SSSI VIC News - June 2018

May 31, 2018

Please find below information on what is happening at the Surveying and Spatial Sciences Institute Victoria as of June 2018.


Chair Report

Victoria Regional Chair -  Thierry Demathieu

The Surveying Taskforce

This year, the Surveying Taskforce Inc. celebrated 10 years of existence. It was a good time to reflect in its elected participants, aim and outcomes.

The group of 16 includes 14 members or officers, 1 observer and 1 business administrator. Membership includes 2 members of:

  1. Industry Body: CSV and SIBA-GITA.

  2. Professional bodies: SSSI and ISV.

  3. Universities: University of Melbourne and RMIT University.

  4. Surveyors Registration Board of Victoria.

The aim of the Taskforce:

  1. Maintain Financial Sustainability.

  2. Increase registration throughput and quality.

  3. Raise the profile of the profession.

  4. Increase student numbers in University Surveying streams.

  5. Increase secondary student intake into tertiary study.


  1. Sustainable financial position due to members and over forty Surveying firms yearly contributions.

  2. Slight increase in the number of newly Licensed Surveyors.

  3. Raising the profile project, effective marketing campaigns, use of Electronic Direct Mail, Social Media and Search Engine Optimisation.

  4. Unprecedented increase and retention of students in University Surveying streams and facilitation of resume dissemination to firms for student part time job seekers.

  5. Attendance of over twenty career events or expos, facilitation of over thirty Year 10 work experience placements, Math in Surveying monthly events and University Open Days.

Example of Event 1:
When Taylors, SSSI VIC Bronze Sustaining Partner invited the Taskforce at their Formula 1 Grand Prix stand, we saw it as a good way to engage with the public. The stand was all about virtual reality that the surveyor can create by measuring it. From sitting in a virtual formula 1, to view Osier Lane, Bourke Street Mall or an hospital, flying above the track or being scanned in 3D to get a colour point cloud of yourself. It was very cool, engaging and the perfect way to promote a career in the field. This led to the introduction of the Virtual Reality at the VCE Career Expos in Caulfield and Cranbourne as an updated way to engage future students.

Dr Indira Wittamperuma with Josh Fisher, Chris Burrows and Jonny Ward, RMIT students.

Kid with virtual goggles at the Cranbourne Expo

Example of Event 2:
As member on the Surveying Taskforce, I attended the VCE career expo in Caulfield where we had an exhibitor booth. Trying to engage with the public about a career in surveying saw eleven members of the industry and Taskforce working tirelessly over 4 days. The measuring competition to see if you could be a good surveyor was again very popular (over 200 entries) with a $100 JB Hifi gift voucher up for grab. On Saturday, I helped Amanda Li from Digital Land Surveys talk to some interested parents and teenagers and we were joined later by Kellie Dean from Spiire.

Taskforce Membership change:
We farewell SSSI member Nathan Wallace from the Taskforce. He is following his girlfriend career dreams to Switzerland. Nathan moved from interstate to live in Melbourne in 2013. He worked for Alexander Symonds. As a Young Professional, he participated in the 2013-2014 YP Mentoring Program. In 2014, he joined the Farren Group in Footscray. At that time, SSSI invited him to take the vacant SSSI position on the Surveying Taskforce. In 2016, he moved to Listech and joined the Hexagon family of international companies where he promoted and supported the Listech range of software including Neo and Liscad nationally and internationally. He served on the marketing sub-committee for the duration of his tenure. Thank you Nathan.

Aim 2:
Aim 2 is the only aim that is not showing great increase since the inception of the Taskforce. After organising a formal extensive consultation with graduate surveyors, we flagged the causes of the delays in gaining registration.

