President's Report January 2019


gypsy10.jpgDr Zaffar Sadiq Mohamed-Ghouse FSSSI 


I wish all our SSSI Members, Board, Chairs of Regions and Commission, Staff Season’s greeting. We had a very productive 2018 for SSSI. I like to thank everyone for their contribution towards the development activities of the Institute. Past two months have been very busy for SSSI with regional conference and APSEA Awards. Again, congratulations to all nominees and Award winners.


Peter Olah our CEO and I had opportunity to attend the inaugural The United Nations World Geospatial Information Congress held by the United Nations and the government of China in Deqing, Zhejiang Province, China, November 19–21. Congress participants included geospatial experts and representatives from the highest levels of government from around the world. The event attracted more than 1,000 participants from 83 countries, various international organizations, and many geospatial technology and information industry leaders. The Congress was organised by the UN-GGIM, a Committee of Experts acting as the apex intergovernmental mechanism for making joint decisions and setting directions with regard to the production, availability and use of geospatial information within national, regional and global policy frameworks. The Congress theme was 'The Geospatial Way to a Better World' and was based around four plenary sessions and seven thematic streams. The city of Deqing also hosted a spectacular Geographic Information Technology Museum which offered interactive displays demonstrating the way geospatial technologies impact a wide range of industries.

Peter and I had productive meetings with Presidents of FIG, International Cartographic Association, Former President of ISPRS, Hon. President of ASEAN FLAG. SSSI had a complimentary booth at the congress promoting Locate 19, South East Asian Survey Congress (SEASC) 2019 and International membership. We had a good interaction with the delegates. Roshni Sharma, National Chair of the Young Professional participated in the Young Professional’s forum at the congress as SSSI YP representative and Roshni extended her support at the booth as well promoting SSSI to next generation professionals. I delivered a talk at the UNGGIM Academic Network in my capacity as President SSSI on the topic role of National Professional Body supporting SDG’s through Certification and CPD – An Australian Perspective”.


Early December, Peter Olah and I had the opportunity to attend the 68th Council meeting of ASEAN Federation of Land Surveying and Geomatics (The ASEAN FLAG) who have partnered with SSSI to deliver the South East Asian Survey Congress (SEASC) 2019 conference in Darwin. The council meetings were productive and we are exploring to develop a MoU which will benefit ASEAN FLAG and SSSI mutually. I also had the opportunity to deliver a talk on the topic, “Future Trends, Capacity Gaps & Skills Development” at the Technical Seminar which was organised day after the council meeting. We also discussed the progress of the SEASC and contributions and responsibilities from ASEAN FLAG side for the SEASC delivery.


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