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October 31, 2018

Please find below information on what is happening at the Surveying and Spatial Sciences Institute Western Australia as of November 2018.


Chair Report

WA Regional Chair -  Lesley Arnold

October has been our busiest month ever with our very successful Location Intelligence Forum and Exhibition (LIFE 2018) being held on the 19th October, 2018.

Thank-you to our Gold Sponsor NGIS, Silver Sponsors Spookfish, Hexagon Geospatial and CR Kennedy; Bronze sponsors 1Spatial, Bentley Systems and Land Surveys; and our industry partner, the Spatial Industries Business Association -GITA for helping make this event affordable for our community. A comprehensive summary of the event, provided by SSSI WA Deputy Chair, Damian Shepherd can be found in this edition of the WA Geomessage. 

Congratulations to all the winners of the Asia Pacific Spatial Excellence Awards. In particular our Professional of the Year, Mr Paul Farrell. The awards dinner was a great opportunity to hear further about the exceptional projects being undertaken by individuals within our surveying and spatial sciences community. 

With the enthusiasm and energy surrounding LIFE2018 it is an exciting time to be part of our profession.





Opening with a heartfelt Welcome-to-Country from Noongar Elder Marie Taylor, proud descendant of the Whadjuck/Barlardong Noongar and Chair of the the Yelakitj Moort Nyungar Association, our MC Gerry Gannon introduced the Hon Michelle Roberts MLA, Minister for Police and Road Safety to open the conference on how Location Intelligence is essential in working across the world’s largest Police jurisdiction of over 2.5 million square kilometers.

SSSI WA Chair Dr Lesley Arnold welcomed guests to conference – exploring the importance of Location Intelligence in the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the Sharing Economy, Australia’s place in 21st Century Asia and the World; and delivering an Efficient Public Sector – engaged with community and business.

Keynote speaker, Jeremy Hurst from SpacetoCo opened with the people stories behind business in the Sharing Economy; and lessons from start-ups about testing new ideas to ensure Location Intelligence serves customers.

Paul Farrell from NGIS continued the connection to people with a personal reflection on the pleasure of exploring Location Intelligence with his children and the next generation – reminding us about the power of location tech to overcome apathy and create care and action.

Peter Kinne from DigitalGlobe shared great examples of how Location Intelligence is making sense of a deluge of data from a growing armada of space-based platforms – helping us respond faster to disasters and emergencies across 21st Century Asia and the World; and monitor rapid changes in transport, crops and communities.

At our Powering Decision-Making session – Graham Hammond from Geoscience Australia discussed the success of shared Location Intelligence platforms in delivering a more efficient WA Public Sector. David Newman from Maptaskr highlighted the opportunity to spatially-enable many more businesses by embedding Location Intelligence in the business apps we all use everyday. And Andy Coote from ConsultingWhere in the UK shared compelling examples from around the world of the importance of Location Intelligence in the Fourth Industrial Revolution – disrupting some long-standing business practice, but opening new opportunities (as long as we remember to test assumptions).

At the Smart Cities session, Dr Ian Martinus from the City of Wanneroo brought us a local story about the central role of Location Intelligence in making the most of a one-in-a-generation opportunity in a fast-changing city in Perth. Dirk Wagemans from Hexagon Geospatial dived into how data from the Internet of Things can be used to help people and communities through location tech.

Western Australia’s Surveyor General, Dione Billick and 2017 Spatial Professional-of-the-Year, and the team from the Financial Review’s most innovative public sector agency Landgate, brought us up-to-speed on Strata Reform and WA’s role in national Location Intelligence partnerships through ICSM.

Start-ups shared centre stage at the Emerging Tech session, supported by SPUR – powered by Landgate; with award-winning local entrepreneurs Chris Dorian from BuildSort and Siobhan Lancaster from Instatruck demystifying opportunities to leverage blockchain, the Sharing Economy and Location Intelligence to build new businesses. And Andrew Compson from Bentley Systems bringing us the latest from Europe on how spatial-enabled Digital Twins are being used to drastically save money and time in construction and transport.