The Professional Training Agreement (PTA) sub-committee is leading an initiative on the introduction of the PTA portal using Confluence, an online reference guide for PTA trainees. Over the last six years, the PTA sub-committee has organised events for trainees and collected numerous documents. SSSI member Marc Centofanti organised this new mobile friendly platform where all documents could be stored and viewed. It is like a new online Survey Practice Handbook, the three blue hard copy folders that every Victorian surveyor has on its shelves. Future and current Licensed Surveyor can refer to them during their day to day activities on a PC or on their mobile devices.

Victorian Committee addition

I would like to introduce Dr Zita Ultmann who accepted the position of SSSI VIC Women in Surveying/Spatial (WIS) Chair. Zita will find new women leaders to present in the WIS stream at the annual summit conference in October. Last year, we had 5 presentations. Diversity in Surveying from Narelle Underwood, Surveyor General NSW, thinking habits of confident Women and how to learn them from Jenny Bailey, Women, Life and Independence from Kerry Ashbrook, Breaking stereotypes - Line of Sight of a tiny female surveyor, from Jolene Chan and Motivate, Inspire and Collaborate  from Robyn McCutcheon. Zita will continue the momentum of the meeting that was held at the Elgin Hotel on 22 October 2017, attended by representative from SIBA-GITA, ISV, RMIT, SSSI and the Surveying Taskforce.

Women In Spatial logo

Women Leader Meeting, Elgin Hotel on Sunday 22 October 2017, Dr Zita Ultmann is the second person from the right.

Granville Stapylton

You may remember the presentation at our joint seminar in January from retired SSSI member Greg Eccleston LS on land surveyor Granville Stapylton, second in command to Major Mitchell. Professional distinguish guests were invited to the book launch at the Royal Society of Victoria on Friday 23 May 2018. On the first floor in Ellery’s Lecture Theatre, we listened to the history of the Royal Society of Victoria dated back to 1854. The MC for the night shared the life of the author, Greg Ecclestone. Career at the Victorian Department of Crown Land and Survey Department, a scout leader and a winner to undertake the feasibility study for a proposed Major Mitchell Long Distance Track in the early 1980’s, Greg set to write about Stapylton and took his research all the way to Europe to meet the descendants, collect and copy precious documents and stories. As the MC and another distinguish guest pointed, the book is a work of art with multitude of maps and fieldbook extracts. We were then invited to the Burke and Wills room on the ground floor for Tasmanian Bubbly and finger food. We had the opportunity to purchase our own copy of the book personally signed by the author.

Greg Eccleston presenting

Royal Society of Victoria history


news from commissions 



Andrew Bashfield (SICC IC Chair) is looking for three or four SSSI members to join him on the Victorian Region SICC  Sub Committee. The main tasks are:

  • Plan SICC theme for the SICC stream of the Victorian Spatial Summit and call for presentations.
  • Propose events and activities that would attract and inform SICC members and other industry members.
  • Build on the momentum of interest that will be created by the upcoming Locate 19 Conference to be held in Melbourne 9-10 April 2019.

SSSI-ISV Joint Seminar

A joint Seminar was held by the SSSI Land Surveying Commission with Institution of Surveyors Victoria (ISV) on the 31st Jan at the offices of C.R.Kennedy, at which Andrew gave a presentation on the new field asset collection activities carried out by students which are part of the courses making up the Diploma of Surveying at RMIT.

SICC Twilight Seminar

On the 14th February 2018, SICC held the Twilight Seminar at RMIT, hosted by Andrew Bashfield and supported by Lindsay Perry, Chair of the Land Surveying Commission.

The speakers were in Melbourne for a Cadastral Subcommittee meeting of the Intergovernmental Committee on Survey & Mapping (ICSM) and they kindly agreed to the request from SSSI to present on three national topics related to the modernisation of Australia's Survey & Mapping foundation data:

The key speakers were:

  • Craig Sandy, Surveyor-General of Victoria speaking about the implementation of GDA2020.
  • Dr Russell Priebbenow, Director of Survey, Queensland talking about the Cadastre 2034 initiative, its implementation and also issues around 3d cadastre.
  • Michael Giudici, Surveyor-General of Tasmania presenting on the Elevation and Depth 2030 Strategy and asking for input from attendees and the private sector.

