SSSI VIC News - November 2019

October 31, 2019

Please find below information on what is happening at the Surveying and Spatial Sciences Institute Victoria as of November 2019.


Chair Report

Victoria Region

It was with great pleasure that I took over the chair role for the SSSI Victorian Region at the committee meeting on the 1st October 2019. I look forward to the challenges and opportunities the year will bring.

I would like to thank Lindsay Perry for his stellar efforts the past 12 months as Chair of the Victorian Region. It is important to note that not only did Lindsay hold this position, he also was and continues to be the Chair of both the Victorian and National Land Surveying Commissions.  Again, thank you for all your efforts.

The committee for Victoria will consist of the following people:

Lindsay Perry             Chair, LSC | Immediate Past Chair VIC Region
Melinda Borg             Treasurer, VIC Region
Chris Bellman           Chair, RSPC
David Kelly                Chair, SICC
Frazer Wilson            Chair, YP
Geoff Patterson        Committee Representative
Melissa Green          Student Representative
Mohsen Kalantari    Committee Representative
Noor Raziq                Committee Representative
Oscar So                    Student Representative
Richard Syme           Director, VIC
Zita Ultmann             Chair, WIS


  • Newsletter from FIG Commission 2 by Assoc Prof David Mitchell 
  • Victoria WIS “Establishing Your Strategic Presence” Event with speaker Helli Kotasek. Erin Davidson, a volunteer speaker for Beyond Blue who hopes to raise awareness about anxiety and depression.
  • Attended SSSI SA YP Breakfast, SSSI SA SID, APSEA SA and the SSSI AGM

Other activities that have occurred during October were GeoRabble and the RMIT Geospatial Science Final Year Major Project presentations.

November and December will see:

  • Graduation of the participants in the inaugural SSSI Mentor program (7th Nov)
  • Public Lecture with Bart De Lathouwer (11th Nov)
  • OZRI full day conference (12th Nov)
  • Breakfast Seminar to celebrate World GIS Day (13th Nov)
  • SSSI Committee Planning Day (16th Nov)
  • Part Four to the FREE Webinars on the Upgrade to the Australian Geospatial Reference System (28th Nov)
  • Christmas Seminar (10th Dec)

More information on these events are available from the SSSI website and we look forward to seeing you at these events.

Andrej Mocicka
Chair, Victoria Region



Member Highlights

CSV Peter Tyrrell Award 2019 - Lindsay Perry

Lindsay Perry has been a sole practitioner consultant surveyor for in excess of 30 years. Over this period he has not only met the requirements of his clients but also provided tremendous input back into his chosen profession. Through his various roles whether it be as a consulting surveyor, President of ISV, Chairman of ACSV, Chair of the Victorian Land Surveying Commission of SSSI, National Chair of the SSSI Land Surveying Commission, secretary of the Matthew Flinders Society of Australia or a member of the Victorian Planning and Environmental Law Association, Lindsay has been an advocate of the role and standing of surveying and the spatial sciences. His contribution to Continuing Professional Development within SSSI in Victoria has been very significant over the past decade.

A key part of Lindsay’s success in running his practice can in no doubt be attributed to his broad interaction with allied professions including planners and lawyers. Coupled with this is his tremendous commitment to continuing professional development where he has been the guiding hand for SSSI’s Victorian Land Surveying commission CPD program for the past decade. Most importantly Lindsay has also been a great advocate for the profession through his interest in the historical settlement of Australia where he has given many presentations on the work of Matthew Flinders and Robert Hoddle. A highlight of these being at the very successful “Mapping Our World” exhibition held at the National Library in 2013-14.  He also has been instrumental over the past years in ensuring the profession responds to new legislative proposals which impact the work of the profession.

Lindsay has been an active participant in the profession since becoming a member of Institution of Surveyors Victoria (ISV) in 1980. He was a founding member of SSI and continued his membership to SSSI. His commitment to the advancement of the profession is shown through his continuous service to the profession on various committees and in a range of positions since that time.

