Victorian Region News - March 2023

March 3, 2023


We would like to welcome our new Victorian based members:

  • Pradeepa Manage (Sandy), SICC, Member
  • Roy Davie, SICC, Member
  • Gareth Rowell, EMSC, Member
  • Steven Sheppard, LSC, Member
  • Karl Cao, SICC, Member
  • Jason Clark, SICC, Member
  • Xiaoji Shen, RSPC, Member
  • Efren Jr Mamaril, LSC, Member
  • Liza Talcha Bhandari, SICC, Member
  • Harmen Romeijn, SICC, Member
  • Mark Merida, SICC, Member
  • Mark Arnup, SICC, Associate Member
  • Jamie Buchanan, EMSC, Associate Member
  • John Leonard, EMSC, Associate Member
  • Prajakta Patil, SICC, Other Professional
  • Ashish Manandhar, SICC, Other Professional
  • James Davis, SICC, 1st Yr Graduate Member
  • Troy Borton, EMSC, Affiliate
  • Benjamin Hall, LSC, Student
  • James Currie, SICC, Student
  • Kamal Akbari, SICC, Student
  • Shruti Anna Samuel, SICC, Student
  • Amy  Cripps, LSC, Student
  • Sarah Benesovsky, LSC, Student
  • Thomas Niehof, LSC, Student
  • Nicholas Barro, LSC, Student
  • Callum Bragg, LSC, Student
  • Muhammad Kashif Jawad, SICC, Student
  • Jareth Ombiga, SICC, Student
  • Jordan Maddock, SICC, Student
  • Nicolas Mastrippolito, EMSC, Student
  • Brett Kohlmann, EMSC, Student​

2023 SSSi-ISV Joint Summer Seminar 

A sell-out event featuring a wide range of thought provoking and interesting presentations, panels and workshops. 



We are pleased to introduce our recently conferred Honorary Fellow, Lindsay Perry.

Lindsay has been an active champion for the geospatial profession for over 40 years and has shown immense commitment to the advancement of the profession through his contributions to a several professional bodies where he has held senior leadership roles.

On the international stage, Lindsay has been a major advocate and contributor to the International Federation of Surveyors (FIG). He was heavily involved in the first FIG congress held in Melbourne in 1994 and has attended numerous FIG Congresses and Working Weeks around the world.

In his professional life, Lindsay has successfully run a sole practitioner’s office for more than 35 years.  A key part of Lindsay’s outstanding performance can be attributed to his broad interaction with allied professions including planners and lawyers where he is a long-standing member of the Victorian Planning and Environmental Law Association. 

Lindsay has clearly demonstrated a long and outstanding contribution to the Victorian and Australian surveying profession. It is an honour to confer Lindsay Perry our highest level of recognition, Honorary Fellow of the Surveying & Spatial Sciences Institute (SSSI)