Lindsay Perry rounded the evening off with a presentation on the SSSI involvement in FIG.

The 60 attendees were split 50/50 between surveyors and spatial professionals plus around 12 current students. The networking session after the presentations was very successful.

We are endeavouring to make links to the PowerPoint presentations available on the SICC page of the SSSI website.

GeoRabble Melbourne #11

Andrew presented at the GeoRabble Melbourne #11 on Wednesday 21st March 2018. Over 150 people attended, very few SSSI members.

The style was short and sweet presentations from seven presenters with drinks and food followed by networking, held at the Elephant and Wheelbarrow pub in Melbourne CBD.

Andrew Bashfield’s topic was “Surveying at RMIT — Tales from Carlton, the best-surveyed place in Australia”.

GeoRabble is growing in popularity and seems to be the way spatial people want to meet up. We will continue to stay engaged and not treat it as a rival activity. Perhaps the Young Professionals could give us an opinion.

Tasmanian Surveying and Spatial Conference 2018

Andrew and Lindsay have been in touch with Paul Digney, Chair of SSSI Tasmanian Region about getting some Victorian involvement in their State conference in Launceston, Friday September 14th 2018. 

Future Events

Melbourne, Australia, 28-31 August 2018 - Tenth International Conference on Geographic Information Science covering emerging topics and fundamental research findings. Hosted at RMIT University in collaboration with the University of Melbourne


Thankyou to everyone who participated in our events in the last few weeks, it was good seeing so many people coming along.

A special thanks to Danielle Cherubin, who did two fantastic presentations about Life After Uni at RMIT & Melbourne Uni, everyone was very engaged about her work and her cadetship through Spatial Vision.

Additionally, we held networking drinks at Captain Melville and a good time was had by all, so thanks everyone for participating and we look forward to running more events later in the year. 

Frazer Wilson, Chair Young Professionals Victoria 


There has been a lull in CPD Events whilst we wait for a number of new initiatives and projects to reach stages of completion.

Over the next couple of months, the Governments Smart Planning Program is being populated with many on line improvements, PEXA and digital lodging will present their own challenges as we move to 100% digital lodgement.

We will also be able to present latest research on blockchain technology which may have an impact on land systems and further development of national standards and guidelines relating to BIM and its relationship with surveying and spatial applications. 

These matters along with a number of other eclectic topis will be dealt with over the coming months. Our Surveying and Spatial Summit will be held later this year-and we will be holding a half day seminar on remote measuring applications as well as our series of Twilight Seminars.

The Tasmanian Region will be holding their Spatial Summit on Friday September 14th in Launceston and is developing a program of common interest topics to encourage Victorian members to attend. This is an opportunity to meet with a neighbouring region who have similar issues and problems as we do. Look out for further details to be released soon.

South East Asia Survey Congress Darwin 2019

SSSI is hosting the South East Asian Survey Congress in Darwin in 2019 from August 15 to 18 and extends an invitation for all surveyors to attend.

It is anticipated that over 500 surveyors from across SE Asia, The Pacific, Australia and New Zealand will attend this international congress, which will focus on how surveying remains relevant to the needs of society through working collaboratively to meet the future technical, social and environmental challenges in digitally connected surroundings.

Association of Surveyors of Papua New Guinea Conference 

The Association of Surveyors of Papua New Guinea (ASPNG) will be holding their 52nd conference at the Lae International Hotel, Lae PNG from 4 to 6 July 2018.

Survey on use of BIM and Digital Technology in Victoria

For more information and to participate in the survey click on the title above.

