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December 18, 2020 | Young Professionals

Chair Report


As 2020 comes to a close, I recall the achievements and the work that goes on behind the scenes that showcase the SSSI young professionals.

I sincerely thank the Young Professionals Committee and the regional YP committees for their commitment and valuable contributions, in bringing great ideas and discussions when we met during the year. The YPs made available to SSSI members many relevant and meaningful content and activities that were important in connecting with colleagues and friends (despite being physically distanced), and continuing professional growth. The availability and the quality of these activities have been so well-received and appreciated by our members and industry colleagues. So, here’s a shout out to the excellent YP team – thank you.

The YP Committee will be meeting in early January to plan for 2021. Among the committee’s focus are high-quality and relevant professional development events and webinars, and the 2021 Mentoring Program. Thank you to all who have given us your  valuable feedback and suggestions, we appreciate them.

We are amazed at the number of members and non-members who have already registered their interest to participate in the 2021 Mentoring Program.  If you haven’t registered your interest and would like to do so,  you can enter your contact details here. The committee will be in contact with you leading to the start of next year’s program.  

The YPs also brought together a series of Career Lift and other webinars, presented by many excellent speakers. Don’t miss the new series of webinars and YP events in the new year. I look forward to seeing many familiar and new faces at our SSSI YP events next year.

The SSSI Board has been very supportive and encouraging of the work of the Young Professional. To the SSSI Board members, thank you.

I wish all SSSI members and friends a safe and happy Christmas.

Roshni Sharma
Chair, SSSI Young Professionals 


One of the goals of the SSSI Young Professional Committee is to encourage students to consider surveying & spatial sciences as a career, as well as encourage students already studying to join SSSI.

We  believe people love hearing real, personal experiences, so we would like to invite you to consider sharing a brief interesting story on how SSSI helped you get a job, go further in your career or be more satisfied with your career. Maybe you met someone at a SSSI event and you formed a great professional relationship, or you applied some learning from an event and made a big difference to a project in your team or maybe you just love being part of our community!

Please click this link to share your story! 

We really appreciate your help with this as we strive to share the benefits of the surveying and spatial sciences and SSSI with our future colleagues.



Land Surveys Scholarship Program - University Students

  • Land Surveys is offering up to five (5) scholarship opportunities in 2021.
  • Full-time students, enrolled in Spatial Science courses at TAFE/UNIVERSITY
  • Applications will close in March 2021 and scholarships run for two years.

The Land Surveys Scholarship Program provides financial assistance, work opportunities and work experience for University and TAFE students that are undertaking recognised spatial degrees and courses. Read more here.

Sustainable Solutions for Land Based Community Problems: Tools and Modern Approaches

Did you know that, as SSSI members, you are also members of FIG, the International Federation of Surveyors? 

The FIG Young Surveyors are running a program which might be of interest to you - the January 2021 Wisdom Workshop - ‘Sustainable Solutions for Land Based Community Problems: Tools and Modern Approaches’, scheduled for 29-30 January, held online.

If you are interested in spatial, surveying, humanitarian work and supporting vulnerable communities (from your own home, and perhaps in later months or years in person once the global pandemic is under control), click here to apply.

The intended audience for this workshop includes any interested volunteers in the land administration sector or from other disciplines within and outside the Geomatics discipline, especially Young Surveyors - no matter where you are in the world. Participants have been selected on early registration, ensuring diversity and willingness to volunteer.

This Wisdom Workshop aims to improve the capacity of participants in building and implementing sustainable solutions for land based community problems and to develop soft skills for humanitarian surveying. Through attending, you will learn to: 

  • Recognize the VCSP goals, core values and how to improve them
  • Develop open technologies and humanitarian skill sets necessary for the projects you volunteer on
  • Network professionals to leverage assistance for the project you volunteer on
  • Design ways to achieve the deliverables of partners involved in the volunteering project
  • Evaluate how tenure security challenges affect community development.
  • Organize your volunteering experience through the use of reflective tools and methods.

The format of the workshop will be: 

  • Day 1: Community Problems, Land Tenure and Tools for Land Management (4 hours, online via Zoom)
  • Day 2: Building Capacity and Implementing Modern Land Management Approaches (3.5 hours, online via Zoom)

See you there! 

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