SSSI VIC News - May 2018

April 30, 2018

Please find below information on what is happening at the Surveying and Spatial Sciences Institute Victoria as of May 2018.


Chair Report

Victoria Regional Chair -  Thierry Demathieu

As the 11th SSSI Victoria Chair, I took it upon myself to read about our history.

For over a century (1874) the Surveyors were represented by the Institution of Surveyors Australia (ISA). When SSI and ISA merged to become the Surveying and Spatial Sciecnes Institute (SSSI) in 2009, I saw it as a time for me to move to the 21st century, and be open to the various specialties of Geographic Information Systems, Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing, Hydrography, Land Surveying, Engineering and Mining and use them to develop myself professionally and make a difference.

I think we need to know where we have been to know where we should be going.


Advocacy Issues 


Certified Professionals

Our Victorian Director, Richard Syme GISP-AP has been busy working on securing sustaining partners for the region, thank you Richard.

The Summit, our Victorian Conference will be on Friday 7 September 2018, followed by the Victorian Spatial Excellence Awards Dinner (VSEA). SIBA CEO, Deanna Hutchinson called a meeting and at Spatial Vision, we laid the first stone. Nominations for individual awards will open in the latter part of May.   If you know someone that makes a significant contribution to our industry, please consider nominating them. 

When joining a professional body, you make a commitment that you will undertake professional development to beter your knowledge and pick ideas to improve yourself and your business - our CPD programs are there to remind members of it. Fifthteen points per financial year is the minimum requirement. This is especially critical when member or non-members seek or renew certified registration. Currently SSSI has 5 certifications:

  • GSP-AP: Certified surveyor of Spatial professional
  • GISP-AP: Certified Geographic Information Systems professional
  • ESP-AP: Certified Engineering Surveyor professional
  • RS&P-AP: Certified Remote Sensing & Photogrammetry Commission Specialised Professional
  • AHSCP-AP: Certified Hydrographic Surveyor professional

Certified professionals can add these postnominals to their names. After registration, certified professionals need to comply and apply for their CPD points to be approved by SSSI through the Members Area of the website. A total of 15 points per financial year is the minimum requirement.

As a comparison, the Cadastral Licensed Surveyor in Victoria are required to re-register every year and must "certify their compliance with the FPET requirement under the policy". The policy has different types of points, but the total is still 15 for any calendar year. Between 5% and 10% of Licensed Surveyors are audited every year.


Member Highlights

This month we said goodbye to our 2nd VIC Chair, Peter Ramm. After a long illness, he was farewelled on Friday 27 April by loved ones and friends, and members of the Surveying and Spatial community including our 3rd VIC Chair, Allison Kealy. Fellow Member, Lindsay Perry LS addressed the audience for the family with an recollection of Peter's surveying career. Peter was a strong foundation pillar of SSI and his leadership is an inspiration. 

On a lighter note, we also said goodbye to Nathan Wallace, our long serving SSSI member on the Surveying Taskforce Inc.. Nathan served from 30 June 2014 until the next taskforce meeting on Monday 7 May 2018 and would have attended and contributed at two dozen meetings. Nathan will be relocating to Switzerland. We are currently contacting members to fill his position and join Mary Rabling LS, the other SSSI member on the Taskforce.

SSSI Victoria are proud to have the following members join/re-join SSSI for April 2018. 

  1. Mr Justin Wade - Student Member    
  2. Mr Rohan Gordon Lidgard - Member    
  3. Mr Evan Dalziel - Member     
  4. Mr Jacob Attrill - Student Member    
  5. Mrs Mary Antonette - Member
  6. Mr Junjie Zhang - Student Member
  7. Mr Sam Ath Try - Student Member 
  8. Mr Evan Joseph Thomas - Student Member 
  9. Miss Emma Mutty - Member 
  10. Mr Babor Kaemmerling - PT Student Member 
  11. Mr Alistair Delooze - Affiliate Member
  12. Dr Toby David Manning - Member
  13. Mr Bruce John Wood - Member
  14. Mr Ryan Wright - Member
  15. Mr Jean-Marc Dambra - Member

We welcome our new members and hope to continue on this great momentum in the months to come.


Event highlights/events Coming Up 


SSSI Victoria Young Professionals Events

The SSSI Victoria YPs hosted three events this week with "Life after Uni" presentations given at the University of Melbourne and RMIT University and a networking event. The speaker of "Life after Uni" Danielle Cherubin is the APSEA Victoria Young Professional of the Year award recipient.

Follow the VIC YPs on their facebook for upcoming events.

Participation at GEORabble Event 

SSSI VIC Spatial Information and Cartography Commission Chair, Andrew Bashfield attended the last GEORabble which was attended by over 150 people at the Elephant and Wheelbarrow in Melbourne city. He presented his work at RMIT and showcased the new GNSS equipment purchased to engage the next generation of surveyors and spatial professionals.

Locate 19

Victoria will be hosting Locate 19 next year. Save the dates 8-10 April 2019 in your diary and join me at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre in Southbank. 


Wed 6 June - Twilight Seminar

tbc - Land Surveying Commission Seminar 

tbc - Women in Spatial Seminar


Important News 


Women in Spatial 

Women in Spatial has been a special interest group of SSSI. The group was instrumental in the introduction of the first Women in Spatial award at the VSEA last year. Kellee Ireland received the inaugural award a decade of lond involvement at professional body (SSI/SSSI), industry body (SIBA) and industry (Spookfish). She received the award from the 7th VIC Chair, Robyn McCutcheon.

This year, Women in Spatial will continue its focus to raise the profile of skill professional women and to recognise the women in the Surveying/ Spatial Sciences in dustry. This group's attention will be on sharing professional knowledge of the five SSSI professional streams, networking with fellow professionals, creating networking links with other professional women's groups and increasing the precentage of SSSI membership of women. 

Regional Operations Manager - Victoria 

I would like to introduce Su Ling Meimaris as our 4th SSSI Regional Operations Manager (ROM). Su Ling will be working closely with other state ROMs, key support staff as well as the executive team. I welcome her to the team serving our peak national professional body. Su Ling joins us after nearly ten years at AusIMM with experience that will support our operation and strategic goals. 



SSSI Victoria Representatives

Thierry Demathieu                  
Victoria Regional Chair

Su Ling Meimaris
Victoria Regional Operations Manager


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