More Land Surveying News and Updates...See IMPORTANT NEWS


Member Highlights

Dr Peter Woodgate Hon. Fellow SSSI

At Locate 18 in Adelaide, Vic Region member Dr Peter Woodgate was elevated to an Hon Fellow of SSSI. Peter has over 30 years of professional and academic experience in a range of disciplines spanning the pure and environmental sciences, spatial sciences, geosciences, business, public policy and administration. During this period Peter has conceived and led initiatives that have resulted in the development of new policies, the creation of new organisations, the restructuring and growth of existing organisations, and conceptual and practical advances in knowledge at the national, Commonwealth and State and Territory levels in Australia. 

In June 2003 Peter became the founding CEO of the CRCSI.  He built the organisation up to a leader in this space and recently lead the team to reinvent it as FrontierSI Ltd, he is also Co-Chair of Australia’s 2026 Spatial Industry Transformation and Growth Agenda. Other notable awards to Peter include:-

  • 2006 he received a certificate of appreciation for mentorship work from SSI
  • 2007 awarded the SSSI President’s Award as well as the Professional Eminence Award
  • 2008 Victorian Premier appointed him as Ambassador for Club Melbourne in 2008
  • 2015 awarded the SIBA Chairman’s Award
  • 2016 became a life member of the International Society for Digital Earth
  • 2016 Peter initiated the 2026 Spatial Industry Transformation and Growth Agenda.

Peter is a well known and well respected leader in our industry both nationally and Internationally and we congratulate him on his elevation to Hon Fellow.