At our Digital Enablement session expanded on how location intelligence connects people to augmented reality virtual reality and data from  big data from the Internet of Things with Glenn Morrison from AAM Group, Matt Schneider from Optika Solutions and Christian Larsen from GlassTerra.

Surveying continues to evolve rapidly and in our Surveying Tomorrow session Geoff Robb from RM Surveys got under the hood of drone maps mapping the Swan River; and Nicholas Addy from Land Surveys and Matt Power from inSight UAS shared their extensive experience with aerial drones and the smarts so essential to making the most of this tech.

LIFE 2018 concluded with a diverse range of presentations from our guest speakers from across Australia and overseas. Dr Stuart Minchin from Geoscience Australia demonstrated the power of time series data now available through large collections of data – down to changes over decades at pixels only tens-of-metres across. John Kedar from the Ordnance Survey UK challenged us to think about the role of national mapping agencies in 2020 – reminding us that agencies have to collaborate across sectors and internationally to solve problems quickly and successfully. Tim Trainor, recently retired Co-Chair United Nations Committee of Experts on Global Geospatial Information Management and Chief Geospatial Scientist U.S. Census Bureau shared stories about how Location Intelligence is underpinning the tracking and delivery of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

And finally, newly-elected President of the SSSI Dr Zaffar Sadiq Mohamed-Ghouse and new CEO SSSI Peter Olah shared their vision, aspirations and calls-to-action for Surveying and Spatial Science professionals across Australia – encouraging professionals to engage with the broader community to create a wider understanding of the power of Location Intelligence.


The Spatial Excellence Awards celebrate the achievements of top spatial information enterprises and individuals and showcase the finest projects and most significant performance of professionals that the Surveying and Spatial Industry have to offer. The APSEA dinner was held in Perth on the evening of the 29th October. Once again the judges commented on the high standard of all nominations received. 

Congratulations to our WA individual winners of the 2018 Asia Pacific Spatial Excellence Awards:

  • Professional of the Year - Paul Farrell, Managing Director NGIS Australia
  • Young Professional of the Year - Aaron Gibson, Licensed Surveyor and Project Consultant at De Nada Surveys
  • Women’s Leadership Award - Dr Grace Yun, Department of Health WA
  • Educational Development Award - Associate Professor Ahmed Al-Mowafy, Curtin University
  • Postgraduate Student Award - Dr Safoora Zaminpardaz, Curtin University
  • Undergraduate Student Award - Jeffrey Ball, Graduate Geospatial Analyst - Woodside Energy 


SSSI WA congratulates the following members who recently received Fellow status

  • Linda Morgan 
  • Kerry Smyth 
  • Ray Watson 


The SSSI Young Professionals Mentoring Program 2018 facilitates mentoring connections between students nearing the end of their degree programs and professionals working in the surveying and spatial sciences industry. This is a structured, fixed term program includes fortnightly meetings between mentors and mentees to discuss eight given topics.

The WA Regional Committee congratulates the mentor, Nicholas Flett. who is a senior analyst (GIS) at the Water Corporation and have more than 10 years’ industry experience and the three mentees graduating from the program. The mentees are:

  • Daniel Gunasekaran – at Curtin University, studying Bachelor of Surveying (final year).
  • Yina Truong (Hoang Ngan Truong) – at Curtin University, studying Bachelor of Science (GIS) (second-last year)
  • Xinh Le – at Curtin University, studying PhD in marine habitat mapping using multibeam sonar (second-last year)

If you would like to participate as a mentor or mentee in 2019, please contact the SSSI WA office for further details. 


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Events Coming Up 

There is plenty to look forward to as 2018 draws to a close.

Industry Golf Day – 28th November, 2018 – Start putting together you team.
A big thank you to Peter Bowen and Colin Shipp for organising this annual event. Register now

Fellows Dinner (invitation only) – 20th November, 2018
Private Dining Room, UWA Club.

Land Surveying Commission Event – 15th November, 2018 
For further information and to register click here

Map-a-thon – 1st December, 2018 (SAVE THE DATE)
Back by popular demand - A big thank you to NGIS for sponsoring this event (More details to come!)



SSSI WA Representatives

Johanna Gastevich
WA Regional Operations Manager

Lesley Arnold                    
WA Regional Chair



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