President's Report June 2018


gypsy10.jpgGaby van Wyk

SSSI Young Professionals

Whenever I chat with one of the SSSI fellows about their careers, the role of mentors in their lives always come up as a strong influnce or factor for their success. It is therefore no coincidence that most professional institutes run mentorship programs in some form.  At SSSI we used to have a program, but somehow, it fell by the wayside.  When the Young Professionals did a survey amongst their members a few months ago, the mentorship program came back as one of the main advantages that YP's hope to get out of their SSSI community.  It is therefore a great pleasure for me to announce a newly revised program that has been structured along the lines requested by the YP's.  Have a look at the detailed information at this link.  If you are a YP and you are not involved, you are missing out.  If you are a bit older, you can also get involved.  Let's build the industry together!

SSSI 3D Working Stream

We have had an encouraging number of people indicating interest in the 3D Stream.  Thanks to Prof Sisi Zlatanova from UNSW who has put up her hand to lead the group for the interim.   We are now busy setting up this new interest group, so watch this space. 

FIG Congress

A few weeks ago SSSI was involved in the international FIG Congress.  For those who are not aware, SSSI is the country representative for Australia at FIG.  We do, however, also collaborate with the other Australian members such as ISVIC and ISNSW.   It is surprising to me that across the globe there are similar issues or concerns as what we experience here in Australia.  It is great to be able to share and to learn from the experiences of others.  This also gives us the ability to collaborate at an international level.  Great news for SSSI is that Prof David Mitchell,  SSSI representative for Commission 2 Professional Education - has been elected as commission chair.  This is great international recognition that we can be proud of.  Congratulations to David.  You can read a full report of the event here.


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