SSSI Victoria are proud to have the following members join/re-join SSSI -  

  1. Miss Nahlah Abed Abbas - Student - Engineering & Mining Surveying and Spatial Information & Cartography 

  2. Mr Hayder Abdallah - Student - Land Surveying  and Spatial Information & Cartography 

  3. Mr Lachlan Adams - Student - Land Surveying  and Engineering & Mining Surveying 

  4. Mr Maierdan Alimujiang - Student - Land Surveying  and Spatial Information & Cartography 

  5. Mr Jacob Attrill - Student - Land Surveying 

  6. Mr Samuel Baker - Student - Land Surveying  and Spatial Information & Cartography 

  7. Mr Darcy Bloodworth - Student - Land Surveying 

  8. Ms Manda Bosnjak - Student - Land Surveying  and Spatial Information & Cartography 

  9. Mr Jared Brand - Student - Land Surveying  and Spatial Information & Cartography 

  10. Mr Logan Bridson - Student - Land Surveying  and Engineering & Mining Surveying 

  11. Mr Ethan Cha - Student - Land Surveying  and Engineering & Mining Surveying 

  12. Mr Antonio Chiodo - Student - Land Surveying 

  13. Miss Kaycie Cochrane - Student - Land Surveying  and Hydrography 

  14. Mr Mitchell Collins - Student - Land Surveying  and Spatial Information & Cartography 

  15. Mr Callum Cornelius - Student - Land Surveying 

  16. Mr Stathi Cornell - Student - Land Surveying  and Hydrography 

  17. Mr Bailey Coutts - Student - Land Surveying  and Hydrography 

  18. Mr Lincoln Crabtree - Student - Land Surveying  and Engineering & Mining Surveying 

  19. Mr Nathan Creed - Student - Land Surveying  and Hydrography 

  20. Mr Michael Culvenor - Student - Land Surveying 

  21. Mr Evan Dalziel - Affiliate - Land Surveying 

  22. Mrs Lucy Davis - Student - Land Surveying  and Spatial Information & Cartography 

  23. Mr Finlay De Lacy - Student - Land Surveying  

  24. Mr Thomas Falzon - Student - Land Surveying 

  25. Mr James Faull - Student - Land Surveying  and Remote Sensing & Photogrammetry 

  26. Mr Samuel Fisher - Student - Land Surveying  and Spatial Information & Cartography 

  27. Mrs Mary Antonette Firme - Member - Spatial Information & Cartography and Land Surveying  

  28. Mr Justin Angus Hajo Hayen - Student - Land Surveying  and Spatial Information & Cartography 

  29. Mr Cassidy Hellyer - Student - Land Surveying  and Spatial Information & Cartography 

  30. Mr Angus Hockley - Student - Land Surveying  and Engineering & Mining Surveying 

  31. Mr Paul Italia - Student - Land Surveying  and Engineering & Mining Surveying 

  32. Mr Morgan Jones - Student - Land Surveying  and Spatial Information & Cartography 

  33. Mr Adam Josevski - Student - Land Surveying  and Hydrography 

  34. Mr Georgios Karantzalis - Student - Land Surveying  and Engineering & Mining Surveying 

  35. Mr Kieran Kelly - Student - Land Surveying  and Hydrography 

  36. Mr Alex Koutrouvelis - Student - Land Surveying  and Remote Sensing & Photogrammetry  

  37. Mr Trenthan Le - Student - Land Surveying 

  38. Mr Kevin Lee - Student - Land Surveying  and Engineering & Mining Surveying 

  39. Mr Jack Levett - Student - Land Surveying 

  40. Ms Yang Yan Li - Student - Land Surveying  and Engineering & Mining Surveying 

  41. Mr Benjamin Lia - Student - Land Surveying  and Spatial Information & Cartography 

  42. Mr Rohan Gordon Lidgard - Affiliate - Land Surveying 

  43. Mr Willem Love - Student - Land Surveying  and Engineering & Mining Surveying 

  44. Mr Conwei Luo - Student - Land Surveying  and Spatial Information & Cartography 

  45. Mr Muhammad Luqman - Student - Remote Sensing & Photogrammetry and Spatial Information & Cartography  

  46. Mr Stephen MacRae - Student - Land Surveying  and Remote Sensing & Photogrammetry 

  47. Mr Jordan Madden - Student - Land Surveying  and Spatial Information & Cartography 

  48. Mr Todd Malt - Student - Land Surveying 

  49. Mr Nathan Mandelt - Student - Land Surveying  and Engineering & Mining Surveying 

  50. Mr Justin Martini - Student - Land Surveying  and Engineering & Mining Surveying 

  51. Mr Jayden McHenry - Student - Land Surveying  and Hydrography 

  52. Mr Isaac McMahon - Student - Land Surveying  and Engineering & Mining Surveying 

  53. Mr Davoud Mortezapour - Student - Land Surveying  and Engineering & Mining Surveying 

  54. Mr Evan Mouat - Student - Land Surveying  and Engineering & Mining Surveying  

  55. Mr Ethan O'Donnell - Student - Land Surveying  and Remote Sensing & Photogrammetry 

  56. Mr Rory O'Neill - Student - Land Surveying 

  57. Mr Fatih Ozdemir - Student - Land Surveying  and Engineering & Mining Surveying 

  58. Mr Aydin Ozeral - Student - Land Surveying  and Spatial Information & Cartography  

  59. Mr Karl Papez - Student - Land Surveying  and Engineering & Mining Surveying 

  60. Mr Jonathan Paterson - Student - Land Surveying  and Spatial Information & Cartography 

  61. Mr Luke Pattison - Student - Land Surveying  and Hydrography 

  62. Mr Zachary Penzes - Student - Land Surveying 

