SSSI VIC Industry News - November 2018

October 31, 2018

Please find below information on the industry news as at November 2018.



Safeguarding home solar savings from overshadowing


Under amendment VC149 gazetted on 4th October, home-owners with rooftop solar will have their systems protected from overshadowing by neighbouring developments The changes mean overshadowing of existing home solar panels and solar hot water systems must be considered in planning decisions – ensuring the capacity of an existing rooftop solar facility on a neighbouring property in most areas is not unreasonably reduced.
In other measures, the amendment introduces criteria for solar panels in heritage areas – including guidance on appropriate siting, colour and design – which safeguard the aesthetic value of the area.

The new criteria will encourage renewable energy in heritage areas while protecting aesthetic values and are applicable to new systems only.
Amendment VC149 also introduced the Commercial 3 Zone and revised Clause 52.32 (Wind Energy Facility) to implement the recommendations of the EPA Inquiry.


Planning fees regulations amended


The Planning and Environment (Fees) Amendment Regulations 2018 were made by the Governor in Council on Tuesday 9 October 2018 and they will come into effect on 1 November 2018. The Regulations amend the Planning and Environment (Fees) Regulations 2016.

The Regulations add a new VicSmart class of application; clarify the fees for an application to amend a planning permit (regulation 11) by setting it at the additional value of development and increase the fee for a planning certificate where the application is made and finalised electronically. The Planning Fees website will be amended to reflect the new changes when the Regulations come into effect on 1 November. Until that time the Regulations can be viewed on the legislation website.



Victoria planning provisions amendment vc154

Amendment VC154 gazetted 26th October, implements initiatives from Plan Melbourne 2017-2050 and Water for Victoria – Water Plan to enable the planning system to better manage water, stormwater and drainage in urban development. This will provide for improved water quality and a reduction in overall nutrient quantities in the water cycle, ultimately benefiting Victorian waterways.

Amendment VC154 implements these initiatives by modifying the Planning Policy Framework (PPF) to reflect integrated water management objectives and by introducing a new particular provision for stormwater management in urban development.
• Amends Clause 55 (Two or more dwellings on a lot and residential buildings) to provide transitional provisions for residential development applications to be assessed against the Clause 55 provisions as they existed before the approval date of Amendment VC154.
• Amends Clause 55.03-4 (Permeability) to rename the standard 'Permeability and stormwater management’ and amend the standard to include a new stormwater purpose, requirements and decision guidelines.
• Amends Clause 55.07 (Apartment developments), Clause 56.07 (Integrated water management) and Clause 58.03 (Site layout) to generally align with the new particular provision.
• Amends Clause 73.01 (General terms) to insert a new general term and definition for ‘stormwater’.



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