President's Report November 2018


gypsy10.jpgDr Zaffar Sadiq Mohamed-Ghouse FSSSI 


Over the last two months, it has been my privilege to attend several of SSSI’s Regional Conferences, often held in conjunction with that Region’s Asia Pacific Spatial Excellence Awards (APSEAs).

I had the privilege to attend the Victoria, Western Australia and Australia Capital Territory SSSI  Regional Conferences and meet our valued SSSI Members and SIBA colleagues. I am unable to travel to all Regional Conferences due to my prior commitments; however, Peter Olah our CEO has represented me and provided very positive feedback on the quality of the events. I congratulate all the SSSI Regional Conference Committees for this laudable achievement.

What an amazing group of people – and diverse range of projects – our membership encompasses. The recognition of each state’s APSEA winners has been well deserved, and I wish them all the best at next year’s national APSEAs!

If you haven’t entered previously, or nominated a worthy recipient, think about doing so next year at the website, Beyond the obvious value of peer recognition, the career and business boost for the winners is considerable.

The Regional Conferences and Awards have also provided the opportunity to present the highest recognition SSSI can give to individuals – the awarding of Honorary Fellowships and Fellowships of SSSI.

The title of Fellow is conferred on individuals who have made a significant contribution to the Institute or to the Profession and are only approved following a rigorous nomination and election process.

I am so pleased to recognise our new SSSI Fellows (with a few more to be announced before the end of this year):

Linda Morgan is widely known in the spatial industry for recognising early that ubiquitous demand for higher accuracy data served through navigation devices could only be reliably provided through a robust geodetic network framework.

Kerry Smyth's careers has been characterised by a number of firsts. She led the WA Atlas of Human Endeavour (1829-1979), and three Street Directory re-vamp projects. Kerry is a National Board member of SSSI and has played an active role in the promotion of the spatial sciences since the 1980s.

Ray Watson gets things done. As a volunteer he initiated and organised the placing of GNSS coordinated reference plaques at all boat ramps throughout WA, created a historical surveying walk trail in the Darling Range, and has and promoted Engineering Surveying Certification.

My warmest congratulations to each of our worthy new Fellows. I look forward to welcoming several additions to their number shortly.


Dr Zaffar Sadiq Mohamed-Ghouse FSSSI
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