  63. Mr Vimol Pou - Student - Land Surveying 

  64. Mr Darrell Prasad - Student - Land Surveying  and Spatial Information & Cartography  

  65. Mr Aris Sporidis - Student - Land Surveying  and Spatial Information & Cartography 

  66. Mr Ravi Suraweera - Student - Land Surveying  and Spatial Information & Cartography 

  67. Mr Will Tarenidis - Student - Land Surveying 

  68. Mr Roderick Taylor - Student - Land Surveying  and Spatial Information & Cartography 

  69. Mr Barrie Thistlethwayte - Student - Land Surveying  and Spatial Information & Cartography 

  70. Mr Nathan Thompson - Student - Land Surveying  and Engineering & Mining Surveying 

  71. Mr Joshua Torrello - Student - Land Surveying  and Hydrography 

  72. Mr Andy Tran - Student - Land Surveying 

  73. Mr Charles Triggs - Student - Land Surveying  and Spatial Information & Cartography 

  74. Mr Sam Ath Try - Student - Land Surveying 

  75. Mr Hobson Tyler - Student - Land Surveying  and Engineering & Mining Surveying 

  76. Mr Cameron Vanderzyden - Student - Land Surveying  and Engineering & Mining Surveying W 

  77. Mr Jason Walker - Student - Land Surveying  and Spatial Information & Cartography 

  78. Mr Jayden Wallace - Student - Land Surveying  and Remote Sensing & Photogrammetry 

  79. Mr Casey White - Student - Land Surveying 

  80. Mr Jake Wilding - Student - Land Surveying 

  81. Miss Charlotte Williams - Student - Land Surveying  and Spatial Information & Cartography

  82. Mr Wai Onn Yap - Student - Land Surveying

  83. Mr Junjie Zhang - Student - Land Surveying 

We welcome our new members and hope to continue on this great momentum in the months to come. We also acknowledge receipt of another 25 membership applications that are currently being processed.


upcoming eVENTS 

We are currently confirming a calendar of upcoming events which we will communicate to our Victorian members in the next regional news.


Locate 19  Victoria will be hosting Locate 19 next year. Save the dates 8-10 April 2019 in your diary and join me at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre in Southbank. 

Twilight Seminar
Wednesday 13 June, 5:30PM - 8:00PM to be held at RMIT Building 56, Level 5, Room 82 Free to attend. Light food and refreshments provided. 

tbc - Land Surveying Commission Seminar 

tbc - Women in Spatial Seminar




VCAT Clarification of Minimum Garden Area Requirements

VCAT has recently released two red dot decisions in regard to the requirement to set aside a garden area: 25 per cent for a lot between 400-500sqm, 30 per cent for those between 501-650sqm, and 35 per cent for those lots more than 650sqm. 

This requirement was introduced in Amendment VC110 in March last year and without any practice note or guidelines from DELWP, practitioners have been coming to grips with the meaning of ‘lot’, ‘roofed areas’, and ‘uncovered outdoor areas’ in calculating the requirement.

Matters regarding eaves were addressed in Guler v Brimbank CC (Red Dot) [2018]. The Tribunal determined that the areas underneath the eaves and extended roofline of the proposal are excluded from the calculation of the ‘garden area’ because they are not ‘uncovered outdoor areas’; and because they are ‘roofed areas’ within the ordinary meaning of those terms.

Sargentson v Campaspe SC (Red Dot) [2018] ( was a double storey townhouse development with re-subdivision of two existing lots. Although the appeal was not allowed, the decision contained an analysis of how the garden area was determined where more than one lot is part of the application.

A permit was sought for the construction of two double-storey townhouses and re-subdivision of two existing lots of 1,012 square metres and 24 square metres. Council’s approach was that the garden calculation of 30 per cent should be applied to the resultant lots of 506sqm and 530 sqm applying the wording as it relates to subdivision. Whereas the applicant’s approach was that the garden area be applied to the planning unit (i.e. the combined area of the two lots), which would set aside 35 per cent of the site for this purpose.

The Tribunal considered that Council’s approach did not correctly apply the provision wording, as the combined development and subdivision application was not creating lots of vacant land. Likewise, it said the applicant’s position could not be supported by the language of the provision.

The Tribunal instead interpreted that ‘lot’ in the provision referred to the existing lot arrangement, therefore the garden area would be calculated on the larger lot and would not apply on the smaller lot.

The Tribunal’s lengthy consideration concluded with an observation on the garden area requirement’s practical application, where it said (para89):

“As a final comment, it is somewhat perplexing to me that this extent of analysis is required in order to determine whether a mandatory provision of the Scheme is or is not met. Perhaps consideration could be given to some of the matters raised above and further clarity provided.”

