the question: under what conditions, if any, would the community accept a change in the way Victorians pay for roads and public transport?

Following an in-depth, deliberative process over four weeks, the community panel delivered a report detailing eight conditions under which they would accept a change to the way they paid for roads and public transport.

Infrastructure Victoria have reviewed and assessed all of the recommendations and will now undertake to examine the implications of all eight recommendations. You can find out more about their transport network pricing research on the Infrastructure Victoria website and be sure to watch the short video which summarises the community panel process.

Infrastructure Victoria podcast: Growing Victoria’s Potential

In April Infrastructure Victoria published Growing Victoria's Potential, a discussion paper exploring the opportunities and challenges of population growth. It is the first of a series of papers they will release over the coming year as the 30-year infrastructure strategy is updated.

If you haven’t yet read Growing Victoria’s Potential, the podcast provides an overview of the key issues examined in the paper, and areas to be explored over the coming months.

You can find a range of materials that underpin Growing Victoria’s Potential, including profiles on each of Victoria’s regions and infrastructure provision in different development settings on the Infrastructure Victoria website:

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