Victorian Region News - November 2022

November 3, 2022


We would like to welcome our new Victorian based members:

  • Pradeepa Manage (Sandy), SICC, Member
  • Roy Davie, SICC, Member
  • Gareth Rowell, EMSC, Member
  • Steven Sheppard, LSC, Member
  • Karl Cao, SICC, Member
  • Jason Clark, SICC, Member
  • Xiaoji Shen, RSPC, Member
  • Efren Jr Mamaril, LSC, Member
  • Liza Talcha Bhandari, SICC, Member
  • Harmen Romeijn, SICC, Member
  • Mark Merida, SICC, Member
  • Mark Arnup, SICC, Associate Member
  • Jamie Buchanan, EMSC, Associate Member
  • John Leonard, EMSC, Associate Member
  • Prajakta Patil, SICC, Other Professional
  • Ashish Manandhar, SICC, Other Professional
  • James Davis, SICC, 1st Yr Graduate Member
  • Troy Borton, EMSC, Affiliate
  • Benjamin Hall, LSC, Student
  • James Currie, SICC, Student
  • Kamal Akbari, SICC, Student
  • Shruti Anna Samuel, SICC, Student
  • Amy  Cripps, LSC, Student
  • Sarah Benesovsky, LSC, Student
  • Thomas Niehof, LSC, Student
  • Nicholas Barro, LSC, Student
  • Callum Bragg, LSC, Student
  • Muhammad Kashif Jawad, SICC, Student
  • Jareth Ombiga, SICC, Student
  • Jordan Maddock, SICC, Student
  • Nicolas Mastrippolito, EMSC, Student
  • Brett Kohlmann, EMSC, Student​

2022 VICTORIAN Surveying & Spatial Summit - it's a wrap! 

A sell-out event featuring a wide range of thought provoking and interesting presentations, panels and workshops. On the 27 October 2022 the Victorian surveying and spatial community came together for the 2022 Victorian Surveying & Spatial Summit. It's great to be able to meet face to face again!