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September 30, 2019



  • DELWP Updates

  • Victoria Planning Authority (VPA)
  • Infrastructure Contributions Plans (ICP)
  • Geoscience Australia
  • Locate 2020 Brisbane



Planning Scheme Histories

VicPlan new release v2.2.3 - Have you tried the new Time slider feature in VicPlan? You can now see Planning Scheme zone & overlay changes over the last 2 years and historic property changes too. Map Amendment have direct links to the Planning Scheme Amendment web pages. Heritage site Hermes numbers and Crown Land descriptors are now included in VicPlan searches. For a full list of VicPlan updates see  VicPlan web page. If you require assistance with VicPlan please use the Help and Feedback on the toolbar.

Updates to Land Use Terms

Following consideration of the Land Use Terms Advisory Committee report, the Minister for Planning has approved Amendment VC159. The amendment changes the Victoria Planning Provisions and all planning schemes to introduce new land use terms, revise the definition of land use terms and change where land use terms are nested. The Minister has also approved Amendment VC163 to correct a technical error in Clause 73.04 that occurred in Amendment VC159. The Land Use Terms Advisory Committee report, a summary of the state government’s response to the recommendations and frequently asked questions are available on the land use terms web page.

Proposed Amendment to Public Open Space Contributions

Monash Planning Scheme - Amendment C148 - Submissions close 2nd August, 2019. This amendment proposes to update the public open space contribution rates for all require that all subdivision provides a public open space contribution at a rate of 10%.  It also introduces a new Local Planning Policy – Clause 22.15: Public Open Space Contributions Policy that sets out the guidance for the process on when, where and how a public open space contribution will be required, including whether in the form of cash in lieu, land or a combination of both and replaces Clause 21.10 in the Municipal Strategic Statement with a new Clause 21.10.

Land Use Victoria

Land Use Victoria's Customer Information Bulletin Issue 191, is now online available at

Issue 191 includes information on the following:

  • Reminder: Phase out of Plan Acceptance counter services
  • Strata Plan enhancement project
  • Historical aerial photographs
  • ELN Subscriber Compliance Examination
  • Applications under section 47 of the Transfer of Land Act 1958
  • Defining burdened and benefited land in restrictive covenants in transfers and plans



The VPA’S Business Plan for 2019/20

In September the VPA launched their Business Plan for the 2019/2020 financial year, based on a Statement of Expectations signed off by the Minister for Planning.

In addition to reporting to the Minister for Planning, the VPA now has an expanded role in delivering for the Minister for Priority Precincts, which includes support for the Suburban Rail Loop project.

They are also moving to support the priorities of the re-elected Government in supporting planning for affordable housing, integrated water management, unlocking urban growth in our regions and supporting better infrastructure coordination to support urban growth.

The VPA work program will deliver on seven distinct program areas:

  1. Priority Precincts (including support for the Suburban Rail Loop project)
  2. Urban Renewal in Melbourne
  3. Melbourne Growth Corridors
  4. Regional cities and towns
  5. Infrastructure planning and coordination
  6. Streamlining plan delivery
  7. Planning solutions, innovation and partnerships

The VPA Business Plan for 2019/2020 sets out a significant work program across the state with around 100 projects across the 7 program streams.

There have been a number of approvals initiated by the VPA in conjunction with councils and stakeholders:

Mitchell Planning Scheme-Amendment C143. Approved minor updates to the Beveridge Central Precinct Structure Plan (PSP

Mitchell Planning Scheme-Amendment C147. Approved the Beveridge Central Infrastructure Construction Plan (ICP) on an interim basis, affecting land within the Beveridge Central PSP, to ensure that appropriate contributions can be collected for essential infrastructure until such time as the final ICP is in place.

Melton Planning Scheme - Amendment C195. Approved the final Plumpton & Kororoit Infrastructure Contribution Plan for land within the Plumpton and Kororoit PSP areas.

Melton Planning Scheme-Amendment C203. Approved updates to the Plumpton and Kororoit PSPs to ensure alignment with the ICP and to make minor corrections and adjustments.

Casey Planning Scheme-Amendment  C266. Introduced the interim ICP to allow permits to be issued within the precinct. An ultimate ICP was recently on public exhibition until 9 September 2019.

Casey Planning Scheme – Amendment C261. Cardinia Creek South ICP. Introduced the standard levy ICP to allow development to occur in the precinct.

Mitchell and Whittlesea Planning Schemes – Amendment GC134. Updates the interim Infrastructure Contributions Overlay affecting land within the Donnybrook-Woodstock Precinct Structure Plan (PSP) to include updated infrastructure costs and the 1 July 2019 contribution levy indexation.

Hume Planning Scheme-Amendment C205. Lindum Vale PSP introduces the PSP and ICP and sets out the land use and development controls for the precinct.

Melton Planning Scheme-Amendment C195 and C203. Approved updates to the Plumpton and Kororoit PSPs to ensure consistency between the ICP and PSPs.

Greater Shepparton Planning Scheme-Amendment C118. Introduces a PSP and DCP into the Shepparton North East PSP and DCP and will provide up to 1,500 homes to accommodate a population of more than 4,000.


In the Metropolitan Greenfield Growth Areas, the VPA are continuing work to finalise ICPs affecting 100,000lots and report that:

  • Gazettal of the Beveridge Central PSP and interim ICP on 4 and 5 September 2019
  • Mt Atkinson / Tarneit Plains final ICP has been completed.
  • Panel hearing for the Donnybrook / Woodstock ICP begins in October 2019
  • Exhibition of Minta Farm final ICP closed on 9 September
  • Sunbury South / Lancefield Road PSP and Interim ICP are outstanding and on track for finalisation in November 2019.

The VPA is also leading a ‘road map’ process to identify and implement improvements to the way they deliver ICPs in greenfields Melbourne and in Strategic Development Areas.

Regional Growth Areas and Strategic Development Areas

The VPA will also be leading the development of a road map to develop the system for ICPs in regional Victoria, by May-June 2020 and will also be developing a system for ICPs in the Strategic Development Areas (SDAs) of Melbourne. The SDA road map can be found here.

Developers Staging GAIC Payments

Developers are increasingly taking advantage of the opportunity to manage their Growth Areas Infrastructure Contribution payments through Staged Payment Arrangements (SPAs). As a result, SPA applications are running at an all-time high. The VPA has added some extra resources and encourage as much lead time as possible for SPA Applications.


Geoscience Australia has produced an interactive story map,  illustrating the history of aerial photography   Click for details



The gates are open for Locate20, which will take place at Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre from 28-30 April.

Locate20 will develop around the theme of Convergence, Collaboration and Comunity - Towards a Stronger Economy', a theme that convener Paul Reed says aims to help highlight the role that surveying and spatial sciences play in economic development. The vision is to see Locate reach out to a wider audience than in previous years, attracting surveyors, spatial scientists and associated professionals from across a range of industry sectors.

Locate20 will be the place to celebrate the diversity within the spatial industry and where we can unity to build our capacity and explore the convergence that is taking place within various components of our industry.

Capitalising in on the rapidly growing momentum of the past two years, the SSSI has announced five travel grants for members of the Young Professionas to attend Locate 20, valued at $10,000 each.

Look out for further details.




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