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November 2, 2022 | Young Professionals


National Young Professionals Chair

We thank Donny Darmawan for his dedication and enthusiasm in leading the National Young Professional Committee. Donny was tirelessly committed in growing the SSSI Mentoring Program for the past two years with a dedicated team of young professionals who met almost weekly since the start of the year. Donny's cheerful manner and leadership will be missed! SSSI congratulates Donny as he undertakes a new role overseas and wish him success as he settles into his professional role and new residence.

Mingzhe Li, SSSI YP National Chair

Contributed by Roshni Sharma
7th Young Surveyors Conference (Sat 10 - Sun 11 Sept, Poland 2022)

This year's 7YSC theme focused on “Volunteering for the Future: Smart Surveyors for Social Good” to recognise the role of young surveyors in pushing the frontiers of the surveying profession through volunteering, playing a vital role in society. The push of smarter technologies continually expands the surveyor’s toolbox allowing for the leveraging of these technologies to meet the challenges of our times. The program opened with several keynotes from around the world before exploring COVID-19's impact on young surveyors and their work around the world, looking into how new technologies are expanding the ways that young surveyors are leveraging digital tools for impact, and building relationships. 

Australia's Roshni Sharma is Lead of the Volunteer Community Surveyor Program, and was not able to attend live but was instrumental working with her team in creating the panel discussion session 'Building Relationships and Securing the Future of Young Surveyors: The VCSP Perspective' which considered how young surveyors in different countries are approaching the various challenges in different contexts regarding land administration and tenure security in different ways, ncluding building global communities and seeking mentorship. She also worked with her team on the session 'Agents of Change in a Disrupted World: The VCSP' which explored different ways that climate change is causing disruption of communities and spatial data management in many countries, and how young surveyors are responding to find creative and innovative solutions. 

Commission 3 publication: Geospatial data in the 2020's

Australia's Roshni Sharma contributed to a chapter in the publication 'Geospatial Data in the 2020s', launched at the 2022 FIG Congress in Poland. The chapter is titled 'Geospatial Data and the Changing Society' and focusses on the ways in which diversity and inclusion impact the way we create, manage and analyse geospatial data. 

The publication can be accessed here: https://fig.net/resources/publications/figpub/pub78/figpub78.asp 

Developing a Land Tenure Reform System for Mars: A VCSP e-Volunteering Initiative

The VCSP, led by Roshni Sharma, are launching an e-volunteering initative to be held in early 2023. We'll provide a fictional scenario with very real links to how we manage land administration here on earth - A group of Martians have asked you for assistance in creating a more formalised land administration system (who owns what and how much, use development, value, land tenure - used) on Mars for them to share space with incoming Earthers. What method would you use to go about doing this, keeping in mind that you still want to preserve their land practices, heritage and values? 

This interactive and engaging workshop-style session explored the premise of different cultures colliding, and how this then impacts the ways that we form legal frameworks to manage our land, resources and communities. Slides from the event can be accessed here:  https://www.fig.net/resources/proceedings/fig_proceedings/fig2022/ppt/ts05b/TS05B_MarsLandTenure.pdf 


Mingzhe Li
Chair, SSSI Young Professionals 

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