YP News – October 2020

October 19, 2020 | Young Professionals

Chair Report – Roshni Sharma

This has been a truly bizarre year - we've had a global pandemic which has disrupted the way we work, creating an incredible shift to working from home en mass and the use of digital platforms on a daily basis to replace face to face interactions. Amidst all of this, we have achieved something truly incredible - we have brought together 111 pairs of mentors and mentees together for a fully-virtual mentoring program.

The SSSI Mentoring Program 2020 is in its third year, and is a volunteer-led effort with the aim of strengthening the geospatial industry, to help break down geographic and technical barriers to ways of thinking and help us all realise the similarities we share in unity.

The program has been led this year by Donny Darmawan, Jason Heritage and myself, Roshni Sharma and we've been truly humbled to have the opportunity to contribute to the future of the industry in these ways. The participants of the program worked through six topics, one per fortnight, and have explored a suite of soft skills which are often used and beneficial for our industry, which has such a strong technical focus.

We're thankful for those who have taken part in the program, and for the fantastic feedback at the end of the program and nearly-100% graduation rate. Amidst the crazy rollercoaster ride that 2020 has been, this has been one of the shining lights for us. 




"As a final year student doing a major in GIS and Remote Sensing from the University of Tasmania, joining the SSSI has been very beneficial to me.
The highlight of my experience as a member of SSSI is the Mentoring Program organised by SSSI Young Professionals. I was extremely lucky to have a mentor who provided me with invaluable career advice, her guidance had enabled me to further grow my interest in the field of spatial science. She had also inspired me to be more involved in the spatial community. In addition to that, I have had the opportunity to expand my network and connect with many wonderful people. Besides the Mentoring Program, the countless webinars organised by SSSI also allowed me to learn from the bests in the industry." -
Meng Jon Cheong (TAS)

"SSSI have further enhanced my career with a breath of networks within my field. Through these networks and connection I am able to have the support and connection for job and project opportunities." - Donny Darmawan (NSW)

One of the goals of the SSSI Young Professional Committee is to encourage students to consider surveying & spatial sciences as a career, as well as encourage students already studying to join SSSI.

We believe people love hearing real, personal experiences, so we would like to invite you to consider sharing a brief interesting story on how SSSI helped you get a job, go further in your career or be more satisfied with your career. Maybe you met someone at a SSSI event and you formed a great professional relationship, or you applied some learning from an event and made a big difference to a project in your team or maybe you just love being part of our community!

Please click this link to share your story! 

We really appreciate your help with this as we strive to share the benefits of the surveying and spatial sciences and SSSI with our future colleagues.



Land Surveys Scholarship Program - University Students

  • Land Surveys is offering up to five (5) scholarship opportunities in 2021.
  • Full-time students, enrolled in Spatial Science courses at TAFE/UNIVERSITY
  • Applications will close in March 2021 and scholarships run for two years.

The Land Surveys Scholarship Program provides financial assistance, work opportunities and work experience for University and TAFE students that are undertaking recognised spatial degrees and courses. Read more here.

Events Coming Up


Cultural shifts needed in the industry: Where do YPs fit?

Friday 30 October | 4.30pm | More information and registration here

The Australian Geospatial Industry is a complex and rapidly-evolving space, particularly at the moment. As we shift into new ways of working, adopt new technologies and interface more and more with other industries, what cultural shifts are needed in the industry for success? Do we need to change the way we market ourselves? Do we need to change the way we adopt new ideas? Do we need to use more unifying language to break down silos? Join us in this jam-packed webinar, featuring a panel with some of the high-hitters in the industry, to discuss these and more!


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