YP News – September 2020

September 15, 2020 | Young Professionals

Chair Report – Roshni Sharma

This month we conclude the 2020 SSSI Mentoring Program! We have received so much positive feedback and hi-fives from mentors and mentees during the year and recently on how they enjoyed the speed networking session where they got to meet so many Mentoring participants. All participants were assigned to small groups of 3 or 4 and given a discussion topic in each group to talk about for only a short time and this repeated for 5 rounds. Part of the excitement too is in not knowing who you may be grouped with and then getting to have a chat with everyone in the group!  

We are now preparing for the virtual Graduation ceremony to congratulate all the wonderful mentors and mentees who participated this year, who worked closely with their mentors or mentees to make each meeting meaningful and productive - this helps make the program be so successful! Thank you!

We hope you will be able to make time to join in the monthly Career Lift: Tools for Emerging Leaders webinar series – just two more in the series this year. The next webinar will be held on 25 September on Millennials at work: Bring  your career to life with soft skills. Read more about the webinars below!  



One of the goals of the SSSI Young Professional Committee is to encourage students to consider surveying & spatial sciences as a career, as well as encourage students already studying to join SSSI.

We believe people love hearing real, personal experiences, so we would like to invite you to consider sharing a brief interesting story on how SSSI helped you get a job, go further in your career or be more satisfied with your career. Maybe you met someone at a SSSI event and you formed a great professional relationship, or you applied some learning from an event and made a big difference to a project in your team or maybe you just love being part of our community!

Please click this link to share your story! 

We really appreciate your help with this as we strive to share the benefits of the surveying and spatial sciences and SSSI with our future colleagues.

Events Coming Up


We are thrilled to continue our monthly webinar series that empowers students, young professionals and emerging leaders of all ages to tap into their potential and find career fulfilment.

All webinars are free for SSSI members!  If you can't attend at the scheduled time, just register and you will receive a link to the recording after the event.

Millennial's at work: Bring your career to life with soft skills

Friday 25 September | 4.30pm | More information and registration here

It's no secret that soft skills are the next thing that will influence career success as we move into new ways of working that both automation, AI/ML and digital twins bring, as well as the changes brought about by COVID. In this episode of the Career Lift: Tools for Emerging Leaders series, the SSSI Young Professionals bring you a range of insights about which soft skills can help you where you are now, decide where you want to be in 5 years time, and get there in the best way possible.  

Cultural shifts needed in the industry: Where do YPs fit?

Friday 30 October | 4.30pm | More information and registration here

The Australian Geospatial Industry is a complex and rapidly-evolving space, particularly at the moment. As we shift into new ways of working, adopt new technologies and interface more and more with other industries, what cultural shifts are needed in the industry for success? Do we need to change the way we market ourselves? Do we need to change the way we adopt new ideas? Do we need to use more unifying language to break down silos? Join us in this jam-packed webinar, featuring a panel with some of the high-hitters in the industry, to discuss these and more!


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