Victorian Region News - March 2022

March 2, 2022

Welcome to new members

A special welcome to our new SSSI members in Victoria

  • Luis Elneser Gonzalez, EMSC
  • Darren Lewis, EMSC
  • Yuhao Liu (Vincent), LSC
  • Shaye Fraser, LSC
  • Oscar So, SICC
  • Shiyue Zhang, SICC
  • Jeena Sajimon, SICC
  • Anthony McClaren, LSC
  • Leo Bateman, LSC


Richard Syme has been appointed the new Chair of SSSI Victoria and Bruce Baker, Deputy Chair. Many thanks to retiring Chair, Andrej Mocicka for his energy and enthusiasm over the past two years. We are very please Andrej will continue on the SSSI Vic Committee.  

Introducing the SSSI Region Committee

  • Richard Syme (Chair)
  • Bruce Baker (Deputy Chair)
  • Andrej Mocicka 
  • Zaffar Mohamed Ghouse
  • Chris Bellman
  • Geoffrey Patterson
  • Jonathan Briere
  • Lindsay Perry
  • Milos Pelikan
  • Oscar So
  • Paul Andrews
  • Tapaleena Bhattacharajee
  • Samuel Griffiths
  • Heath McMahon
  • Samuel Houston
  • Jagannath Aryal
  • Melinda Borg
  • Mingzhe Li



I am honoured to take on the role of Chair, SSSI Victoria. I have been a member of SSSI since 2013 and began volunteering with the Victorian Young Professionals (YPs) in 2014. I was the Victorian representative on the National YP Committee and became Chair of the National YPs in 2016. In 2017 I became a member of the SSSI board representing Victoria and at the same time became a member of the Victorian Region Committee. I am proud to serve Victorian members and am keen to promote their interests locally, nationally and internationally.

In 2020 I stepped down from the SSSI Board but stayed on as Victorian Committee member. In December 2021 I was elected Chair of SSSI Victoria. I’d like to thank the Vic Committee and members for their support so far.

In my day job, I work in the Geospatial group at Aurecon, where I lead the GIS team for Victoria and South Australia and manage the digital aspects of projects. I love working with our many varied clients and on some very large and exciting projects.

I’d like to thank Andrej Mocicka, outgoing SSSI Chair for his commitment and dedication to the role over the last two years (and beyond). Andrej has provided exemplar leadership to the Victorian Committee and our members during a time that presented unprecedented challenges in the form of a global pandemic. We can be proud of our ability to switch to hybrid or fully virtual events to continue providing value to our members. During Andrej’s time as Chair, many great local partnerships and relationships were formed or renewed. Some highlights that come to mind:

  • A joint Surveying and Spatial Summit with DELWP in 2020
  • Forming of the One Voice advocacy group
  • Forming of the RMIT Cadastral Education working group
  • Collaboration with Geography Teacher’s Association of Victoria (GTAV) to create “I’m a Geographer” profile videos and live chats with students
  • Increased collaboration with Surveyor General’s office

Andrej has set a fine example as Chair, and I have very large shoes to fill! Andrej will continue in the Victorian Committee as immediate Past Chair, and I am glad he will remain on the Committee to assist me in my transition into the role.

I’d like to take this opportunity to introduce Bruce Baker as Vice Chair, Victorian Committee for 2022. Bruce is CEO of several prominent Survey companies and brings 25 years of experience with him. I look forward to working with Bruce and the Committee to serve our members and community.

I’d also like to acknowledge Chris Bellman and Lindsay Perry who are stepping down as Chairs of their local respective Commissions. I commend and thank Chris and Lindsay for their longstanding efforts and dedication to these roles. I wish Jagganath Aryal and Heath McMahon every success as they take over the reins from Chris and Lindsay.

Other news:

  • The One Voice is an advocacy group consisting of members from SSSI, SIBA/GITA, ISV and SSV. Through the One Voice, SSSI seeks to engage with the Surveying Taskforce to understand current operational model and activities. The One Voice’s aim is to assist the Surveying Taskforce to meet their goals of engaging with future surveying professionals, to help address the skills shortage, particularly of licensed surveyors
  • SSSI are also looking to engage with Teacher’s associations to connect with Primary and Secondary students about a career in spatial science. One of these associations is the Geography Teacher’s Association of Victoria (GTAV). SSSI worked with GTAV in recent years to produce a “I’m a Geographer” profile video of a spatial scientist and a series of live chats with employers, employees and tertiary students. These help students imagine what a life in spatial science could be like. Opportunities with GTAV in 2022 include speaking with teachers about spatial science careers and presenting at the GTAV annual conference in August. The SSSI will also look to engage with other teacher’s associations e.g. mathematics.
  •  RMIT Cadastral Education Committee (sub-committee of One Voice and Surveying Taskforce) – the work of the Committee is on temporary hiatus while RMIT finds a new business sponsor after Matt Duckham moved into another role at RMIT
  • Victoria’s 10-year digital cadastre strategy – DELWP are seeking input from industry representatives to help form the strategy. This analysis session, scheduled for March 1st builds on an introductory workshop held in late 2021. Bruce Baker (Vice Chair, SSSI Victoria) will be representing SSSI.
  • Legislative Council - Environment & Planning Committee. Inquiry into the adequacy of the Planning & Environment Act 1987 and protections within the Victorian Planning Framework. SSSI Victoria made a submission to the Committee on a range of topics. For more information, contact Lindsay Perry.

Upcoming events:

The Victorian Committee is busy putting final touches on a couple of flagship events coming up next week - there is still time to register!

These events promise to be fantastic opportunities to network with fellow professionals and see the latest updates in technology and other issues facing the industry. We look forward to reconnecting with many members during these events

Richard Syme
Chair, SSSI Victoria 

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