Subsequent to this decision, amendment VC143 to the State Planning Scheme on 15th May last, has exempted the minimum garden area for some zones and amended the Garden area definition at Clause 72 (General Terms) to provide greater clarity about garden area inclusions and exclusions.

Further details below under the significant planning scheme amendments heading

Land Use Victoria Customer Information Bulletins

Issues 176 and 177 are now available on -line.

Issue 176 includes information on: 

  • Commercialisation of land registry functions 
  • Participation Rules and Operating Requirements for electronic conveyancing transactions 
  • Registrar’s requirements for paper conveyancing transactions – Transfers of land and survivorship applications 
  • Improved timeframes for registering subdivision plans of 10 or more lots 
  • Removing staged lots from plans of subdivision 
  • Notices of Action on a Folio 

Issue 177 includes information on Changes to Transfer of land forms - New requirements for creating restrictive covenants in transfers. 

Bulletins are available at:- Customer Information Bulletin or

Interim Significant Landscape Overlay Applied To All Residential Zones In Whitehorse

Amendment C191 was gazetted on 8 February 2018 on an interim basis to apply a Significant Landscape Overlay (SLO) to all residential zoned land not already in an SLO in the City of Whitehorse.

The interim SLO controls are sought while permanent SLO controls are concurrently being pursued by Council as Council is concerned that tree removal will continue to occur across the municipality before permanent controls can be introduced.

The interim controls will expire on 31 December 2018. Given it is unlikely that the full process of an amendment will be undertaken during this time, this expiry date may be extended until 2019.There are no transitional provisions applicable to the SLO and therefore will apply to any existing applications with Council.

Smart Planning Program Update

On March 27 the Department launched its new-look website to help Victorians more easily find the planning information they need. This launch will be the first of several improvements made to the website over several months.

Proposed future Deliverables

May – Online Planning Scheme Amendments

VicPlan enhancements

Early Reforms VC Amendment

June- Online Planning Scheme Amendments (PSIMS) Authoring

Online Planning Library and Property Dashboard

Permits Online

Mid 2018 VPP Reforms VC Amendment

Engineers Registration Bill 2018

This bill may have some implication for activities undertaken by some surveyors, we will monitor its progress

The engineers registration scheme that the bill proposes will at its onset regulate five areas of engineering including civil engineer, structural engineer, mechanical engineer, electrical engineer and fire-safety engineer. A separate endorsement will apply for engineers who are 'engaged in the building industry'

Over time, it is expected that the scheme will expand to cover other areas of engineering.

Once rolled out to a particular area of engineering, the registration scheme established by the bill will prohibit any person from providing professional engineering services in that particular area of engineering unless they are either registered in the area, working under the direct supervision of an engineer registered in the area, or working in accordance with a prescriptive standard such as an Australian standard.

The bill will also prohibit unregistered people from representing that they are a registered engineer, can provide professional engineering services or are an endorsed building engineer.

Registration will be valid for a period of three years, and the BLA may impose conditions on the registration. After three years, an engineer may renew their registration by applying to the BLA and paying a registration fee. It is expected that a condition for renewal is completion of continuous professional development of 150 hours over the last three years. In addition, it is expected that assessment entities will also have to conduct regular audits of CPD

Significant recent planning scheme amendments

Mornington Peninsula C216 proposes to apply the Land Subject to Inundation Overlay to land identified by Melbourne Water as vulnerable due to hazards (various), insert a new Reference Document Planning for Sea Level Rise Guidelines for Port Phillip and Westernport Region (Melbourne Water February 2017) and make associated changes to the Municipal Strategic Statement.

Manningham C123 Approved 19-4-2018. Implements the Manningham Council Open Space Strategy (2014) by introducing new public open space contribution rates across the Municipality. Deletes reference to require a 5% public open space contribution for subdivision in the Doncaster Hill Activity Centre. Inserts an implementation action to use the Schedule to Clause 52.01 to specify the amount of contribution for public open space for any subdivision of land.