These positions include:

  • President, Institution of Surveyors Victoria - 1998
  • Chairman, Association of Consulting Surveyors Victoria – 1993/4.
  • Chair of the Victorian SSSI Land Surveying Commission since 2005
  • Victorian Representative on National Land Surveying Commission, where he is the current Chair

Lindsay’s other initiatives include:

  • starting up the Heritage special interest group in Victoria several years ago
  • instigating of the SSSI's Excellence in Surveying by a Cadastral Surveyor Award
  • encouraging SSSI’s involvement in the Victorian Surveying Task Force

Lindsay was a member of the ACSV Executive from 1990 to 1997, being the Chairman for the 1993-94 association year. Lindsay has continued to support the association by providing the legislative and planning updates to the CSV newsletter, which he has now done for over 25 years. His keen interest in development and planning in Victoria and his willingness to provide information to his colleagues is unsurpassed.

In undertaking all these roles over thirty year plus years, Lindsay has clearly demonstrated his commitment to the advancement of the profession.

As outlined in other components of this citation, Lindsay’s contribution to professional development as both an organiser of events and presenter has been very significant over a long period of time. This commitment was demonstrated as a member of ISV and member firm of CSV and has continued through SSSI. Since the formation of SSSI in his role as Chair of the Land Surveying Commission for Victoria, Lindsay has been instrumental in the development and subsequent implementation of the Victorian SSSI annual CPD program.

Lindsay is held in high regard by his peers because of his level of dedication to the profession and the manner in which he encourages the younger members of the profession to become engaged particularly through an active and relevant CPD program in which he has played a key role for many years.  This leadership by example has been recognized in the awarding to Lindsay of a Fellowship of the Institution of Surveyors Victoria and also by SSSI through Lindsay receiving the Victorian Regional President’s Award in 2007, as well as the Victorian APSEA Professional of the Year in 2014.

Lindsay Perry has clearly demonstrated a long and outstanding contribution to the Victorian and Australian surveying profession and is a worthy recipient of the 2019 Peter Tyrrell Award.

Congratulations Lindsay! 


SSSI Victoria is proud to have the following members join SSSI from October 2019:

  1. Enkhtuvshin Boldbaatar - Member EMSC
  2. Zoltan Kelly - Member SICC
  3. Athenee Teofilo - Student Member LSC
  4. Ayeisha Sheldon - Student Member SICC
  5. Julian Tasca - Student Member LSC
  6. Mahsasadat Naseri - Student Member SICC
  7. Matthew Hutchinson - Student Member EMSC
  8. Matthew Nicholas  - Student Member LSC
  9. Sukruta Matta - Student Member SICC
  10. Srilakshmi Gurunathan - Student Member SICC
  11. Percy Rakoto - Student Member SICC
  12. Reza Jamshidnejad - Student Member LSC

We are delighted to welcome you as members of SSSI Victoria and hope to meet you at the Victoria Regional events! 


Events Coming Up 


Thursday 7 November | 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM - Young Professionals Mentoring Graduation event Thank you CR Kennedy, National Mentoring Program Sponsor 2019

Monday 11 November 2019 | 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM - Public Lecture by Bart De Lathouwer, President, OGC Belgium Digital Twin BIM & Geo. Registration to this event is free.

Wednesday 13 November 2019 | 7:00 AM - 9:30 AM - GIS Day 2019 Breakfast with Don Murray. Multiple registrations will be eligible for a discount - use code Groups

Wednesday 20 November 2019 - PTA Twilight Training Event (2). For the second 2-hour training session this year, the Surveying Task Force has arranged an opportunity to focus on Reserves and Revenge Strips and MCC alignments. Registrations close COB 15 November. 

Thursday 28 November 2019 | 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM - Webinar 4: Upgrades to Australian Geospatial Reference System 

Tuesday 10 December 2019 | 4:00 PM - 7:00 PM - End-of-year Seminar and Networking featuring John Brock who will be presenting on Millimetre Moon Measurement: 50 years since the start of the lunar laser ranging experiment by Apollo 11! 

Tuesday 21 January 2020 - ISV-SSSI Summer Seminar **SAVE THE DATE**


The Women in Spatial group hosted a PD event on "Establishing Your Strategic Presence" with inspiring speaker Helli Kotasek. The group also had the opportunity to hear from lively and frank speaker Erin Davidson, a volunteer with Beyond Blue about anxiety and depression. Another great evening sharing refreshments and stories with colleagues and friends after the event.




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