Replaces the Schedule to Clause 52.01 Public Open Space Contribution and Subdivision with a new Schedule that specifies a rate of 8% for Doncaster Hill and substantial change areas (being DDO8, DDO9 and DDO13) and 5% levy for the rest of municipality, apart from the Tullamore Estate, for all non-exempt subdivisions

Monash C125(Part 1) amends the Local Planning Policy Framework, applies the Residential Growth Zone and Neighbourhood Residential Zone to land within the City of Monash. There are no corresponding DDO controls as originally proposed, but check the Schedules for local variations.. Part 2 is still some time away.

Amendment VC143 changes the Victoria Planning Provisions and all planning schemes by: 

  • Amending Clause 32.07 (Residential Growth Zone) to remove Food and drink premises and Shop from Section 1 – Permit not required and make them Section 2 – Permit required uses subject to conditions.
  • Amending Clause 32.08-4 (General Residential Zone) to enable an area to be exempt from the minimum garden area requirement through a schedule to the zone.
  • Amending Clauses 32.08-3 (General Residential Zone) and 32.09-3 (Neighbourhood Residential Zone).
  • Amending clauses 32.08-4 (General Residential Zone) and 32.09-4 (Neighbourhood Residential Zone).
  • Amending the Garden area definition at Clause 72 (General Terms) to provide greater clarity about garden area inclusions and exclusions.

Amendment VC146 implements the Infrastructure Contributions Plan (ICP) public land contributions model by introducing a new overlay, Clause 45.11 (Infrastructure Contributions Overlay), into the Victoria Planning Provisions.  The amendment includes consequential changes to the State Planning Policy Framework to recognise the new ICP system.

Infrastructure Victoria report - Immediate actions to tackle congestion

In its latest research paper,  'Five-year focus: Immediate actions to tackle congestion' Infrastructure Victoria has made a number of recommendations outlining a range of measures which government can implement in the next five years to improve Melbourne's transport network.

Off-peak public transport fares, an expansion of the car parking levy and an overhaul of bus services, better allocating road space to improve traffic flows, overhauling how public transport fares are set and better road connections in parts of the outer suburbs are among key recommendations made by Infrastructure Victoria to tackle growing congestion in Melbourne.

More information is available from the Infrastructure Victoria website

Two new suburbs approved for Melbourne’s west

During February, Minister for Planning Richard Wynne today unveiled Melbourne’s newest suburbs, Fraser Rise and Deanside (previously called Plumpton and Kororoit).

The new suburbs will be developed over ten years on 1,940 hectares of land between Caroline Springs and the emerging suburb of Aintree (at Rockbank North). They will create local jobs and make homes more affordable for young Victorians.

The new suburbs will be developed over more than 10 years, eventually becoming home to 20,000 dwellings and 14,000 jobs.


The State Environment Protection Policies (SEPPs) - Waters of Victoria (and schedules) and Groundwaters of Victoria have been revised, updated and combined into a streamlined draft SEPP (Waters). Input and comments are sought by 19 June 2018.


On 15 April 2018 the Minister for Planning renamed the Fast Track Government Land Service to the Government Land Planning Service and revised the Terms of Reference for the Government Land Standing Advisory Committee. Stay tuned, their website and application forms will be updated shortly.

Lindsay Perry, Chair, Land Surveying (Victoria and National)


SSSI VIC Representatives

Thierry Demathieu                  
Victoria Regional Chair

Lindsay Perry
Chair, Land Surveying Commission (Victoria and National)

Andrew Bashfield
Chair, Spatial Information and Cartography Commission

Chris Bellman
Chair, Remote Sensing and Photogrammetry             

Frazer Wilson
Chair, Young Professionals

Richard Syme
National Chair, Young Professionals

Su Ling Meimaris
Victoria Regional Operations Manager


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